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“Cheaper gas than most, pull in can be awkward with the highway and fernbridge construction. They have a bathroom but only for member card holders, and a coke machine.”

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“Cheapest gas in town, if you buy a renners gift card from the Ace Hardware store, as it's about 20 cents less per gallon. It's on a residential street too so you have to know it's there.”

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“It’s not a gas stationIt’s a Hub for all who needs quality service.They might be slow but they get it done right!2 workspaces for cars but that’s okay. A little time goes a long way.Lady at register I forgot your name, very sweet and understandingThank you ❤️”

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“I'm just a guy who likes good service. Cameron Renner Was in the same officer candidate class as my son. I just like pulling into the pumps and taking care of business.”

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“I have used sequoia gas since I moved to Ferndale almost 5 years ago. The drivers are really nice and very helpful. Office staff can be good and bad, I have had 3 out 5 visits end nicely. Not great over the phone, the lady is always very short and sometimes downright rude. They really need to update their website, it is confusing and limited. The receipt is a bit confusing as well and you have to guess as to what you account info is if you try to sign up for an account. I usually request a refill online and they call me the next day.”

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“This is the best gas station in town. The manager Melinda is alway so helpful and such a hard worker. The staff is the so so nice and always put a smile on your face. Liz is amazing. Never leave unhappy. Thank you for everything you guys do.”

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“Greatest little gas station in town! Tiny but able to cover the basics. The staff are very courteous and helpful, they even signed me up on the spot so I get minimum $.16 off each gallon, which ad’s up quick!!!! .”

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“Has a dump station that is easy to get too! I got diesel and propane while I was there and the attendant was courteous. It did not have a rinse hose for your sewer line. It seemed to rinse just fine using the spigot.”

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“Quick in and out, large bays, the cashier was exceptionally friendly, as well as knowledgeable of his inventory and associated prices.Off there main drag (so not usually any lines)but just a court of blocks from the freeway, and near an RV park, several quality hotels (yes, Including Quality Inn), a local favorite eaterie and brewery which is overpriced but fun, and the station itself is well maintained.They also refill propane bottles!Don't forget to use your Rewards Card and couple that with gift cards to pretty much get a 20 cent discount on each gallon of gas or diesel.You can thank me later ???”

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“The Blonde woman in a black Anerican flag hat working at closing time on Saturday made me feel safe from some scary guys walking by who had made me feel threatened. She kept me inside even though she was about to close.She went about her closing duties regardless if my rambling. This woman was not only doing her job, but looking out for my safety! She did not know me and wanted to go home, but she refused to allow me to be alone with the riff raff outside. I think this woman deserves a very substantial reward and I will have my family and cohorts check in to see that she is recommended accordingly. This woman went above and beyond her job and deserves a serious commendation. This lady has work ethic and bravery. If I could hire ten of her I would. So please show her some serious respect.I will be reporting her good doings to many other business owners and to her employer!”

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