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“If I could give the salsa a 10 out of 5 I would. I left arizona about a year ago and this salsa still is something dreams are made of. In fact. I hope that the wonderful makers will see this review and strike up a monthly subscription and send me that salsa because my partner and I both eat it like it is a highly addictive substance. I can't even explain enough how amazing it is ♡♡♡”

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“The sandwiches here are superior to anything you'd find at a chain sandwich shop, and if you go often the staff recognizes you. The selection of beverages is likely superior to any other market its size, and there are usually items in stock that can save you a trip to the big store.”

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“Today was my first time trying the Deli and it was delicious. Service was great and the sandwich was tasty. The bread is very soft and good texture. Every thing was fesh.”

4.8Superb92 Reviews

“This place rules!! It's everything we need more of in Scottsdale. It's your local market. Your bodega. Your neighborhood store that has what you need. Wonderful people work there, and they have a great store. Go and support.”

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“Tacos were huge! Al Pastor Taco was super tender and delicious! Tacos were 2.99ea. Carne Asada Quesadilla was ok but the meat was overcooked and dry. Quesadilla was 12.50 I believe. Salsa was super spicy but delicious! I do see myself returning to this location to try more options!!”

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“When I walked in the door, I was immediately greeted by a very nice person. I later found out his name was Hassan. He was very professional, very personable and kind. He went out of his way to make sure that the customers where taken care of. It was very busy and he was by himself. He apologized for the fact that he was alone, but he did such a good job at engaging everyone, that none of us in line really cared! I'm coming back for sure! He was great! He had a line full of people that were in a rush, laughing and acting as they were happy to be there! Lol”

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“Little cafe and souvenirs shop, located in Omni resort. You can find bakery products and snacks, beverages, wine, toys and basic drug products. For breakfast you can have fresh fruit, granola with yoghurt, burritos or bagels and few other options.The staff is kind and friendly. Great place for the guests who are staying at the Omni resort.”

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“I've been coming to this location for a couple years now for regular staffed washes. They are 10X better than Cobblestone on Scottsdale Rd. Today i had my 2017 Jeep detailed by Brandon and he did an EXCELLENT job. He was very keen to pay attention to every part of the vehicle and both the inside and out were gleaming as if the Jeep was new. I will definitelly use them again for detailing service!Services: Full body wash”

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“I stop here for cigarettes, gas, and drinks there's so much different liquor to choose from they sell food in the afternoon they also sell gummy bears with chilli, chamoy, packaged and sealed in the candy isle. I buy ice and soda there also.”

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“Hands down the best customer service I’ve ever had at any smoke shop, I met one of the two owners and he was incredibly kind and was easily able to help out with everything I needed, he turned a quick errand for vape coils into such a pleasant experience, I will happily be a returning customer”

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“The employees there are so nice and pay attention to detail, they had some tape handy to cover a part of my window that wouldn't roll up all the way so that no water sprays inside my car. My car was nice and shiny afterwards. I do miss the musical experience that aligns with their lights”

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“Best convenient store in Scottsdale area is closed downtown , rapid service great guy his name is frank. Circle k around sucks dirty and not well manners. I recommend this store. Save my life few times. Keep up the good work bro. Luv ya.”

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“Pro tip: Get a double scoop for the best value. They have cookies for a $1 (down from $3) after 9pm but they run out fast! They offer samples. Highlights: The ice cream is super delicious here and I think it's just the right texture. The triple shot espresso is my favorite. Aside from the ice cream, they also have lots of other treats that look great and candy throwbacks as well. Lowlights: They don't have a ton of ice cream flavors - just ten or so and they are rather basic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, etc. The price for a single scoop is a bit high so I'd recommend getting a double scoop and sharing with a friend!”

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“The only Jacksons car was worth going to! These guys are always friendly and do a great job 9 times out of 10. If you want a clean car this is the place to go to!”

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“Now part of Safeway, they were better before but not bad. Carver Turkey in the deli is the best. Pricing moderate. Still like going there. Better Pharmacy than most these days.”

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“Great fuel center, conveniently located off Greenway Parkway and North 64th Street. If your a Fry's member there's the add bonus of fuel points which help bring the overall cost of gasoline down which is very nice. Especially considering the price of gas these days. The gas station is well lit which is nice if you have to hit the pump late in the evening. I come here all the time considering that this gas station is only 10 minutes from my house. If you live locally and are a Fry's member highly recommend using this gas station.”

