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“Wonderful collection of superlative rugs. Excellent website. I never felt as if I were being sold anything; I did receive prompt, top notch customer service from experts. I highly recommend.”

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“I had such a terrific experience making a purchase with Heather and Gypsy Road Studio. She was knowledgeable and attentive, and I felt I was in amazing hands throughout my buying experience. Gypsy Road Studio reflects Heather’s expertise and good taste, and we as her customers benefit from the eclectic collection she has curated. I will most definitely be back!”

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“This place was dope. Right next to Venganza. I connected with the owner Getachew (sorry if I misspelled your name) who was very knowledgeable about his products located from all across Africa. A cool guy and I'll be back to check the store out again when I have more time and when I'm not waiting for an order.”

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“Great antique shop right next to Jack London square in downtown Oakland. They always have a great selection - and the items are constantly changing which makes frequent visits entertaining. I’ve purchased multiple large furniture items from them. Staff has always been helpful and friendly.The place is also very dog friendly - and my dog always has a friend there when we go (as can be seen from the photos).The place has also been impacted by all of the retail crime that has been hitting Oakland, so definitely great to support their business if you can.”

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“I LOVE this place, i can't believe i've lived here forever and i barely found this hidden gem of a jewelery store... everything is so beautiful and unique..I wanted to go crazy buying everything!! And I absolutely enjoyed talking with the sisters that run the place. I can't wait to go back...??”

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“Beautiful shop full of interesting antiques from Native American jewelry and baskets to Japanese tansu and textiles from around the world, priced very fairly. Great conversation to be had as well!”

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“Thank you Nils for being engaging and providing excellent customer service. I had just left a store in another town and had a terrible customer experience.I’ve been in retail and merchandising my entire career. And to sum it up, great customer service turns into sales and conversion. So simple just to say hi…..”can I help you find something?”Check this place out. Awesome shoe selection and consignment store. Also, while you shop, they will repair your phone screen.Thanks guys!Shop Oakland!”

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“I’ve always driven by but never stopped in since it was after hours. I got a chance to pop in today and I found so many treasures! The owner/buyer had a great eye for unusual and precious antiques. I picked up fantastic Christmas ornaments, a stunning smoky topaz ring, and vintage Japanese porcelain aquarium decor. The latter could be used in plant terrariums too. They kindly offered my dog a treat and made me feel welcome.”

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“This place always has new stuff. James is one of the great people you will meet in this great region. His honesty prices are just one example to be satisfied with #crossjames”

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“They used to have an architect firm here that barely attracted any flies inside, then this wonderful, eclectic cute antique shop took over. They invited the lady from Moss plants to sell their beautiful plants and the result is balanced gentle magic. Here you can find gifts for yourself or for a special occasion, or no reason at all. Walking in here was a nice fresh break for a Sunday, greeted graciously by Nan who let me wonder around the shop without policing me or being a typical pushy sales person, quiet the opposite. Her level of education and appreciation for art and antique recognized the good client in me and others who happened to walked inside, and that's a good sales person. In the meantime I had to share this with more folks. Perfect place to buy a nice, cozy, or an elegant last minute gift.”

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“Super helpful guy. Bought 3 lovely pieces of furniture over the last few years. He even helped me tie a desk to my trunk with his own rope when it didn't fit in my back seat. Awesome”

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“Oh my god! This place is amazing and I love this place soooo much!! I set foot in this lovely store on Wednesday the 21st of July. This store is the place to go in Chinatown if you are looking for fine Chinese ceramics. This store mainly carries a whole bunch of ceramics imported from China, like bowls, vases, teapots, teacups, plates, and more. Also this store carries some other items that are not ceramics, like fans, mini pagodas for garden, and chopsticks. Even though this store is stunning, there are a few downsides I noticed in this store. The first one downside is the store is crammed with merchandise. It is very hard to navigate through the store, and some of the merchandise blocks access to other merchandise in the store. Another downside is that this store is a little pricey. Most items at the store start at $15 and go up. Even though this store has a few downsides, I would recommend people going there to get some fine china!”

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“I can't fathom finding two people more dedicated to their craft than Lori and Rich. Each is a walking encyclopedia of Deco design pieces, and they are tremendously giving of their time to help you find exactly what you need.Their sheer excitement comes through in every interaction, and their collection is of a size and caliber that I didn't know existed on this earth.Go here, buy things, for sure.”

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“This is easily the best restaurant I've been to in the East Bay, though it seems to be a little under the radar. Although it is a little pricier than what we normally look for on an average Saturday night, it's honestly well worth it. The food is perfect, with great creative and well-balanced cocktails to pair. The ambiance is funky, cute and cozy, and the service is excellent. We moved over from San Francisco 3.5 years ago, and we've generally been underwhelmed with the restaurant scene on this side of the bridge. In terms of ambiance, most places in the East Bay seem to either be very dated looking, or else they have an updated, hipster "cool" vibe, but are also cavernous and chilly. The Rendezvous is a notable exception to this. The space has a beautiful, eclectic, vintage feel AND I didn't have to be bundled up in my winter coat while enjoying my meal. This is the place to pick if you want to impress a date with your artsy and casual-yet-sophisticated taste. This is place to take your spouse when they are feeling down and you can splurge to cheer them up. This is the place to meet up with your favorite friends if you want to feel cozy and connected. This is the the place to celebrate your next birthday, anniversary or anything else that merits celebrating with great food in a special place. They also have an adorable outdoor space for warm evenings, daytime gatherings or for people who need to continue to avoid indoor dining. This isn't the barely-thought-about tables and chairs on a cement slab that so many restaurants have these days. Their patio is a lovingly decorated extension of the indoor restaurant. Though I haven't sat out there yet, I had the thought that it would be a perfect place to buy out for a private party. I really love it, and am already looking forward to my next visit.”

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“I love going on Sundays, super family atmosphere, the only bad thing is that in the bailongo area there are some drunks, it's a little annoying if you go with the family.”

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