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“I had just moved from Chicago to Texas and was planing my wedding on another state! I had a terrible experience with Office Depot and when I found this business online I was so nervous. They did the best job ever! I had a lot of prints done, from my wedding invites to my newspaper ad. I highly recommend! Great communication and staff, I can’t thank you enough!”

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“I'm very pleased with the signs they made for two of my businesses in Tyler. They are very easy to work with and communicate well. I spoke to Hailey several times and she was always kind and helpful.”

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“Family owned business providing exactly what I needed in a perfect turnaround time. Stopping by in person really will brighten your day- it did mine- but they ship as well! Craig knew exactly what I needed and provided an amazing, brightly colored flyer in a better quality than my regular flyers I order. Will be directing all my business to Xpresso Print cafe from now on”

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“I have been in marketing, branding, design and print for over 20 years. Including owning my own print shop. Over that time I have never had such a seamless partnership with a like minded production group. I know when I need something produced by Taabs it will be professional, timely and exactly to my specifications.They are all a joy to work across the board. They understand attention to detail and that each piece is its own individual piece of art. They are engaged in each project and are aware of potential mistakes or approved oversights.Incredibly I have worked with them for over 6 years and just recently met Bill Ellman who started it all and has extensive skill in all things marketing, branding and print production. I mention this because his firm has done this incredible work for me without ever having met in person and is a testament to how they do business.I would recommend Taabs wholeheartedly to anyone looking for print services and the surrounding support. In a world where people in general do not make as much effort or seem to care as much anymore, Taabs makes up for that in spades!”

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“These folks know what they are doing and do it very well. They assisted in shipping two chairs to California and it went flawlessly. From planning to packing and making sure the information was correct USA Shipping handled it all with excellent service and prompt and smart communication. Their prices are fair and their attention to details is unmatched. Thank you.”

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“This is the place you want to go. Good people, good service, fast & easy to talk to. They even donated to the cause & discounted my paper needs for a fundraiser I'm putting together. You won't get that in a big box store. Thabk you Instant Copy ✌️ much love -Skube”

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“My experience at Fed Ex is always great. They are truly a team. I'm a mobile notary and I use the same Fed Ex office each time I drop off docs. As a new notary they actually took the time to walk me through the process of preparing documents to be shipped. As you know documents have to be shipped and received by a certain time and I've never missed a deadline.They are friendly, prepared for all situations, they communicate well, and they work as a team. Outstanding!!!!!!! ?”

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“I was able to quickly get service to mail a package and had zero time in line. This is of course luck of the draw, as I turned around and about four to five people had come in to the store behind me. My customer service agent got me in and out quickly though and they were on to the next customer. The lady with the customer service representative next to me was doing a full on pack and ship situation and they moved her right through the process as well. I also use this UPS store for Amazon returns and that is also a quick and easy process. The store is a little on the small side when you get a half dozen people in there with their boxes and returns, but all in all I much prefer this store to the post office.”

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“I’ve came to the store asking for help in a certain matter after other places couldn’t / refused to help me, Jessica Mancera told me it’s a problem as well but she asked for a second opinion of Brittany Beck, Brittany was creative, understood my distress and went above and beyond to find a solution to my problem where everyone else failed, I appreciate you guys and thank you for assisting me, customer service at the highest standards.”

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“I went to the store and it was super busy, I just needed to pick up some printing that I had submitted online, the line was long but the crew was doing an awesome job to get through the line quickly. before I even got to the counter Leon came up to me and asked how he could help me, as soon as I told him he jumped into action and found my stuff immediately! He made sure to greet every single customer coming into the store and letting them know that he would be with them as quickly as he could, and you could tell he meant that! My prints looked perfect but I realized I needed to laminate them, so I asked him if they have a laminating, and he said yeah I can do that for you! so he went out of his way to laminate my items for me and in the midst of doing that he was able to help other customers with their needs as well. He was kind welcoming and you could tell that he really cares about what he does and making sure customers are taken care of! Whatever you guys are doing, make sure that you make this man feel supported and appreciated, because of his service and his hard work I will be exclusively going to this place for all my printing needs in the future. People like this are special rare nowadays and they deserve to be celebrated.”

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“I visited the Office Depot store in Tyler and I will become a regular customer at this location! Richard, and Stephanie in the Print department are absolutely amazing. They helped me so much and even found a coupon to help reduce the cost of a large order. I will definitely be back there. Both of them were very professional and they made a stressful project very easy.”

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“I love the fact he comes to my office and cleans my car while I am working! He is extremely professional and my car always looks amazing. His prices are reasonable and fair. I highly recommend this guy and his crew!”

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“I sell a lot of things through here on eBay! I get lots of reviews for the good packaging and I think the employees here do a fantastic job. If you have to ship something somewhere, do it here! The staff are all friendly, professional, charismatic, and most importantly, they always do a great job with whatever you sell, even if it’s fragile.”

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“Nice small location. Very friendly and helpful staff. Came to this location to return a package. The line was pretty long when I was there but moves along very quickly. Would definitely come to this location again. It isn't conveniently located.”

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