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“Had one of the best sales I've seen on Black Friday!!! Everything was 60% off and they had some really good things too! Spent 100 bucks there and got two button ups, a pair of sweats, 2 hoodies, and a nice Pendleton jacket as well.....good stuff!!!”

4.5 Superb42 Reviews

“The products are clearly classified, the clerks are patient and courteous, and the clothing design is more in line with Oriental ergonomics. However, it is worth noting that the selling prices of the same goods in many Outlets stores in different locations sometimes vary greatly.”

4.3 Superb47 Reviews

“I gone to this DDS discount I few times. They have plenty of good deals alot of nice stuff. Sometimes you will find good jackets here for the cold winter. 5 stars rating”

4.3 Superb39 Reviews

“I like this store a lot. I like their shoes not only because of their prices, which are not even cheap, they can cost you 70, 100 or a little more but they have nice models and are very comfortable. I saw this brand a couple of years ago and I liked them.”

4.8 Superb16 Reviews

“This brand is a hidden gem! I originally found them online and saw that they were local. I stopped by and realized that they sell online but also let women sell start their business selling the garments from catalogues. The price is affordable & the quality is AMAZING!! The lace is nice and thick. You can't try on here, but the girls at the register are hella helpful. This location is more like a showroom. Anyway, they have stuff on display but they also have catalogues & chairs so you can take your time and decide what else you want to buy. Jollie helped me and pulled stuff not on display from the back. They are BILINGUAL!!!!! This is because I guess this brand is big in Mexico. I asked my mom and she recognized the brand. As a Latina I have a hard time squeezing into intimates that run small, but I feel like these garments are MADE FOR CURVY BODIES! (Like that of latinas). This was a different experience for me as a shopper but so glad I stopped by!”

4.9 Superb14 Reviews

“Great customer service! Was greeted but not to much to the point I felt uncomfortable, and Rebecca was the only cashier and was amazing! So polite and so friendly and quick, loved the experience and I always do at this location.”

4.3 Superb26 Reviews

“I don't know, poor selection of merchandise. Or hard to find. I shop Gap online, so much more choices and convenience and visibility. I really get aggravated looking for stuff on the racks. Admit it, 90 percent of items you don't want to see when you come into the store. You're on a mission, right? I am, at least . Waste of time, higher prices 8n store versus online checkout. Surprise, right? Although: it was good to pick up online order at the store. No waiting in general line. It's all picked, bagged and ready for you. Them you try it on in the fitting room and whatever doesn't fit (yes it happens cause picked online), you return it right away and go home with a bag full of what you like and what fits. Then go get food at the food court. Ah, day well spent (lol). Happy shopping!”

4.1 Good42 Reviews

“Always enjoy selection here, staff appeared to all be tired, had to locate help to inquire on using dressing room, appreciate the military Veteran discount, best practice; store is currently separated by men's area on right, women on the left as you are facing the entrance to store”

4.6 Superb15 Reviews

“Don't run, walk to your keyboard, or to the nearest 511 store! Because , they have an amazing selection of tactical, outdoor, casual, and wear for living the gray life! Something is always on sale, And , you can count on it being in your size! As for me, I have a little bit more sand in the bottom of the hourglass, and I need pants that stand up to heavy use, and still look good, like the jeans I wore in high school! I always find what I am looking for in my size, and, in latest color and design. This is not a company that lists something on sale and runs out of it almost immediately! When I was homeless, I lived in two pairs of these pants for over a year. So no matter your shape, your size, your Budget, or your mission, 5.11 has you covered! Moreover, 5.11 has a large selection of covering for my top half , and clothing for my Better half! In the rare instance that you want to return an item, service is exceptional items may be returned to the local store if they were purchased online or items may be shipped back by return shipment. All of this quality and service and more applies to their shoe department as well. 5.11 has the motto, "ALWAYS BE READY"! And they are, ready to shoe your feet in good looking, but military strong boots and shoes. Are you looking for book purchase of uniform items including shoe wear? They have it. If you're marching days are over, and your feet know it, They have excellent shoes and boots to protect and Support your worn-out feet, so you can go on marching, hiking, walking, or climbing, all in the great outdoors! The first time I wore these nice looking half boots, I took a pretty bad header in my chair. Or I should say, from my chair, because the chair stopped and I didn't! I could've really hurt my feet, and they are messed up, as it is. Thankfully my feet were OK, and my 511 boots, just got a little dirty. The boots have a steel shank in the sole; and I never thought I'd need it, but I'm glad it was there. So the day that I wrecked, I wanted to look good. I wasn't thinking about protecting my feet. The nice thing is, I didn't have to. Thank you, 5.11 !!!”

4.2 Good25 Reviews

“Good place for high quality sweaters.Everything is neatly arranged and displayed and the workers are friendly and helpful.Never had issues.Don't pay any attention to comments that claim rudeness or harrassment from workers.If that is even the case, there has to be a valid reason like maybe customers are looking suspicious or perhaps stealing (Lauren Flentall). Lots of shoplifters all around.”

4.1 Good31 Reviews

“One of the best outlets in the mall. They allow in a maximum of 37 customers at a time so that the store doesn’t get too crowded at any point. The service was great and the discounts are wow!! Well worth a stop. Currently I’m loving their travel totes in 3 colours - black, checked and green”

4.1 Good28 Reviews

“Natalie the cashier was super sweet. She was patience too! Thank you for being kind and taking your time with my family in a busy holiday. Great customer service!!”

