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  • "This was horrible! I spent $140.00 for a fruit basket and two sides of the dipped bananas, strawberry and apples. Also bought a chocolate sucker and birthday balloon bundle. When I got to get work and opened it. They were no where near ripe. Absolutely zero juice when we bit into the fruit. Every employee used their side teeth. Like youd do when you eat hard piece of meat. So the entire office was disappointed. And I most of all was. I drive 1 hour and 15 min to surprise my mom for her birthday. And the fruit was a joke. She brought it home and 5 days later some of them you could somewhat bite into. My mom had to throw them away due needing space for a upcoming gathering. You should be able to eat the fruit you buy, when you bought it. I called mine in DAYS in advance. So their is absolutely no excuses. And I've reached out to this place. And their staff brushes you off, like their enormous mistakes don't matter. Paid a lot of money for fruit you couldn't bite into. "
  • "Today is my birthday. My mother who lives in NY ordered my a large bundle to surprise me. usually she always order me cake, but this time she wanted something different. Never heard of Edible Arrangement till today. I went to pick up my order only to find 1 person attending the register and is on the phone(with a customer). understandable. i stood and waited patiently for about 15 minutes and finally she came over and grabbed a big fruit basket from the fridge. look really nice. she gave me a card to sign and i didn't really think twice and signed it. I asked is this it? she replied yes. I got back into my car and started driving home(30min heavy traffic). when i'm about to get home, my mother called and i told her i loved the basket. she asked about the balloon and pineapple cupcake. I was surprised, because the basket was all i got. I had to turn around, sit in traffic for another 30min to go back. Apparently he was on the phone with my mother when i got back there and he said something along the line "i'll show him how to read", i was getting kind of pissed at this point. he told me i should have read the card and I should have double checked. even though his employee told me it was everything when i asked. The bundle looked nice, the fruits appear to be fresh. But my mother didn't spend $135 for the fruit. This is about having a good experience, and I sure didn't..."
  • "GREAT SERVICE AND SWEET AND FRESH FRUIT. I have used this establishment numerous times and have never received anything but the finest service and courtesy. There presntations have been excellent and delivery always within a two hour time frame. Could not ask for more. One of the best establishments of this type I have encounter in the country. Try them and you will agree with me I'm sure!"
  • "Good service"
  • "Los arreglos muy hermosos y la fruta deliciosa"

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