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“U.S. Bank branch inside the Compton Union Building. ATM and two tellers if you have any specific customer service questions. Make your deposits and withdrawals with a teller. Start an account then go upstairs for some Panda Express! Other than that I think the services are just the essentials. See a full US Bank location for your loans and whatnot. Withdrawals at the ATM. No cash or check deposits though. Have to do that in person with a teller. Twenty four hours or as long as the CUB is open. Not much else to say. It's safe, indoors right on the lower CUB floor. Your normal bank ATM and branch but with a stripped down express vibe. They'll charge you an ATM fee If you're not a US Bank customer. Maybe just get cash back elsewhere if you really need a few twenties. Nice option though If you are a US Bank member. Wells Fargo or Chase, too bad.”

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