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“I have been a customer at this location for over 7 years. The main reason why, is Nick. He is a superior Manager and it shows in his people. Outstanding service. Nick is very passionate about doing the right thing. He is a true professional. The prices match the service. Very reasonable.Services: Auto detailing”

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“Lol they literally have food and things ... liquor and deli.My friend Mike B. Told me to check this place out when I came to help him redo some sod in his backyard (great Home Depot on crimson) he said they have some of the grasses that will grow on chlorinated soil which is popular in areas with a lot of deserts. So he took me here for a salami sandwich with mayo on white bread. It was pretty dang good and the slices of salami were thick. Liquor prices are good and have a nice selection of domestic wines. I know the menu has much more options and they all look great. I will be getting the American sub next time.”

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“I love the spicy chicken bento box for lunch and the grill side of the restaurant for dinner. I think it's gotten better over the last year. It's always delicious and the customer service is excellent.”

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“It's a cozy gas station store. What I like the most is its variety of snacks. I saw flavors of chips that I haven't seen in other stores, and they were well stocked in all the flavors. They had a nice assortment of drinks as well. The deli section was nice too, and they had fresh pickles and so much to choose from. Loved the Little Caesars in there as well, so you could pick up some pizza to go.Service was quick and friendly.”

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“I want to thank Jacob, working the front counter, for being beyond helpful!He helped me get my app working while checking out my store goods… and with a smile!! Thank you Jacob!”

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“I needed a restroom pronto. On a Saturday night after 10pm. Even though the sign on the bathroom door said "Closed 9pm-6am" the clerk let me use it. That fact alone compelled me to give it 5 stars.! Large fuel pump area. Pulled my 29' Limousine in and out with ease. Automatic Car wash on site. Large alcohol section. Wine, beer, hard liquor and mixers. Cigars, cigarettes and cannabis paraphenalia section.. Perfect for the type of city Scottsdale has become..nuff said...”

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“Update for most of these reviews. We strive to keep this store immaculate but that's very hard to do when we are as busy as we are and only having one night worker.”

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“Eat there almost everyday for lunch. All the ladies that work in the kitchen are very friendly and helpful. But Celia is my favorite. She is always so nice and always has a great big smile on her face.”

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“This is my the attendants they are always helpful and courteous. I have been going to other Mobil stations trying to redeem my point even though they have the sign accepting points they said they didn't except the point at their location. But at My favorite Mobile on Hayden and McKellips they men in there take care of me with genuine joy. They are happy to see me and always wish me well. I feel safe at this gas station even in the middle of the night when I stop thru. As I say all the time when I pay for gas and log my points "Let it ride!" Stop by and fill up the gas is not water down and the price is good in comparison to near by stations. It's even on par with Wal-Mart prices. But you be the judge. Tell them "Let it ride" sent you.”

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“My Boyfriend and I have been going to Scottsdale Mini Mart for the last 4 years and our Favorite Cashier is whom we call "Red"; he's welcoming and has a great personality!”

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“I want to thank Patricia for helping me in the photo department. She absolutely made my day!I came in to see if I could have some photo books redone... I was giving them as gifts and felt like the binding was not up to the quality I had previously gotten at this store. I was a little reluctant to take them back because I knew it was such a busy time, but I really didn't want to give them as they were.I went in early to avoid the crowds and Patricia immediately came to help me. She was very friendly and professional, and listened to my concerns. When she looked at my books, she immediately offered to redo them for me and made me feel like my concern was important to her and she wanted to fix it for me. I told her there was no rush because they were not for Christmas. She took my phone number and told me she would call me when they were ready. She called just a few hours later and said they were done. When I picked them up, they were perfect!! Thanks again to Patricia!I would definitely recommend the store on Indian School in Scottsdale to anyone. The photo department does beautiful work and the customer service is excellent! The store manager, Mike, is top notch, always upbeat, with a servant's spirit, and his staff all seem to follow his lead... very customer friendly and helpful.”

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“A lady by the name of Tony who works here was so nice and funny. Super warm. I used to work in a gas station so it’s always nice when I walk in to one and the CSR is friendly. People act emotionless or like they could care less about their job or their customers. She’s definitely a joy to talk to and even greeted me when I walked in. We laughed a bit together too. Just thought she deserved a shoutout for her awesome personality. I see you girl!!!”

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“A 26-foot truckable diesel station right next door to a Hampton (where I stayed). Access was intermediate level and I got the last jug of DEF. Service was very nice. That was perfectly functional for my trip in preparation for my drive back home to San Francisco.”

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