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“High school friends reunion for the weekend netted us a treasure trove of finds at this cute little shop. Reasonable prices (along with the back room sale racks), clean, organized and very friendly, accommodating staff. Also, a good selection of Harley gear, a great find for bikers. Will be returning to shop again and again.”

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“Well I was riding my motorcycle and stumbled upon this underrated and surprisingly affordable Art gallery. There are some other art galleries on the main Street of Lake Geneva but this one was great in regards to owning original artist paintings of oil and canvas without breaking the bank. Originally I came 3 days and so I really stunning painting that was $66 before taxes I was just waiting for my next paycheck I went back there just to find out someone else I was also eyeing that painting and bought it right away. I wish the lady running the store would have given me a layaway option to put some money down as o no one else would buy that painting when I walked in. Nevertheless I saw another Painting that I was also thinking to put. It was not as nice as the one I saw but it was another painting since I drove all the way from Chicago Illinois about to purchase it despite that I find out it was already purchased by someone else 3 days later. That's the reason for out of five stars because I was disappointed coming back not finding that same original Artist painting that was on sale. I will be coming back here since this is real artwork that one can afford and that anybody could find. I had it framed since they don't sell or have the service to framing their own paintings back in Chicago and it looks beautiful from the frame service I found that opened up before the pandemic. I had also written a separate review on Yelp for a company in Chicago called the frame factory on Webster Street who professionally framed this painting and I use the same picture to show what work they do and not break the bank on buying a frame”

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“Went out of her way to make a special experience for my husband and I when we went in (as a surprise to me) to pick out a necklace. Beautiful piece and wonderful memory.”

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“Super cute jewelry and accessories, with great prices! Hard to leave without buying anything! Mgr in Lake Geneva store was very friendly and welcoming! I'll be back to spend more!!”

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“Great experience. Very honest & courteous. I feel that I got a fair price for my gold & silver jewelry I no longer wanted. Will do business with them again.”

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“What a unique antique shop. Located in the former game room of the Lake Geneva Bowling Alley. Every nook and cranny is filled with unique items. There are items from the floor to the ceiling. They have home items, a large selection of beer cans, sports items and vinyl records . Definitely worth a visit.”

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“Great shop, with affordable jewelry. Owner was very helpful today on helping me with options on some of my choices and picking out something for teen daughter! I'll be back when I'm in the area!”

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“After walking along one of the Lake Geneva shore paths, my boyfriend and I ventured into Queen Bee Artisan Market. Some of my favorite items were frog-shaped soap, Crown Royale gnome, gnome hats for wine bottles, real snack jewelry, wax melt cups, Lake Geneva mugs, Duke Cannon soaps (especially Bay Rum), and donut bath bombs. I bought myself a necklace made of guitar strings.”

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“I went in with a few pieces of jewelry that were broken and I didn’t have the paperwork. These went back several years. I had Abigail help me. She was amazing and so helpful. She took the time (a lot of time) to look up each piece and help me. Very pleasant and helpful person. Highly recommend her!!”

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“Gravitated to this store each time I'm in town, always find something to love. Often limited size selections, what they have is what they have. Not as trendy as other shops, which is nice appeal for us "classic" style ladies. Prices are average. Quality is decent. Selection appropriate. Staff are friendly if you need something, otherwise they just let you browse (no high pressure sales) and wander. Dressing rooms are roomy!”

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“Awesome shop! Unexpectedly big inside & a lot of cool knick knacks & decor. Most importantly, I am grateful to the owners for being brave enough to show their support for President Trump. Very nice people Dont worry, if you don't like Trump - I also saw a Biden/Harris shirt. On clearance, $2.99. ?”

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“This review is for the Waterfront location. The pieces are wonderful with a nice selection in this smaller location. The woman working, however, made this shop. She was fun to talk to and they had a lot of designer dupes that were excellent. I found many items I loved. My friend and I also stopped at the Broad Street location because it was a bigger store. The service we received there was not nearly to the level of the Waterfront location. In fact, the woman working (which I will label as "grumpy") did not greet us when we walked in, and while we were walking around, she had turned the sign to closed. So, when we walked out, we had to turn the handle a different way because she had technically closed the shop. It was only 4:45pm. She also started cleaning the floor near us as if to say "leave now". It was clear she wasn't interested in helping us, nor was she interested in us buying anything. I would recommend this store, but go to the waterfront location and enjoy yourself.”

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