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“Dr. Dan and staff at MD CUSTOM have helped me tremendously by suggesting the right supplements which in turn helped my c-reactive protein, hemoglobin A1c, along with my blood sugars drop into normal range. Please call them today and let this outstanding pharmacy guide you in the right direction . Always remember have faith in the process because it can work give it time. ❤️”

4.9Superb84 Reviews

“In the past few years I've been filling my prescriptions here, this particular team at CVS located inside Target has been nothing short of incredible. There are pharmacies and then there are PHARMACIES! I've come to realize that it's not just the price of the medication, the marketing hype or any other gimmick that might make a certain pharmacy seem like the best choice. It's the team of people who are there to support you, month after month that makes the difference. You'll never find a more dedicated and helpful team than you will here. If you're on the fence about whether or not this is the CVS for you, give them a try and you won't be disappointed! 10/10”

4.2Good20 Reviews

“Staff was extremely helpful checking on availability of my medication and getting my prescription filled in a timely fashion. They are also great at communicating with your doctors office to get everything taken care of if there are any issues.Will be making this my new go to pharmacy!”

4.1Good26 Reviews
4.6Superb8 Reviews

“*****THIS IS NOT A SHOPKO STORE OR A CORPORATE OFFICE***** This listing is old & incorrect. It is now a Health Direct Pharmacy servicing Long Term Care facilities. I am trying to get this listing updated, but it is taking a long time. Please do not call it looking for a Shopko.”

4.1Good8 Reviews

“I've been going to the Aurora BF Pharmacy for many, many years. Through the years some of this locations staff has changed but the compassion and care has not. Sue has been there as long as I can remember and has always gone above and beyond to help special order my medications and be sure that they are always in stock when my refills are due. Sarah has been the newest Pharmacy Manager now for a few years and in my opinion she is doing a phenomenal job. Just like Sue, Sarah also goes out of her way to be sure my medications are available and ready when I am due to pick them up. During the worst of Covid-19 I never experienced any delay issues whatsoever and on a few occasions they even brought my medications directly out to my car for me which was a blessing.The entire RX staff at this location is great and they always are sure to explain new medications to me and ask if I have any questions no matter how busy they are.As an added bonus they always have a great selection of Old school candy ?? too and it's always stocked up.. Gotta Luv Em ♥️??”

3.7Good19 Reviews

“Stephanie, the pharmacist, is the BEST! Always willing to go the extra mile with knowledge, experience, and just a joy to deal with! Helped me with multiple issues while still keeping a sense of humor and professionalism!Also, have had great experiences with all the techs, especially Fung (sp.?).”

3.6Good29 Reviews

“Sometimes the pharmacy gets very busy and you can tell everyone behind the counter is stretched thin, trying to help so many people, but overall, it’s been a good experience.”

3.4Good9 Reviews

“I just wanted to comment on a older lady working this past Thursday at the Service Counter Desk. I went to purchase a bus pass for my son and the lady working there was very nice and pleasant. She was efficient too. I did not get her name, which would have been nice. More people like this are needed.”

3.4Good19 Reviews

“A very nice store. The only negative thing I can say is that it is sometimes difficult to find an employee if you are looking for an item that you can't find. There seems to be a steady flow of customers but it's never so busy that it drives you crazy.”

3.1Average10 Reviews

“I've never had a bad experience here.I am unable to note them by name, but all of the staff and pharmacists I have interacted with have been warm and cheerful, even when the store is busy.”

3.2Average38 Reviews

“This is an impressive grocery store. They have pretty much everything! The sushi counter, massive deli and juice bar are wonderful features for the hungry shopper. There are also some good deals offered. Unfortunately, you don't get the deals if you don't have a loyalty card. If I lived near here I'd get one, but the trip was more expensive than I thought it would be.”

3.1Average26 Reviews

“Awesome pharmacy that was able to get me in and out before my assigned booster appointment Other than that the rest of the store wasn't busy at all and clean”

2.8Average20 Reviews

“I did not go into 2020 expecting a global pandemic or to be hospitalized not once, not twice but thrice! Two of my three stays were at Elmbrook and I'm pretty happy with the care I received. Both times I started in the ED, where I was seen to quickly, diagnosed and invited to stay just a bit longer for observation. Hooray. Staff wise, everyone I encountered from docs to nurses to housekeeping was compassionate, kind and friendly. I'm confident they did everything correctly to get me to a good result. They do need to update their room furnishings - stripped wood & cracked vinyl isn't cool. And the food fulfills all the "hospital food" stereotypes - seriously not good. But you're not there to wine and dine, and the important parts of your care will be top notch.”

2.4Poor11 Reviews

“Awesome pharmacy that was able to get me in and out before my assigned booster appointment Other than that the rest of the store wasn't busy at all and clean”

2.9Average37 Reviews

“The pharmacy at this location is always busy.Orusa the pharmacist is great! She is knowledgeable, extremely helpful and her customer service is the best. Thank you Arises!”

2.7Average36 Reviews

“Came in last second after another CVS closed for the day following an urgent care visit with my infant who had an ear infection. They were able to locate the prescription at another location and pull it and it extremely efficiently filled the script and got me out of the door so I could give my son antibiotics before bed. The pharmacist and pharmacy technician were SO helpful and I am VERY appreciative of them! Thank you!”

2.7Average38 Reviews

“I didn't expect much from this grocery store. I was pleasantly surprised by the selection and pricing. They also have a discounted isle, with great values. I always check it.”

2.4Poor71 Reviews

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