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“I haven't been in a Trader Joe's for several years. Although this is a smaller one it did not disappoint. Excellent products, prices, selection. Free wine tasting! Great employees. Customers seemed genuinely happy to be shopping. I was very happy with my experience here and will return! I only wish their selection was a little bigger.”

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“One of the few places left in town that cuts meat on site, Normally I shop at sonnenbergs on Sprague, but I will be making the trip more often. Great quality and a few different cuts that I cannot normally get.”

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“Unique butcher store. Lots of German and fresh meat options. If you have been to edelweiss in Portland I would say it's a smaller version without the deli, pastries and a smaller market.The pepper Jack beef sticks are great and I can't wait to try the other goodies we bought there.”

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“Can't go into Spokane anymore without stopping in to see what the deals are. You won't find a better price on anything anywhere. It seems to be family run and the folks working were all so nice.”

4.9 Superb41 Reviews

“Plenty of parking available. The store was staffed well. The employees were all friendly and helpful. The produce was really fresh. The number of items available is amazing. From grab and go to fresh poultry. The checkout lines moved very quickly. The pricing is always great.”

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“Love this little store they have fun things and just like any Mom & Pop store they have expensive things as well, but customer service is always friendly and the store is clean?”

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“Great bulk supply store with no membership required. Restaurant size portions of ready to serve frozen and canned foods, meats, sauces, some fresh produce, utensils, plates, togo containers, etc. It's great for the everyday shopper as well, that likes to stock up in bulk.”

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“Huckleberries stands out as our community's premier locally-owned natural food store, offering a fantastic selection of fresh, organic vegetables and fruits. It's my go-to spot for oranges and apples for smoothies. The store also boasts an impressive array of vegan cheeses and non-dairy items. If you're hungry, don't miss their Cafe and Bistro with daily soups, a salad bar, and over a dozen freshly made sandwiches and other entrees. The community board at the front keeps us informed about Spokane events. In addition to their excellent offerings, Huckleberries has been a dedicated supporter of local philanthropic endeavors, with Josh, the store manager, leading the way. It's been a pleasure working with them over the last decade.”

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“Positive family.Glad to work with such a great business minded family. I wish them more success and happiness.Allah put Baraka in their business and family. Ameen”

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“They are awesome here. We started getting our vape juice and other supplies. Cool little 24hr add on. If the door is locked all you have to go is go into the market that's attached and a worker will come help you. When all vape shops close early. This is a good one for 24hr vape needs. Their market also has a great selection for a neighborhood market. These guys are great!”

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“Light down the street family friendly always have what I need and convince is assume for all my people's in hilliard its the one stop shop check it out Cal and his wife will take care of ya check them out family owned small business and we all know we need to support our small business owners thank you”

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“Great little store that offers lots of fresh and homemade goods. I enjoyed a nice stroll thru the store and purchased some soap and fresh produce. Really enjoyed my visit. The prices were a little high for me. But overall, it's a great little market.”

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“Everyone should stop in. Prices are great, usually. Some things are similarly priced in regular grocery stores (bagged salad, some produce), but generally lower. Selection varies, but also great way to find new/ different items for cheap. Wine, beer selection is worth the stop- better than most stores. Employees are friendly.”

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“They have were everything...I'm assuming because I was very out of my element if you love cooking Asian dishes they have no shortage from everyone from Japanese to Indian ingredients”

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“My "Go To" store for natural and gluten free grocery store shopping, plus the Rosauers also has a huge variety of other household products we need. Always clean, well-managed and plenty of checkers, so minimal waiting in line to complete the shopping trip.”

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“I was looking for a brisket at a reasonable price. This store not only had beautiful briskets, but the beat out all the other stores in price. It was like $3.69 a pound.”

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“ALOT of shady characters but everyone that works there always seems down to Earth. They will calk the cops if they need to but most the vagrants are harmless while you are there. They sell drug paraphernalia in Brown addition so....self explanitory. If you are stuck up or scared of unsavory characters this store is not for you but there is a church right up the road ?”

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“It's a little tucked in so easy to miss driving by but definitely worth seeking out! A small shop but with a great selection. This will definitely be a go-to when I need to get spices, and they have my favorite cheese (halloumi).”

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“I wrote a bad review about this store a while ago. Since then I've changed my mind about it. This is a great last station/convenience store. The manager is an awesome person. He listened to what I liked and ordered it so the store now stocks it. I was shocked to see that kind of service.The owner is a nice man. He's a small business owner struggling to turn a profit in this crazy time. The economy is driving prices up up up and profits down down down. I'd say hundreds of people rely on this corner store to be there. They have milk, eggs, sugar, bread, cheese, and things of that nature to support the local community.I cannot recommend this store enough. It's a gas station as well. Come in and support this store. Get your gas here, get your lotto tickets, and pick up some ice cream for the family. We need to support our local businesses. Yes, they are more expensive than Walmart but we need them more than we need Walmart. Small businesses make up 80% of businesses in America. Small businesses are what makes America great.”

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“Great local store that packs a punch with stuff to help feed our family and parties. Also check out the deli for sandwiches and burgers made fresh. Great prices and the atmosphere is very inviting with a friendly family feel when shopping here. See you on my next visit.”

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“They have a Nicer variety of higher end items that aren't seen around town. Higher prices do contribute to the nicer selections of products throughout the store! It's hit or miss if you're trying to avoid a crowd .”

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“The place does so good to give us high quality products at great prices. Stores are all well stocked and clean. Favorite place to shop and just walk around in and find some snacks.”

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“I love this grocery store! I wish there was one closer to me up North by Chewelah, WA. The smell is breath taken when you walk in. The staff are so, friendly and welcoming. The products are healthy. ✨️ Good job! I wish more people would get smarter and open up more Organic grocery stores like this one!! Thank you for all your Natural Stuff.”

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“Only place in town you can get a lot of these things. I wouldn't trust their meat or produce, but that's just me being picky and figuring they don't have a good turnover rate. Definitely worth a visit to try something you never even knew existed.”

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“Hidden gem. Huge unique beer selection. They often have whiskies that are sold out elsewhere. My 1 qualm is that they rarely, if ever, have any specials running in the whisky aisle...”

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“Walking around their store, feels like your are really welcome. The smells and neatly designed aisle really are a highlight. Even dealing with any of the workers at the Corporate office, let you know that the place is a work environment.”

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“The store has an amazing selection! The spices and candy were my favorite. The gentlemen behind the counter is incredibly sweet and friendly! I highly recommend it!”

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“I love Natural Grocers because they carry a good variety of fresh, organic vegetables , fruits, and breads as well as a full array of staples, frozen foods, nuts spices and skin care products that are much better quality and much safer than the average grocery or drugstore. Their vitamins and supplements are also high quality. The staff is knowledgeable about all of their products, friendly and helpful! The prices are also quite reasonable for the high quality of the products. And their specials can’t be beat! We have used both the South Hill location as well as the one at Division and Wellesley and both are comparable.”

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“One of my favorite stores! They have everything. And it's always fun to shop there. I've been shopping there for years. The staff is great! Especially the lady I think that owns the store, Really down to earth and 9n top of it, they have awesome sales!Yogurt, 5/$1 etc...”

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“Clean little store, friendly staff with a wide selection of regular grocery store stuff; great for quick stops between the big grocery trips. I love that they have a selection of fruit!”

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