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“They do their job and if you have any questions they will answer them if someone is trying to scam you they check out the check they sent you so you don’t deposit it and it’s a fraud”

4.5Superb13 Reviews

“Listen I am a 24 year old male college student, I do not post reviews for anything because I think it is pretty pointless, but the service at the Chase Bank in Beaver, WV is hands down the best I have ever experienced. I am from Chicago and am currently living in rural southwest Virginia, with this location being the closest one to where I live we have done most of our business by phone. Andrew and Adam are the kind of people who give the customer service industry hope. Both of these gentlemen go above and beyond to make sure that you not only get any issues you might be having cleared up FAST, but do so in a way that will ALWAYS be the most beneficial to their patrons. I have thrown a slew of headache-inducing issues at them and, like warriors wielding swords of clarity, never fail to make my experience as pleasant as they possibly can. These guys just have ALL of the answers. It could be 11pm on a Sunday night and my air fryer could be malfunctioning, I could call this Chase bank with utmost confidence that one of them would be there to answer the phone and instruct me on how to fix it solely because neither of them could bear to know that one of their customers was unable to fry their chicken thighs to an edible degree because they CARE. I would give this branch 47 stars if I could and I hope these two are being taken care of well by their superiors because I do not envy the poor fool who would let either of these two take their customer service skills elsewhere.”

3.7Good19 Reviews