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6533 132nd Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98074

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  • "It's been aboyt a year now and we have yet to have a month go by without some kind of screw up. From ABC Finance double charging us for months and charging us for late fees because they were taking the auto pay out on the 26th ins tead of the 6th to not getting my payments applied to my account and now Im here and neither my or my boyfriends key fobs work and we have a receipt for payment. If it wasn't the inly 24 hr gym around I wouldve a uit long ago. Lacation and Faraz is really nice. So the gym is alright but ABC Finance sucks dick. UPDATE: Downgrade rating to ZERO Stars One day after the previous review our menvership has been revoked. Unvelievable after putting up with inept billing abd employees who have thier heads up their asses and they revoke our membership. Funny thing is I wabted a refund and to get the hell out of tgere so tgey think they won but in reality they are all losers. Don't waste your money or time. Go to 24Hour Fitbess instead."
  • "Always clean, the machines all work, great staff. Usually not crowded. What else could you need?"
  • "It's got what you need. A little dirty tho"
  • "If you want to get a membership here, it is your first fitness goal. Go to the next level - find any staff there!"
  • "Update 03/01/17 I have updated my review to four stars. Since my last visit they have added a second power rack and an olympic platform. They also offer a towel service which is a nice touch I have not seen at an Anytime Fitness before (and I've been to many). The bathrooms have more hang space too - small detail, but a noticeable convenience. My only issue is the power racks aren't that great so if you're looking to bench press YMMV on if the rack will have a safety position that works for you. ------- Update 08/08/16 Under new management as of a week ago, changes supposedly incoming so I have changed my review to three stars. Looking forward to seeing how they improve! ------- Original review (Summer '16) - Only one squat rack, which is disappointing. Most have at least two. No bumper plates. Below average compared to other Anytime Fitness gyms I have been to. This is a nitpick, but the bathrooms don't have many hanging spots either. I only go here if I don't have time. Location is the only positive. The closest two Anytime Fitness are Bothell and Redmond. I drive out of my way to go to Bothell instead of this one and I live ~5 min away. One time I forgot my key fob so I called the gym from outside the door. This was during the afternoon on a weekday when it was supposed to be staffed. No one picked up. I gave up and went home to get my key fob. Still no employees when I got back."

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