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“Spicy is as spicy does. The number of times I've eaten spicy peppers is too high to count, but this I know: I. Love. Spicy. Hot. Peppers. When Shishito peppers hit the grocery stores I got a kick out serving them as appetizers and waiting for the 1 pepper to show up and sneak its spicy heat into the mouth of an unsuspecting guest. Most are mild in taste but there's usually always one spicy pepper in the bunch, surprise! I wonder if one could make a living as a Chili Concierge? Kind of like the ball monitor in grade school - that kid was a bouncy genius who could present you with a ball perfect for your playground event be it bounce, size, texture, grip, inflation amount - genius in his own time. I wonder whatever happened to that kid? Today a Chili Concierge could guide you on your spice journey. A chili to add a little sumpin' sumpin' to hot cocoa, one to warm your soul and kick up a casserole or one that says "say hello to my spicy friend, where's the milk?" This really doesn't have anything to do with Hatch chilies other than it's sort of related to the theme. Hatch chilies are a staple in my household today and have been since I was old enough to know I loved spicy hot salsa. Back then the reference to Hatch, New Mexico wasn't even in the vernacular. I grew up on Colorado chilies when bushels were harvested and roasting was popular beginning in August. It was always a scramble to find someone who was in the area and who wouldn't mind loading a bushel or two in their trunk for the ride home. A lot of chilies but we never ran out of family who was happy to take some home. My freezer has a healthy supply of the hot ones and portioned just right for a Hatch Green Chili stew or a Hatch Green Chili Cheeseburger. I'll toss 'em into biscuit batter, Mac n' Cheese or fold them into cream cheese for an epic Sunday toasted bagel. Can you say Hatch quesadilla and your mouth not water? I can't. Anyway, Frieda's has come through more than a few times for me, so it's appropriate to share my love for them. Have no idea about the restaurant so I have no opinion, but if they have Hatch chilies they must be doing at least one thing right. In packages, by the pound or 25, however you roll this is for sure: once that roasted aroma of a Hatch chile crosses your olfactory organ...or you're lucky enough to have tasted one, you'll be hooked for life.”

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“So sorry I can't remember the wonderful lady's name that helped me. I had a last minute emergency (for lack of a better word) birthday. Actually, I was made aware of a person's birthday (a date I hadn't known before that moment) less than one hour before a group of us were supposed to walk in to her workplace to surprise her with cake, song, balloons, and gifts. I panicked! Googled my nearest Edible Arrangements I had never used before. At first, I thought I would not be able to buy anything, as she explained a lot of things need to be ordered in advance. She was extremely willing to accommodate me, as we both asked each other a few questions. Ultimately, she worked it out, so I was able to show up with an awesome little arrangement for the birthday gal, inspite of some isuues with the register that the lady had to deal with as well. Kudos to Edible Arrangements Los Alamitos!!Not 5 stars, 6 stars and counting.....”

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“For whatever reason it is, nowhere compares to CocoCane. I’ve even traveled to different parts of Vietnam and ordered sugarcane with young coconut juice mixed still many don’t taste as good.”

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“My favorite neighborhood market here in North Long Beach. I literally shop here at least 2-3 times a week, everyone working here are very kind and super helpful with anything you're looking for. Their produce, and meat department are all fresh, they have an abundance of ingredients on their shelves, anything you need I'm sure you'll find, I'm happy to support my local Cambodian market!”

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“This is truly a hidden gem. The biónicos here are amazing. We visit at-least once a week and we are always greeted with a warm welcome and a smile. We visit with my 3 year old daughter and they always acknowledge her and give her their undivided attention. The food is great and the ambiance is nice and cozy. I recommend everyone try this place.”

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“I first met the Soto family while a teacher at the public school across the street . They are caring and committed small business owners that go out of their way to provide the highest quality of food products and ready to eat meals to the Compton community . The carnitas are simply amazing in taste and quality . Their vegetables and fruits are always fresh and at reasonable prices . If you're in the area and hungry , Stop by and say hello to Juan Soto .”

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“I can hang out here for the ac lol and just being out.Have everything I needed for Asian cooking.Plants, bakery, ice cream, fried fish, soy.milk, fruits, chilies, sauces.”

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“A step into one of those traditional Vietnamese market straight from Vietnam! This place is packed with street snacks from Vietnam, but it’s quite expensive. After reading everyone’s review carefully, I stuck with tea instead of milk tea since this place seems more of like a chè place. I got the mangosteen drink and lemon tea, both were good, but a little bitter (Chắc),so it wasn’t enjoyable for our little ones. I love all the toppings they offered. Service was slow, but then it was packed. They didn’t skip my number after times before they got to me and I only ordered two drinks.Parking: Parking is plentifulKid-friendliness: Lots of Kelly’s”

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“Aldi has has definitely upgraded. The fresh produce is phenomenal. I recently tried the grass fed options and loved it. Prices are amazing. Just don't forget your quarter for the shopping.”

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“Volunteered here recently! Great goal of helping the community by introducing a low income area to healthy foods. I also came from a low income family and the standard plate would have meat and rice because it made us full and it was cheap. There wasn't that much emphasis placed on fruits and veggies in our diet. They have a wide variety of fruits and veggies at this farm as well as eggs and the use of hydroponics.”

