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“Ms. Yvette and her employees keep this store very clean and organized. I am thankful to have this store nearby for those little things I need, it keeps me from having to run into "town" to get something!”

4.3 Superb60 Reviews

“I love this store. I stop here every Friday to get my cleaning products for a house I clean on that side. The store is never crowded and the employees are friendly. The store is always stocked and they always have what I'm looking for.”

4.2 Good54 Reviews

“People may not consider this as often as they should for quick easy gifts especially for kids. They should consider it however they carry a lot of cool items for stocking stuffers and things you may not be able to find other places”

4.2 Good43 Reviews

“Very polite employees at this location. Well stocked and aisles are clean. I think they'd just received a truck as there were some boxes in an aisle.I have asked for assistance twice at this location and been very pleased with the customer service.”

4.2 Good6 Reviews

“This is definitely the nicest and cleanest dollar tree in the area. Crafts are much better here. I even went next door and bought a few flowers from the garden store temporarily opened for spring”

3.9 Good18 Reviews

“This Dollar Tree is a fine location. I have found the staff to be great. The one negative to me is that their selection isn't that great. Overall I would recommend it.”

3.9 Good49 Reviews

“On a road trip and forgot my car charger Tabitha rang me up it was alot of customers because she was the only one working. She walked me over to the chargers and even cut it open with scissors for me. Great service and clean store!”

3.6 Good5 Reviews

“This Big Lots is a good & solid department store. The Staff is always friendly & professional. They have alot of different product genres from food, to household items, to backyard accessories(gazebos), to household furniture. This is a overall good department store with reasonable prices.”

3.8 Good20 Reviews

“Ever since they've done their upgrade of their store it's so nice however it does get a little packed in there I guess they don't have enough people to do the stocking. But there are two cashier's there that are absolutely always with the utmost spirit”

3.8 Good35 Reviews

“This place is easy to maneuver through and they are always stocked. The staff is helpful and friendly. The place has a variety of generous options and the prices are reasonable of course. It is fairly new as well so the building has no real signs of wear and tear.”

3.8 Good74 Reviews

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