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“I love it every time I go shopping in Rose's in Franklin because I know I'm going to get good deals, The employees are friendly and very helpful to me in the Franklin location. I would like to say keep up the good work, and can't wait to come back and do some more shopping.”

4.8 Superb5 Reviews

“I ran in to pick up a few items. I was to get mostly what I needed to get. The cashier was friendly. She greeted me. She apologized for my longer than usual wait time in line. She was the only cashier working at the time. We laughed about that. I was appreciative of her pleasantries.”

4.1 Good14 Reviews

“I love shopping at Dollar General. The employees are really awesome. When you go into the store they greet you. I like that they do that. I find what I need when shopping at Dollar General. It’s very convenient to me. They have everything I need and more. The prices are good.”

3.7 Good42 Reviews

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