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“4.5 out of 5 stars #1 You will notice that they have the largest aisles I've ever seen and I've been to over 10 ALDI locations through out southern California as a medical delivery driver back in my day #2 One thing ALDI needs to do is hire workers with better more friendly personalities, $25 Hour should be base.... $28 Supervisor/ Lead”

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“The Mongolian food is super delicious...I have eaten in other places where they prepare it on the grill and it has no flavor at all...I recommend it, it is very delicious and the price is not expensive at all...”

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“Best place to buy fresh fruits. So addicted to jackfruit and durian, this shop has fulfilled my craving with their fresh fruits. Durian crepe is my favorite as well. Beside the quality, customer service is as good as nicely and friendly owner. Highly recommended.”

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“Great place to get lots of groceries and other things in stock. Clean place to shop around including the restrooms. Pretty chill to be around and located nicely to get a meal or quick bite around locally. Space is evenly distributed to push your cart here.”

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“I have been going there over 15 yrs growing up in the area I can say their quality of things are always on point and the employees always treat us customers politely and respectful..”

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“Came to this place 6 years ago on Jan 26, 2018 but never wrote a review until now. Looking back I still remember this place, I even package a box of fruit and ship it home. I love their Hawaii Longan”

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“If you need Indian ingredients, this is the place. They conveniently sell smaller quantities of spices so you aren't forced to buy, for example, a pound of fenugreek or asafoetida.They don't display the prices of a lot of items for some reason, but everything is very reasonably priced.”

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“As the only urban farm in Long Beach, Farm Lot 59 is a precious gem. Not only are they bringing beauty to our community through the growing and selling of heirloom and diverse flowers, they also produce fruits and vegetables sustainably and DONATE THEM to local food banks. Local, nutrient dense food is going to the folks who need it more than those who can afford to shop at Whole Foods!Farmer Sasha and the FL59 team have worked hard to be a positive change in the neighborhood by providing a venue for education and community building.”

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“I went there for the first time today, January 6, 2024, after a friend recommended that I try their Jaiba (imitation crab meat) ceviche tostada. I was not disappointed. It was made fresh to order and topped with dice Avacodo. They also make fresh juices, fresh fruits, bionicos, quesadillas, nachos, and other foods. Great place. Great prices. Most importantly, the women working there are friendly and welcoming.”

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“Nice clean grocery+ store. The building still has a sort of new gleam to it. Easy parking in a not overly busy area. They carry a lot of brands you probably haven't heard of and mixed in you'll find some well-known name brands for certain goods. You'll find a smaller section of fresh fruits and vegetables all priced very competitively. A decent selection of baked goods and ready-to-heat meals. Throughout the store, you'll find some excellent prices and even if you're just looking, you'll end up grabbing a little of something. Checkout is quick and you bag your own stuff. Aldi's is the jam.”

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“They certainly have a great business model of faster service employee duty, and lower overhead cost. Which definitely a niche that is unique enough to make this a popular grocery option to get low price deals with a more earth loving and healthy options for lowering blood sugar.THANK YOU ALDIFOR LOWERING JUNK FOODAND HELPING ME HEAL!”

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“Lots of varieties of asian fruits, they ship out of state too. Love their fried bananas, fried sweet potato & fried durian. And fresh sugar cane juice my favourite among padsikn fruit juice, red dragon fruit juice, white dragon fruit juice all freshly squeeze to order.”

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“This is a lovely little neighborhood market. I was impressed by the beautiful produce and the wonderfully friendly service. I am really enjoying the fig and nuts jam. I am looking forward to trying everything I bought. I will be back!”

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“I love coming here. It has everything I need, the parking is easy, and shopping is a delight. I'm happy to try new foods and I'm surprised that it's usually empty. I'll come here if I need regular groceries throughout the week.”

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“I shop at the Bellflower location frequently. Every time I go, the employees are very friendly and courteous. Laurel is very sweet and professional.I like the packaged salad kits, the meal kits, and the avocados. It's a good place to go for items I need that same day. I agree that they don't have everything and most of the stuff is not name brand, but I'm always able to find ingredients needed to make a great meal.for the family and at a reasonable cost.”

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“Smart and final is one of those stores where if you buy more, then you can definitely save more. For big families like mine, this is the store to get essentially all your breakfast, lunch, dinner stuff in one go. Smart and final has a great deal for their large bulk box of eggs and it saves us plenty since we incorporate eggs heavily into our daily home meals. Highly recommend for big parties or families.”

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“First time we actually stopped at Smith Farms in Fountain Valley after years of just driving by. The lovely missus was on a quest to find fresh strawberries, and after two attempts at local stands by the other farm, our decision to check on this Smith Farms was fruitful. The displays of produce and fruits once we enter the small enclosed stand was abundant. Our strawberries were in the red basket, and wow, the navel oranges are great at $0.75 /LB. Got me a bagful, and they are sweet and full of natural juice. We also bought red Roma tomatoes, a bunch of fresh green onions, and I could not resist... a bagful of salty peanuts. The sign at the cashier posted a minimum of $10 to use a, we just made it over that. I would have added more fruits such as peaches and tangerines and apples and more of the produce, such as greens and round brown onions. No need to do that, but now we know that this Smith Farms is a good source to get organic fruits and veggies. We would definitely stop here at Smith Farms again and check out what is displayed. Yeah, the peanuts were great.”

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“Best place for the Asian recipes. Parking at the Anaheim location can be a nightmare and they even painted the parking spots so small even a Preius will get closterphobia. Don't be shocked by the overwhelming smell of fish when you walk into in the front by door.”

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