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“Grocery Outlet has unique and essential items at great prices. The store is always clean and stocked. I think the site is sometimes a forgotten gem. The store does more then groceries, they invest in the local community thorough employment, food drives and local food banks. Shop there and support this local business. Forget Safeway, Albertson's, Trader Joe's etc from time to time and discover Grocery Outlet! ✌”

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“Wonderful people who really care about their customers. The produce department is full of beautiful fruits and vegetables and the employees remember who you are. It is always a pleasure to see Lori in customer service.”

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“I've stopped here many times on the way to Spokane for gas and/or refreshments. It's nicer here than waiting until the more congested streets of Spokane.”

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“I've seen alot of negative reviews on here and felt I should share my experience. This took place about a month ago, just to give an accurate time frame. I had my 1 and 2 year old with me while I was shopping and things were going pretty smoothly. We got everything on my list (plus some), and stopped by the deli for something to munch on. The lady behind the counter was very sweet and patient, she interacted with my kiddos, and filled our order without delay. My check out process went smoothly with a checker who was very nice and laughed at my mom humor. Upon loading up kids and unloading my cart, I realized that there were a few items that did NOT make it through checkout. One of the employees saw me heading back with the cart and offered to take it back. I told him he didn't need to worry about it because I was going back in to pay for things I had missed, but he kindly insisted, so I let him. Once inside, I see the that there is a line of 6 people ahead of me at the one open checkout stand. I'm a little concerned because my kids are out in the car and I was hoping to be quick. But I was waiting. Then that same employee who took my cart opened up a second checkout stand for me so I could checkout (knowing my kid situation). It was the sweetest thing and greatly appreciated. I feel bad for those who had bad experiences with Mitchell employees, but all of mine have been pleasant. Thanks employees! Sorry I don't remember your names.”

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“Staff is always friendly. I appreciate the no ethanol fuel! This is my goto place to get diesel and ethanol free (for boat and all my small engines). I also appreciate the F&G license sales. Always convenient. Food selection isn't extensive, but I purchase some items here because of convenience.”

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“My family and I have always enjoyed shopping with the Cheney Safeway for over 10 years. However, today we had a very uncomfortable visit as we were followed around the entire store by some guy, and I mean followed into every aisle until we headed for self checkout. Come to find out he was working security for “loss prevention.” Now, being followed in this manner makes us feel we were being discriminated. There has to be better policy’s put into place for these 3rd party security companies to allow customers to shop comfortably, and without a disturbance. I’m sticking with a 5 star because we are loyal shoppers, the staff are always friendly, and we enjoy coming here!”

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“Went into this store to stock up while traveling. The store was clean, organized and well stocked. Every staff member we had contact with was awesome. Great store!!!”

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