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“This store is magical! I go there weekly to stock up on toiletries, buy diapers, baby toys, school supplies, seasonal items, drinks in bulk...You name it! It's like Amazon but really cheap, and you gotta dig to find it.”

4.1Good59 Reviews

“Had a really great experience with the sales staff in the furniture department. They were very helpful and went above and beyond to help us get our new furniture as soon as possible. Highly recommend them.”

3.9Good132 Reviews

“This is the Greatest Store so many different things. Cheap prices for name brand finds. You have to LOOK through stuff though. Still an A+ Store. John is my Friend he's the owner/ manager....”

4.1Good32 Reviews

“TikTok sent me here and I'm glad it did. It's in a run down parking lot but inside the store is clean. They sell grocery items and everything you would need from Target like household goods, beauty, toys, etc. I usually go here for laundry detergent, tooth paste, clorox wipes, swiffer refills etc. They also have great seasonal decor for cheap. It's not really crowded except when you get to the register. They have an app which I use to order items and pick it up in store and there's weekly deals you can use on top of manufacturer coupons to save money.”

3.8Good96 Reviews

“Great store with so much selection and it's not crowded. They have great prices and friendly staff. You can find anything from bleach, soap, spices, nail polish, school supplies, cooking things etc.”

5Superb6 Reviews

“Great little store when I'm in a rush to find cute gift wrapping paper, supplies and gift bags. They have a little bit of everything from house wares to crafting and school supplies to tools, makeup, snacks.”

3.9Good14 Reviews

“I love how they are open till 11pm right who knew?! late night shopping for sure or emergency shopping for those like me lots of choices to choose from security don't hassle me too much here like other places”

3.6Good114 Reviews

“All the items are very cheap and since there is such a variety in their store it's very convenient for some quick shopping if you need milk, snacks, kitchen items, tools, and even pet care and toiletries. Very nice man runs the store”

3.6Good14 Reviews

“This is got to be one of the greatest stores and the Santa Ana that everything is 99 but you 99 u-90 niners 49ers are Dallas beat themselves so come by the store earlier we can talk”

3.5Good108 Reviews

“This particular 99 cent store is in Santa Ana and I love this 99 cent store they have such a big variety of things it's a huge store I enjoy the store when I come down and go shopping after I eat at Santa's buffet”

3.5Good95 Reviews

“Always good, found somethings that I needed... now because covid.. they need to work on their lines to the cashier's... I advised one of them.. signs are needed”

3.5Good44 Reviews

“the candy are the best because even a t walmart the same candy and stuff they are a bit cheaper at doolar tree. they have great things like in othere stores. I just search up if where can i give free candy and it showed here. Do you guys give out free candy? or not?”

3.2Average85 Reviews

“Their prices were affordable, making it a budget-friendly shopping option. The store had a variety of products, from household items to snacks and toys. While it's an affordable option, I wasn't satisfied with the overall shopping experience and the quality of the products.”

3.1Average70 Reviews

“It was my first time shopping here and I wanted to give it a try because I was looking for a piñata. And I went in and they had different of styles and colors. They had a lot of variety of candy and the prices were reasonable. I was able to get my things fast. I was in and out at the store. The store is in a big shopping center. So parking might not be right in front of the store.But you will find parking because it is a big shopping center. I will definitely return again!”

2.7Average39 Reviews

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