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“Fair selection of good healthier foods. Most items are great products, slightly pricey if you have never been to TJ's. Otherwise everything is the similar to same as any other trader Joe's. Clean store, easy and access from freeway. Good central location centrally located in the 5 cities region. Parking gets full but multiple lots are around.”

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“Fantastic local FM! Super-nice venders / farmers. Great seasonal selection : i.e. : Veges, Fruit, Avocado's, Citrus, Lavender, Organic & more.Hours are Sat. NOON to 2:15 PM! Then go to Mule Bakery & Arroyo Grande Butcher Shop to complete your stuff to make a complete amazing meal. Far nicer than the downtown SLO FM! We live in the area & have been regulars for a decade. A true local reviewer and not a tourist. Note: Due to the way this platform sorts reviews and photos, most "local reviews & pics" are not local, but done by tourists. The sorting of reviews / pics is automated by AI, and it is confusing and cumbersome to add information for each picture. There is often no edit function to add individual pic comments for each pic. One could have posted hundreds of pics over years and the sorting may not reflect this. Extraneous pics or poor pics can be included as well.”

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“One of their catchphrases is shop there first and this is 100% true you can find all kinds of gourmet & specialty items at steep discounts.. The service is friendly and quick. Also not-to-be-missed is there wine selection where you can find some very good wines.”

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“My favorite place to go! Customer service is exceptional!! And the variety of offerings from produce to fish and meat is unmatched. The staples are always available, but specialty inventory is often changing so you never know what delights you will find!”

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“A NY style Bodega store but without the cat! Easy in & easy out. Seems like a family owned business. A well stocked & small convenience store that sells staples like chips, candy, sodas, lottery tickets, and over-the-counter remedies. Very good liquor section. Lots of parking. People are friendly. Not sure if it’s open 24/7. Easy to find & get to.”

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“My first choice for a store when looking for fresh produce with great selection. Always clean with many employees happy to help you find an item. Prices are competitive locally. There is warm food if you need a snack for the kids like a corn dog or taquito.”

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“Friendly cashiers, wide selection of beverages and snacks- not a 'grocery' store but a good 'i don't want to drive all the way into town' for snacks stop! Gas higher but convenient when you're on fumes!”

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“Review a gas station? Well, since you have to do everything yourself nowadays, if it's clean, well stocked market, clean water for the windshield and friendly cashiers, I'm good. The Chevron had all that.”

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“Stopped by to see if they had some pasta I was looking for..Store is nice n clean and I got a couple things that were on sale while I was in there..The cashier was awesome I think her name was Noreen she's so nice.Every store needs one like her for sure...”

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“I have been Getting Gas for 15 years from this place.. Thomas is Such a good Fun great guy.. I look forward Every time Hoping he is working ??. he's Funny ??❤️❤️”

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“Locals business with great gas prices!!! Gill's also has liquor, groceries and snacks! They are always friendly! If you're there on Fridays, there's a good truck that smells delicious!! Well have to try! Be patient, because you'll wait in line. Only 4 pumps and the entry is a little tight.”

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“What a nice improvement to the community. My grandfather used to buy me ice cream when I was a little boy and it has never looked as nice as it does now. New fixtures and very clean. These owners really care. If your a local, they will bring in items for your convenience! Thanks”

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“I work at arroyo grande Walmart and we get a lot of visitors and some are locals and some tourists and we stay pretty busy with seasonal sales and promotions and clearance sales but I love being a stockman and love working outside and clearing the lot and helping our customers have a good shopping experience and or a memorable one in a good way ?”

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