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“My wife lost her favorite sunglasses today in Old Navy, August 7, 2023. It's not a brand item. just very cheap!My wife found two phones before and returned them to the Mexicans. She is a kind person.If someone sees it, please let me know. God bless you.”

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“I love this store prices are amazing, quality as per price $$$ but still service wise and return police’s in addition to staff’s customer services standards are amazing.Smile, meet and greet, good grooming and fast cashiers ???✌️???”

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“Amazing, amazing amazing customer service. Great staff, so young yet so professional. I am impressed. Thank you to both Monicas for making our first time experience at this store smooth and enjoyable!”

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“Always enjoy selection here, staff appeared to all be tired, had to locate help to inquire on using dressing room, appreciate the military Veteran discount, best practice; store is currently separated by men's area on right, women on the left as you are facing the entrance to store”

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“Had one of the best sales I've seen on Black Friday!!! Everything was 60% off and they had some really good things too! Spent 100 bucks there and got two button ups, a pair of sweats, 2 hoodies, and a nice Pendleton jacket as well.....good stuff!!!”

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“I've never owned a pair of Levi's jeans, but for my girlfriend, that's all she wears.So, I needed some jeans because I got rid of my old jeans, and I saw that they had athletic fit jeans on sale for 39.99.Tried them on and they looked great, so I bought them. Now I see why my girlfriend loves them. These jeans are super comfortable. They're not too loose, nor are they tight. They fit perfectly. 10/10 jeans. I'll come back here again to get another pair at some point.”

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“Very sweet and helpful employees, I was not expecting to make a purchase but the boots I got were definitely worth it. I will definitely have this store as one of my favorite places to go.”

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“This review is long overdue and is more for Marty the manager who helped me at the store than for the store itself. Marty was simply incredible. She patiently helped me find the perfect bras. I had been wearing the wrong size for over a year now and Marty helped with finding my new size. I am very grateful and satisfied with her service and am in love with my purchase.”

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“One time I was gifted a shirt from my friend and I liked the shirt so much I found out he used this company to make his designs, The quality is wonderful, great cut, so light and comfortable cotton products, feels like a second skin. We are a group of friends who promote music events and we bought hundreds of items, shirts and hoodies from them and every single item was in great condition, well packaged, delivered in a few days, quality was beyond expected, the more expensive hoodies were wort it, compared to big brands it was a fabulous deal. Customer Service online is like being in person in a major brand store in a mall. Adriano and Lupita go out of their way to provide solutions effectively if problems happen, but rarely as their system is proved to work great.We are glad to find this store for blanks, as our print shops have stated their products are exceptional in holding print either plastic and the most difficult water based ink.Cannot stress how good the experience is buying from Cotton Heritage, beyond expectations.Thank you for bringing this quality product to the US.Also their website is great! so easy to use and select items hold them in your cart and overall fantastic!”

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“I love their workout clothing. My fav is my yellow top! So Comfortable to workout in. The sisters are super amazing and it's a family owned company right here in Los Angeles! Made in Los Angeles!!!! I also picked up some cute leggings with a heart shaped booty. Love love love! Get you some!”

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“The jeans from here are PERFECT!! They're super cute, fit well and are very true to size. Very great quality and most importantly I feel so good in them!! Highly recommend :)”

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“My experience was the best. The worker who helped me was very kind, loving, and patient. She asked me if I found everything alright, she gave me a very happy smile and asked me how my day was. Her associate number is : 358862 ! She needs a raise. This happened at store #0155 ! Keep up the great work ?? ?? ??”

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“(Translated by Google) Inserted inside the citadel outlet, this point of sale offers excellent offers, some can also be found in Europe, others are actually really affordable. I recommend to see the exhibitors of the goods with particular discount, for example for the latest sizes or the latest pieces that allow very very advantageous savings. Friendly and helpful staff.(Original)Inserito all'interno del citadel outlet, questo punto vendita offre delle ottime offerte, alcune si possono trovare anche in Europa, altre in realtà sono veramente convenienti. Consiglio di vedere gli espositori della merce con particolare sconto, ad esempio per le ultime taglie o gli ultimi pezzi che consentono risparmi molto molto vantaggiosi. Personale gentile e disponibile.”