4 Good31 Reviews

“Love this brand. Bought my first item from an outlet store nearly a decade ago in New Jersey and still a quality pair of trousers to this day. Visited this outlet and found an absolute bargain in their clearance sale.”

3.9 Good40 Reviews

“This is from quite a while ago, but I did receive exceptional service from multiple staff there. I went straight for the EA7 items and casual/ sport Armani items, but still had them check on me several times to see how I was doing. Also, I noticed that others there were also being well attended to...”

3.9 Good35 Reviews

“never wanted to come leave a review so bad. Kaiko is amazing! she was so friendly and kind and made our shopping experience so wonderful. thank you girl, you the best! we will be back for those sales, but mostly for you.”

4.7 Superb9 Reviews

“To the staff members that helped myself and my wife when she passed out in your store today 08/11 I want to say a sincere thank you for everything that you all did. Your company should be so oroud of the wonderful caring staff they have. We are visiting from Australia and my wife is now in hospital being cared for mainly thanks to all your staff. Also the wonderful customer who helped care fof my wife before help arrived a wonderful thank you to you as well.Once again a heartfelt thanks to you wonderful peopleKindest RegardsGlenn Shaw”

4.5 Superb9 Reviews

“Their customer service is top-tier. I ordered a dress that was a little too sheer on the bottom and asked them if I could exchange it for a darker color. The same day that the item scanned back to the shipper, they sent me the other item. I absolutely love the attention to their customers. I am definitely coming back. They have gained a custom for life. The clothes fit well too and our decent quality for the price.”

4.2 Good12 Reviews

“If you're not after something specific, you'll find lower prices and still a good assortment here. If you were very common sizes, however, you may not find everything in your size.”

4.1 Good12 Reviews

“This store is marketed more towards men, there is a small corner for women. I find however Dockers is gender neutral, there pants meant for men fit me pretty well as a woman and of course have wide pockets. The store is pretty small but they have there staple designs and plus sizes.”

3.9 Good16 Reviews

“This store had closed for a bit for remodeling. They Knocked the wall down and made both stores( extreme wear and the t shirt store) into 1 big store! The store has everything you need. Nice shirts work gear Jean's polos hoodies etc. ? Definitely best store around! Highly recommended.”

3.7 Good27 Reviews

“comfortable andFashionable shoes with a comfortable styleShoes loved by people around the worldBut I don't wear them nowBecause I don’t like the feeling of touching the floorNext time, try high-heeled shoesAre you going to try it?”

4 Good12 Reviews

“Came in for last minute shopping for my vacation tomorrow morning and received the Best Stylist customer service associate by the name of: Rebeca. I am heading to Cabo and obviously told her and say no more I did all my trips shopping in a matter of an hour from dresses shorts tops to eyelashes! I mean i even told her she needs to be in the Westside because all her fashion tips and suggestions were on point ! Even the ones I questioned, it was a Win once I tried on ! Thank you Rebeca and the other associate for your help I'll definitely be returning ! Satisfied Customer, Paulina B”

4.1 Good10 Reviews

“My wife lost her favorite sunglasses today in Old Navy, August 7, 2023. It's not a brand item. just very cheap!My wife found two phones before and returned them to the Mexicans. She is a kind person.If someone sees it, please let me know. God bless you.”

3.8 Good16 Reviews

“Karl Lagerfeld was a peculiar fashion designer, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. Even after his death, the company maintains this duality, trying to capture a younger and older clientele at the same time. My wife likes the "classy" side of KL, and I must say that she's purchased some truly nice dresses, both from the regular store (or department stores that carry these products) and from the outlet store.”

3.7 Good17 Reviews

“This review is long overdue and is more for Marty the manager who helped me at the store than for the store itself. Marty was simply incredible. She patiently helped me find the perfect bras. I had been wearing the wrong size for over a year now and Marty helped with finding my new size. I am very grateful and satisfied with her service and am in love with my purchase.”

5 Superb3 Reviews

“What a hidden gem for clearance prices on just about anything you can imagine. For example, I have purchased well made large rugs for about 70% cheaper than I am accustomed to. Found a variety of electronic devices (chargers, cameras, tvs, etc.) for less than wholesale prices. Most recently they had about six different gas generator options for sale at approximately 60% less than Home Depot or Harbor Freight. I suggest visiting at least once a month as their inventory changes constantly. Definitely worth at least one visit!”

3.4 Good89 Reviews

“Daisy is full of life! She made my family and I have an amazing shopping experience. Daisy is such a great seller! We all walked out with something. Daisy has such a bright personality. She was also very funny and such an UGG EXPERT!!!”

3.4 Good57 Reviews

“Thank you Bella Canvas for giving us so great t shirt with the best prices! I love all your styles and about the fabric is so amazing. My favorite is the mix fabrication Keep it up.”

3.4 Good29 Reviews

“Great customer service. I don't usually review retail shops, but Evelin went above and beyond helping me get the merchandise I ordered online. (But was not yet ready because I placed the order just an hour ago) The manager Stephanie was very helpful too getting me the same discount that was applied on my online order. Lots of cool merchandise... definitely swinging by this store everytime I'm at the Citadel.”

3.5 Good10 Reviews

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