11848 NE 85th St, Kirkland, WA 98033

(425) 827-3348


Hours may fluctuate. For detailed hours of operation, please contact the store directly.

Most Recent Comments

  • "2nd time I've been shortchanged there. Lady thinks she's still in Bangladesh for chrissakes!"
  • "It's a gas station with a convince store for quick stops for gas drinks snacks and smokes"
  • "The place is nice. The person was friendly. But the light and freeway on ramp a very close go getting out is tricky if the road is busy. "
  • "The white male working there is one hell of a character. Rude every time I've been through. For no reason. Hates his job. Doesn't care about anyone who walks in seems like "
  • "Took me 10 min it's to get gas, even though there was no wait for a pump. The pump froze after I swiped my credit card and the guy inside had no idea what to do. We just chose a new pump and moved on, but who knows of the pump un-froze and someone is gonna buy gas on my cc later. "

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