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“It is usually clean and neat, there are a couple employees I avoid going in the store if they are working. One likes to call the police on A LOT of customers, and accuse them of stealing, when most of them didn't do anything wrong. I was one to get accused, but I proved I didn't take anything. For some reason the cops weren't called, but usually the cops are called before the customer has the chance to prove themselves or before they know what's going on. The other employee does about the same thing. Your lucky if you've been a customer there, and not been accused of theft. I've heard multiple people say this about this store.”

3.9 Good10 Reviews

“One of the better Dollar Generals I've been in except that it could before spacious with extra room at check out as well. Otherwise they generally have everything you need and would expect a DG to carry. All your everyday essentials, & some grocery. Staff is always polite and helpful as well.”

4 Good69 Reviews

“They plainly have a sign that says no public restroom and every time I am through that way if I need to use the restroom they always let me which is very kind especially since I have bladder control issues!”

4.7 Superb3 Reviews

“This store stays open 24/7 with a window for your items and to communicate with the cashier after 12:00 a.m. it is the only store for 30 plus miles that stays open 24/7 so it is very convenient.”

3.8 Good12 Reviews

“Kroger is the only grocery store in town. So, they charge whatever they want and we pay it. They need some competition and maybe some of the prices would go down. Idk??”

3.3 Good12 Reviews