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“Really neat place considering is at the outlets, prices are very flexible with additional discounts around the store. The staff is really friendly and respectful and easy to talk to. There is someone to help you while shopping ?️. Great variety of outfit and footwear. If you are AAA you can get a VIP pass for additional discount of 20% on any one item, give a try on a citadel outlet by visiting”

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“I don't know, poor selection of merchandise. Or hard to find. I shop Gap online, so much more choices and convenience and visibility. I really get aggravated looking for stuff on the racks. Admit it, 90 percent of items you don't want to see when you come into the store. You're on a mission, right? I am, at least . Waste of time, higher prices 8n store versus online checkout. Surprise, right? Although: it was good to pick up online order at the store. No waiting in general line. It's all picked, bagged and ready for you. Them you try it on in the fitting room and whatever doesn't fit (yes it happens cause picked online), you return it right away and go home with a bag full of what you like and what fits. Then go get food at the food court. Ah, day well spent (lol). Happy shopping!”

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“This brand is pricey but I like to browse and see if I find anything worthwhile to purchase that's a good deal. I didn't find anything I really wanted but my friend found a cool looking hoodie and some sportswear and spent a good amount on the items but hey he was very happy with it.”

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“I've never heard of this brand before and I have passed by on other visits to the Citadel. They have some really nice clothes and accessories hanging on these racks. When I come back the next time when I have more time I will have to take a closer look and add some of these clothes to my closet.”

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“I tried looking for an item on the H & M app that said it was also in store but when I got there, they didn’t seem to even have the item ?But it’s okie because I looked through the store and found even better items than what I originally wanted ? Another plus was the kind and friendly staff member that assisted me and answered my questions. It’s too bad I couldn’t get her name but it was an interesting adventure ☺️”

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“Came in for last minute shopping for my vacation tomorrow morning and received the Best Stylist customer service associate by the name of: Rebeca. I am heading to Cabo and obviously told her and say no more I did all my trips shopping in a matter of an hour from dresses shorts tops to eyelashes! I mean i even told her she needs to be in the Westside because all her fashion tips and suggestions were on point ! Even the ones I questioned, it was a Win once I tried on ! Thank you Rebeca and the other associate for your help I'll definitely be returning ! Satisfied Customer, Paulina B”

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“Citadel's Banana Republic outlet store is a tad bigger than other locations in the area. Which means more choice, but when they have sales, it also means more people...”

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“If I could give 20 stars I would. I shop here pretty often and get help when needed however recently my experience was truly above and beyond. We were greeted by Daniel who assisted in finding different styles,colors and sizes of the items I was I interested in while also giving the sale prices of the items. I was also assisted by Angel who helped me put the perfect outfit together. Brianna was also very helpful with other items I was interested in. They all made my experience delightful and seamless. Thank you all?”

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“This store is marketed more towards men, there is a small corner for women. I find however Dockers is gender neutral, there pants meant for men fit me pretty well as a woman and of course have wide pockets. The store is pretty small but they have there staple designs and plus sizes.”

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“Love the stretchy fit of Lucky Brand jeans & our kids needed some new clothes so in we went. This store is clean, workers are helpful and prices are reasonable (for this brand anyway) great store, nice people, good place to go back to school shopping.”

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“amazing service! the buttons quality are amazing and the staff are super friendly! def. one of the best button company in Los Angeles Area! They are very sincere and have a excellent service!”

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“If you're not after something specific, you'll find lower prices and still a good assortment here. If you were very common sizes, however, you may not find everything in your size.”

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“The staff at 7 for all mankind is very friendly. I think the comment below me kind of exaggerated her experience because I was also told whatever was on clearance is what they have and I was totally fine with it. The girls of course want to talk to each other and especially if I don’t need any help I don’t want them to worry about me. I love buying my jeans from here, every time I go into the store I have to at least walk out with something. The staff is very friendly, love going on the weekdays since they’re not that busy compared to the weekends. They also tell me the store policy before I even buy my items to make sure I understand and I do! People need to stop saying negative things about them because most of the time is them as customers who cause problems when something doesn’t go their way. I always have great experiences with this store.”

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“Rod is Ross. You get what you pay for and some prices are okay and some are overprice. I think Ross had changed within the past 3 yrs but it is still good compared to TJmax and Marshall. However their quality at TJmax is much better and Ross is in run with DD"discount. The quality of shoes and clothing had changed in a tremendous way. The purses are a bit over priced in some name brands.”

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