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“My husband and I love this bank. Every single employee treats us like we’re their own family. Shelia is the bomb, we love Abby, and I can’t remember the other ladies name but she’s always got her hair in a different beautiful style everyday! She’s also absolutely amazing. 10/10.”

4.9 Superb10 Reviews

“Best bank in Beckley except that they don't offer coffee like the Credit Union on Robert C. Byrd does. They make up for it by being very friendly, helpful, professional & they give away candy that helps keep my ex-wife quiet. Bonus!”

4.3 Superb7 Reviews

“Interest rates on savings are better than BB&T/Truist. Friendly, helpful staff and overall great experience. I've seen better online banking interfaces, but theirs definitely isn't bad; the customer service and cash-money numbers make up for any minute digital deficiencies. You won't regret banking here, especially if you live close by.If you're thinking about robbing this place, don't. They're good people who don't deserve that kind of stress. You'll get caught anyway. Crime is stupid. Make smart choices, like opening an account here.”

4.5 Superb4 Reviews

“Great bank I've never had any problems since I've started banking here, great staff especially Donny Gwinn he's always so nice and goes the extra mile to help his customers and is great at explaining everything you need to know about your accounts!”

3.3 Good18 Reviews

“Angela M assisted us with opening new accounts. Professional, kind, knowledgeable. While waiting on us to arrive for our appt she was talking with customers in the teller line to see if she could be of assistance. So a great employee and co-worker as well.”

3.3 Good8 Reviews

“The only teller I've ever encountered in my 27 years of banking questioned a federal postal money order and if it could be deposited. She gave me attitude and massive stink eye for the 15 minutes it took her to figure out it was legal. Please get genuinely skilled tellers with actual customer service skillsShe called and apologized after I left this review, which is boss, thank you. Originally this was one star. I'm pretty impressed that a BANK can apologize (unlike politicians, CEOs and spiritual / church leaders.)Yet the explanation is that they receive fraudulent money orders all the time. May I suggest not treating your customers like criminals. What ever happened to innocent before proven guilty?And it was still a FEDERAL POSTAL MONEY ORDER. So the explanation was rationalization and paltry in comparison to a genuine apology. Management obviously forced her to call and apologize.”

3 Average5 Reviews

“I just don't understand the bad reviews. We have had nothing but kind people, prompt service and they are there when we need them. They have money, we need money, they lend money, we pay them back. I'm sure if you don't pay them back the customer service may get a little less than kind so pay your bills.”

2.7 Average4 Reviews

“I'm a waitress, which means I always have ones. These girls helped me deposit over 1000 in one's and didn't complain (as other locations have), but laughed and joked the whole time. I am very thankful for the cashiers and all they do!”

2.2 Poor4 Reviews

“I was wondering why Truist here in Beckley has such a low Google score. I have been banking here now for a few months now and everyone has been wonderful. They have been friendly and helpful. I give this bank a five star rating!”

1.6 Poor10 Reviews