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“The employees were helpful when I needed to find something specific, and the lady at the check stand was very pleasant as well. Definitely a staple for my shopping and if you have never stoped by a grocery outlet store?... you should.... ?”

4.4Superb152 Reviews

“Big fan of Grocery Outlet just wish I had discovered them long ago in terms of savingsLove the Cheney and Airway Heights locations not just for the big savings alone but for their fast and friendly staff as wellPlus Walmart is just across the way if you really need some Junior Samples time as well”

4.2Good197 Reviews

“Really quite expensive. Even though it's in n the discount store for items that have some defect or other such details.. I it was a bummer to not be able to afford really Anything I needed but the four stars is for the very friendly respectful employee. It's nice to be treated like I am a valued customer instead of what happens at Walmart where you will be followed.. harassed.. lied too abused discriminated. I love delivery Walmart but customer service is most important because it's a humanity thing.. it's the principal .. it's so important to be kind and especially when that customer is your job security.. they are the whole reason you go to work to do such job. So it's a big deal and so thank you big lots. Sad I probably can't make it back to shop but it was still a great variety of potential super scores for many who can afford it.. enjoy it's worth the trip for sure. Ps I did get a huge tool box for a excellent discount so actually I did get my super score.:)”

4.2Good120 Reviews

“Kirsten provided Exceptional Customer Service while stocking the shelves as quickly as they emptied out. This is a busy dollar and up store with a wide variety of products from glassware to Yummy frozen food but if you see something you like you better get a couple because they won't be there the next time you go back! From Lint truffles to Oh snap pickle bites your cravings are covered. Reasonably priced movie candy they got you!! Renee at the cashier was also very kind and helpful while seriously outnumbered!! Thankyou Ladies, we'll be back!”

4.2Good78 Reviews

“Our neighborhood bodega. We love the owner and his family who work there with him. They are great, and they are part of what makes our neighborhood the great place it is!”

4.4Superb15 Reviews

“Pines and Sprague dollar tree is one of the best, I find lots of DIY Hacks there such as this Car Freshener. The girl working there when I went has been there for many years and is always amazing :)”

3.9Good74 Reviews

“Wendi was the only cashier today and did a FABULOUS job. She made sure to check on everyone in the line to make sure they were ok waiting. She was so professional and kind. Thank you Wendi!!”

3.9Good77 Reviews

“I was impressed today to find the store well stocked and checkers were available, which wasn't the case a few months ago. Great selection of Halloween and fall decor”

3.7Good92 Reviews

“A thrift store of costco things!!! I walked in wearing most of what was on the shelf but for cheaper! Tons of products I use every day and own but half off. The store is set up a bit odd and older but product is great.”

3.7Good133 Reviews

“The cashier (he was wonderful). There was another employee that came in to work and she looked like she hadn't brushed her hair in a week and I'm not exaggerating.”

3.2Average33 Reviews

“Who can have anything bad to say about dollar tree I mean.. I know everything's not quite a dollar anymore, but still does it get better? The kids think the place is a gold mine lol it's fun to go in there with the kiddos.”

3.2Average111 Reviews

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