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“This is an tiny independent friendly family shop making outstanding kimchi, white kimchi, bellflower (and many more) banchan, rice drink, tasty frozen manju dumplings and lots more in store, with love. They used to jar in glass but one too many breaking ruins the kitchen and batch, so they switched to plastic. I drive there from Signal Hill. Normally get the half gallon kimchi but will go whole gallon next. So vital to support independent businesses today, go see them!”

4.6Superb61 Reviews

“It's one of the best stores I've been to. They are always stocked up on everything, and staff is helpful and friendly. Don't forget the sushi and shrimp cocktail yummy !!”

4.3Superb281 Reviews

“I was just reminiscing my childhood years in BP in the late 80s and 90s. We would come here for chips and candies. The owner was always so nice. It's been there for years. You could find all the basics here.”

4.9Superb15 Reviews

“(Translated by Google) My salvation store sells everything one needs to prepare a delicious meal. I love buying cecina, dry chorizo ​​and chicken milanesas ? 10 of 10(Original)Mi tienda salvación venden de todo lo que uno necesita para preparar una deliciosa comida me encanta comprar la cecina el chorizo seco y las milanesas de pollo ? 10 de 10”

4.7Superb14 Reviews

“Generally excellent help! You generally ensure that your customers are happy and extraordinarily satisfied! I love buying something in your store since it was incredibly huge and clean.”

4.3Superb32 Reviews

“I love the layout of this shop.. The shop is so beautifully curated and has a huge and unique selection of items for yourself or a gift for someone... Looking forwarding to returning again soon.”

4.4Superb10 Reviews

“Loved shopping here. It’s like the Costco of Korean grocery with taste testing of items in all categories. They have plenty of great produce, fresh seafood and meats and lots of staples like noodles, kimchi, and more. The staff is friendly and helpful too.I love the selection of snacks and beverages too.”

4Good210 Reviews

“Its always nice to walk around and see what they have there. They have a good variety of things that you can get to take home. Jams, jellies, preserves, clothing, candy, assorted boysenberry flavored or themed goods. The chicken dinner restaurant and the to go restaurant is there to and very good. If you go to Knotts you have to go to the marketplace too”

4.1Good21 Reviews

“I enjoy this store as service is excellent. All workers are very courteous and smile at you and are sincere in helping you. The meat department is the best and meat quality can't be beat hands down. This store is outstanding and why I continue to shop here.”

4.5Superb4 Reviews

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3.9Good26 Reviews

“I had never tired your products until today. Picked up the spinach dip at my local Walmart and I must say it is absolutely delightful. I will look for more of your products at my local stores.”

3.9Good27 Reviews

“Walong Marketing Inc.,located in Buena Park,California offers a delicious Green Onion Pancake product in the frozen foods section of many markets and is delicious and easy to make! We bought ours at The 99 Ranch market but are available at other fine Asian foods markets! The Green Onion Pancakes are made by I-MEI Foods Co.,LTD in Hai Duong City,Vietnam. Pan frying is the traditional way to prepare these delicious Vietnamese pancakes. You can eat them rite off the pan or top with sweet or savory flavors ! So easy and delicious! . . . #imeifoodsvietnam #imei #greenonionpancake #seetheusa #walongmarketinginc #vietnamesefood #haiduong #99ranchmarket”

3.5Good21 Reviews

“Great store, love the rewards and savings deal in the app. Really love the convenience of doing a pick-up order,they are super fast & my order is usually ready to pick- up in 1hr.”

3.8Good163 Reviews

“Jk Market & Liquor ( sign on the building) response to David Im complaint below. The owners themselves have suffered racism being from India. The person charged by Mr.Im as being racist is a family friend and also not racist. When he said,"Why didn't you park over there where you belong" ,he was referring to an area in front the restaurant next door to JK where there was plenty of parking at that time of day. He feels bad that the inquiry: "why did you park THERE?" upset Mr. Im so much that his indigence became anger as he was shouting in friends face so close he could belly to belly bump and shove, which he did several times, leading friend to believe that Im wanted to strike him in face. When friend stated 'you want to hit me?' pointing to his face Im said "no! you want to hit me? I'll sue you!" Friend told owner afterwards how he felt bad for discoursing Mr. Ims' anger to the height that it did and would apologize to Mr. Im if given the chance for asking such a stupid question.”

3.3Good26 Reviews

“This store has a nice variety of choices.Love the German cookies and sausages.The stores are clean and organized.The bread selection is very nice. Love the European style bread choices. The produce is nice and I love to try their specials. I wish they still sent their ad in the ad's that are home delivered. I would shop there more often. They advertise Lu usual products like clothes, candles, kitchen items, etc.Got a great buy on Turkey during the holidays. Really like their stores.”

3.7Good151 Reviews

“Well organized store, decent prices, good customer service and short checkout lines. All in all a very convenient alternative to Costco and much better than Ralphs!!”

3.6Good96 Reviews

“lidia and her crew always go over and beyond to make their customers happy. i wanted some chicken salad and there was no more. lidia came to the rescue and made me my favorite chicken salad. i will be a forever customer. thank you lidia and thank you to our staff.”

3.5Good65 Reviews

“Clean and friendly, aisles are wide and uncluttered.Prices are high though and choices are limited.Meat department looks good and the fish and shrimp look good as well.They also carry hot food.”

3.5Good133 Reviews

“I stopped by here to run into the food store quickly to fetch me a fresh bottled water (Fiji) for SoCal Yelpies. I stayed in the parking lot to finish getting ready for the event then moved around my car to safely park better. I was literally thinking I may have to park here for SoCal Yelpies if I can't find street parking and just place the receipt under my car's front window. 'The Source' wasn't going to work for me because it's way too far. I was so very lucky that night! Fortunately, I circled a tad and located free parking right around the corner, in the residential area. Having checked the residential area for street signs, there weren't any. But the clerk was nice here when I briefly visited the store!”

2.1Poor21 Reviews

“This is my first time shopping at a Korean supermarket, I went there to grab some snacks, and they are delicious. The service is very fast and kind, although it is crowded in the lines.”

3.2Average171 Reviews

“Walmart at Buena Park Mall offers a satisfactory shopping experience. The store, like other Walmart outlets, is generally clean and well-organized, with a wide variety of products to choose from.The mall itself is going through a tough period, with quite a few vacant store spaces and relatively low foot traffic. This doesn't impact the Walmart shopping experience, but it does affect the overall ambience of the mall.One issue to note at this Walmart location is the high number of items locked up due to theft concerns. While it is commendable that the store takes steps to prevent theft, it can sometimes be a hassle for customers who need assistance to access these items. It can be challenging to find staff members to help unlock the cases.Despite these minor issues, the Walmart at Buena Park Mall delivers a fairly solid 4-star shopping experience. The store could further improve by having more staff available to assist customers, especially with the locked cases.”

2.9Average266 Reviews

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