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“I love this smoke shop, best deal on OPMS kratom shots in the valley. They have a huge selection of disposable vapes and glass too. Lucy and the rest of the staff are spectacular. 10/10 would recommend this place to anyone.”

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“Glass Monkey Smoke is honestly the best smoke shop in the area hands down. I mostly vape disposables and those are my specialty and I can verify their products are genuine and definitely the most competitively priced. They are the first I've seen to get the new EVO slushi line of flavors.Today Nate and Rick hooked it up and helped me branch out from my usual. I got the Evo Slushi in Pineapple and it was a solid choice per their recommendations and I'd forward that to anyone looking for a shop and recommendations. Come here and talk to them. They were thorough and showed me how their products are legit from the manufacturer and over all deserve a raise. They have quite a selection and lastly the prices were fantastic.”

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“Best liquor store I have ever been to! Mini bar inside for beer and wine. Outdoor seating for games and they sometimes have food trucks come as an additional bonus. Selection to the max!”

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“This place rules!! It's everything we need more of in Scottsdale. It's your local market. Your bodega. Your neighborhood store that has what you need. Wonderful people work there, and they have a great store. Go and support.”

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“Every time I come Jimmy is always happy to greet me by name. Excellent selection, knowledgeable on recommending me cigars with flavors I'm looking for, and phenomenal customer service. 100% my favorite cigar shop I go to.”

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“We have visited this place several times over the last few years and had nothing but stellar service. The owner is always getting new items in making it a fun place to frequent.”

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“I have been coming to this shop for years now… each and every employee and management has always made me feel like I was not only a friend but amazing customer service!! Before I walk through the door Austin will have what I always get ready at the register for me… he is kind and punctual always. I highly ( pun intended) recommend this shop over any… I drive miles away just to come to this shop because of the customer care ❤️”

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“Great Shop. Beautiful interior. Knowledgeable staff. I purchased a pipe that broke within 24 hour of purchase. Rich, the owner, offered to have it repaired and ship to me free of charge. Amazing customer service and dedication. Thanks guys!”

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“I always feel comfortable visiting Cedar Room. That hasn't always been the case at some cigar shops where I'm often the only female patron. The Cedar Room gentleman have never treated me like I need everything explained to me or am there shopping for someone else.”

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“Been coming here for years, if you want truly personalized and old fashioned caring customer service... this is the shop for it. The guys here actually remember people not just money, they ate always friendly, and always make sure any purchased disposable device works before you leave. And did I mention yhey ate knowledgeable?Jack gas always been so so helpful. They always have what I need, and hes really cute and friendly too. Doesn't get any better than a handy, cute, caring , and nice guy... am I right ladies??????Other employees are totally great too?P.S They always have coils for the older tanks that a lot of other smoke shops don't carry anymore.This place is radd ????☯️”

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“This shop is by far one of the best around. The staff are very helpful and friendly and they also have pretty good deals. This shop has became a part of my routine and should be yours too.”

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“I came into blue spot smoke shop looking for a new smoke shop because I had a bad experience with the Coughing Canary! (That place sucks! Lol) Right when I walked into blue spot smoke shop I was kindly greeted by the owner. He made me feel very at home and comfortable and was very accommodating in my search for The things I needed. If he did not have what I needed immediately on hand he offered to go to his other shops to retrieve those items and have them back for me the next business day. I've been to the shop many times since then and will continue to go there I definitely would recommend Blue splash smoke shop to anybody looking for a great smoke shop.”

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“One of the most Classy clean smoke shop in Scottsdale with wide selection of high quality premium cigars, lots of smoking accessories ,cool water & glass hand pipes , fresh cigars & blunt wraps , Raw hemp rolling papers, cones , tobacco grinders & scales , OPMS and top shelf Kratom capsules & powder, CBD , quick fix and detox , smoking gifts , as well tons of tasty disposable Vapes and vape supplies & accessories, top e juice brands , cigarettes & pipe tobacco and much more , friendly staff and management , if you are looking for your new go to smoke shop for first time make check out their expert Max or Adam over Trend smoke vape & cigar with their Tuesday & Wednesday smoking deals :)”

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“My #1 place to order cigars from! When you call the customer service, you actually get a person that’s more than willing to help! I’m more than anything they’re great people. So hard to find these days. Thanks for the great service.??”

