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“Wonderful store! This Dollar Tree is so bright and clean. The aisles are fairly wide. Things are neatly organized. They have great variety. I really am glad I stopped by (this one was better than the one I usually go to). Also the cashier was very nice and friendly.Overall good experience. I'll probably stop by this one again --even though it's a little out of the way for me.(Of course, note that it has the usual dollar tree lower-quality items just like every other dollar tree, but if you know what to get and what to pass on, you can actually find some great deals here)”

4.6Superb45 Reviews

“I think this is the first place I've ever been where there is not one rude or unhelpful employee, at least that i have encountered! Always friendly and helpful.”

4.6Superb31 Reviews

“Krystal was so very helpful! She was my personal shopper. She did an amazing job while waiting on me and helping others. It seemed like she was the only one in the store ( for security reasons, I hope not) but she waited on everyone that walked in and did a fantastic job! Great customer service! Give her a raise!”

4.6Superb23 Reviews

“I enjoy going to Dollar General.To me,its a stress reliever now sometimes i go in there knowing what i want and get it but other times I go and i like to look around.The atmosphere of the clerks are very friendly...Dollar General can save you some money..Its the cheapest place to go when you have expensive needs.Thankyou”

4.3Superb52 Reviews

“great service, Best looking Dollar General between the 3 that i shop, very friendly and personal, several of the staff greet me and converse when i shop, makes me loyal to shop their vs. competition.”

4.1Good60 Reviews

“The store was clean and looked like it was undergoing a renovation. The ceiling tile was missing but it was well lit. This was not my particular store but I shop there occasionally. It deserves a visit.”

4.2Good30 Reviews

“Really good prices. You can almost snag a deal while shopping here as the staff are always very nice ? so if your looking for somewhere super convenient with more than decent pricing then you've found your spot.”

4.2Good30 Reviews

“Typical Dollar General. Very clean. Very friendly staff. Easily accessible with plenty of parking. Everything you need from toiletries, shirts, crossword puzzles, balloons or just a drink and a candy bar. Public bathroom, just ask for the key. Tight isles from all the stock. Staff may be busy and not at the check out, just grunt out cough loudly and someone will come help.”

4.1Good52 Reviews

“This is absolutely the BEST organized store I've ever been in. All of the bottles, cans, sodas, etc. were lined up on the shelves straight with every single label facing forward!! It was impressive, to say the least! Kudos to the store manager and the employees. You can see that they take pride in their jobs. Great job!#BamaGirl”

4.1Good23 Reviews

“Things are no longer a dollar, they're now 1.25. They've also added a $5 isle. It's the place to go for cleaning products and the like if you're not picky about using no-name supplies. Also, the store can become a real mess on the weekends. In today's economy, we need more stores with a lower price point like this one!”

3.9Good66 Reviews

“I've been shopping at this one family dollar as long as I can remember with my dad and he's gone and now I'm 36 and take my daughter in there all the time.Great store, great location, nothing bad to say.”

3.7Good34 Reviews

“Anytime I've ever gone in this store, the employees have been nothing but sweet and helpful. I've never had a problem with aisles being too closed in nor had to deal with clutter of product. I went in tonight and the store looked great with the new layout. I got there eight minutes before they closed with an exchange of air freshener that was defective. The store manager never once made me feel rushed and even helped me look for what I needed. The store manager has always been the kindest man, even when you can tell he is so exhausted from working so much. His hard work has paid off, because the store is a pleasure to shop in.”

3.7Good53 Reviews

“They usually have things in stock when other dollar generals don't. It's far enough out of the way that they can keep things I stock longer. That said they also have problems sometimes holding a good wifi signal so they have had problems when it came to my coupons and app and phone number entry.... But they were ready and patient and handled the problems every time..... Great store, great people!”

3.7Good57 Reviews

“Five Star Plus rating Dollar General great prices great customer service always have what I'm looking forward to pricing that that's really acceptable very friendly employees thank you Dollar General management staff employees for making my shopping experience are always above my expectations I will return and tell others thank you again”

3.7Good67 Reviews

“They always have what I need at a good price although they are very low on medicines lately. I always awesome lil things I end up buying to I hadn't planed on.”

3.6Good53 Reviews

“Close to where I live so its very convenient!! I like the people that work there. One evening when I came in, the young African-American male employee was helping an elderly gentleman with his shopping. I just thought that was so sweet and above & beyond what was required of him!”

3.1Average13 Reviews

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