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“I like this shop quite a bit. The humidor is rather large, well lit, and well stocked. They tend towards the high end and the prices reflect it, but also have a few "house" sticks at a good price, and a few other basics. The employee I talked to, and I didn't get his name, was SUPER helpful and friendly. He really understands his stock and is obviously in love with his craft and the store. There are also a lot of accessories, and a lounge that looks pretty nice. I didn't have time to smoke in the lounge so I just had a look.”

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“Super helpful and personable. I just bought a disposable and the guy informed me of some cool new products from the brand i was going to buy. He also made sure i tried the product in the store to make sure it worked before i left, and even opened and disposed of the packaging for me. I've never experienced that before lol. I was given a buy 10 get one free card my first time there, without a word. Top notch service.”

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“This store is the definition of maximizing space! Tons of inventory of cigars and pipe tobacco! Excellent supply of both! I'm a pipe smoker so finding local blends is a huge bonus!By far the best smoke shop in the valley!You've found a customer for life!”

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“Last minute decision to get a few things and they was one minute from closing for the night...most places close a few minutes early or would say they are closing. Not this place, they welcomed us is with no need to rush. Awesome is all I can say. The lady that was working was so cool... we got our things and out the door. Most places would say come back tomorrow this place didn't. I'd give 10 stars, but that option isn't there. Thanks to this place many times over. Come here, you won't be disappointed.”

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“Rick is amazing, a wealth of knowledge and will always take his time to give you a great recommendation for a cigar. He actually has his own cigars that he produces so I’m excited to try that out!”

4.4Superb101 Reviews

“I walked around the store for a while before closing, asked 1,000,000 questions, and they were happy to help. Purchased a few things and am very happy about my experience.”

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“I've been to many cigarette stores. I find myself always returning to this one for the customer service and the pricing. Zelda was very helpful in finding what I needed thank you”

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“Hands down the best customer service I’ve ever had at any smoke shop, I met one of the two owners and he was incredibly kind and was easily able to help out with everything I needed, he turned a quick errand for vape coils into such a pleasant experience, I will happily be a returning customer”

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“Employees are always super helpful and polite. The store is pristine whenever I’m in there. FYI: no minors allowed, it’s now posted on the door…plan accordingly.”

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“Small hole in the wall store selling mostly wine, beer, cigars and few Knick-knacks! I came looking for good Hefeweizen (wheat) beer which I found. Store is small, but staff is friendly and will likely have something of interest. Plenty of parking! What makes these guys unique is that if you are looking for a product which is not carried in store you can ask them to order it for you, and they will gladly help you with that! Now that is a great service and true local gem!”

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“I've been associated with Fat Buddha Cigar Club for a number of years and I can state without reservation that it's unique in nature. First, like any club its the members that make the difference and Fat Buddha Cigar Club has a group of unique characters. It's easy to acclimate to the group of members. They represent a cross section of backgrounds, beliefs, with a common desire to enjoy a great cigar with friends. Most important everyone is committed to retaining comradery by socializing together, which includes the wives, significant other, or date.....Cozy, personal, and one of kind...”

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“Love this shop great staff and product but the hours need to change closing at 8pm is d*** and you loss business. I hope you think about what I've said many customers have said same thing You should least be open till nine”

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“I love total wine on Scottsdale Rd. They are never out of our brands, they have the most helpful staff at this location and we love the in- store tastings. Their app makes it easy to find which isle your item can be found(if you don't already know) and also shows the inventory. Displays are awesome and selection seems endless. They do it right”

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“Best prices on cigarettes in the Valley. They honor manufacturer coupons, and sometimes have a rep in the lobby to give you coupons. For the most part, the staff is wonderful. There are a few that always seem like they're having a bad day, but 99% of them are awesome. When you're a regular, like myself, the staff remembers you and strikes up a conversation. It enough to make your day. The daytime staff are awesome in particular while a few on the evening staff are a little more short with you. They're not terrible and not enough to make you're experience a poor one. Overall, 5+ stars for cheap cigarette prices and good service.”

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“Best smoke shop in the area, wide selection of everything ( cigarettes, vapes, glass, Vape juice, Kratom, torches…etc) employees are professional and friendly 5 stars customer service ?”

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“The guy working was a dream to work with. I'm not sure if you're the owner, but thank you! I was in a rush when a battery broke, and I was lucky to find his shop. He also has ice cream and a variety of what your smoking adventures may require.”

3.8Good32 Reviews

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