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“If you like to paint, then you need to stop here before you hit the streets. All the best brands of aerosol paint. I love this store. If you come to Orange County CA. Make sure you stop by and support this store especially if you enjoy street art.”

4.7Superb64 Reviews

“Lots of merchandise. Amazing prices. I wish there were mirrors & fitting rooms. Be ready to try on items over your clothes & use your phone to see how things look.”

4.2Good103 Reviews

“At the moment running amazing sales. The staff is friendly knowledgeable and eager to assist you with your needs. I encourage you to browse their many selections. I've always enjoyed coloring outside the lines and living outside the box, this is the place!”

4.1Good96 Reviews

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4.5Superb33 Reviews

“I've had so many compliments on these amazingly comfortable running clothes. I even wear them on errands. The artwork is vivid and looks brand new after years of wash and wear. Although they look great, the performance is outstanding. They don't chaffe or ride up or show sweat (even after a half marathon) and have great moisture wicking ability.”

4.5Superb21 Reviews

“Denise helped me out when I visited Zumiez over at the lock of orange. She noticed I was in need of help and did so right away. I ended up getting the last pair of nike sb in like a pink color which were supprizingly men’s shoes.”

4Good58 Reviews

“I want to thank Freddy for offering the best customer service. His willingness to provide the best with such care and kindness is truly appreciated. He is definitely a valuable team member and makes the shopping experience very enjoyable. Thank you Freddy ! We need more like you !!”

3.9Good68 Reviews

“My favorite place to shop. Staffs are nice, I usually buy their clothes and pick up at this location. However, this location doesn't have a lot of selections compare to SC but I always able to find some rare stuffs here.”

3.9Good42 Reviews

“I would have to say this is now one of my favorite stores ever! The prices are amazing and lately they have had a sale that was everything ten dollars and under but excluding jeans of course, and the workers there are really kind and helpful too! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND 💕”

4.1Good22 Reviews

“If you're tired of trying on dresses that don't fit you at department stores, come here! Sizes are extremely inclusive, ranging from XS - 4X. There are so many styles to choose from, but I personally come here for the pin-up and rockabilly fashion! They also have accessories, earrings, belts, hats tights, shoes, wallets and bags! Surprised this place isn't packed every time I go in!”

4.1Good21 Reviews

“By far the best experience I’ve had shopping at Stüssy (and have been a customer for many years). Differs from Chapter stores in just the right way - with a more authentic experience that embraces the brand’s history. Didn’t get the name of the guy working there when I visited, but he was awesome and fits the stores vibe perfectly. Make sure you check this out!”

4Good25 Reviews

“Gentlemen over there, quite tall was wearing an Italian team jersey was very helpful and kind. Its a family owned store with the best clothes in town. The father was really kind as well, cracked quite the jokes! Definitely recommend this place 11/10”

5Superb4 Reviews

“I love how they are open till 11pm right who knew?! late night shopping for sure or emergency shopping for those like me lots of choices to choose from security don't hassle me too much here like other places”

3.6Good114 Reviews

“The store is nice, the fitting rooms clean; But it's sad when you hear two of the young employees talking about our Spanish people(customers), acting faking like if they don't speak Spanish. And (not acting) with an attitude ? for work.Of course I let it know to the manager, very nice and concerned about this situation.”

3.6Good86 Reviews

“Placed an order for their beautiful face mask online on May 6th. I just received today May 8th. Super fast shipping! Wow! They are absolutely gorgeous, price is totally reasonable and are made well! Get your mask on!”

5Superb2 Reviews

“Great stock of Dickies and Carhartt work pants and tops. There was American Apparel shirts too. Staff was friendly and they have to stay guarded because of thieves. They have store rules for their protection and that of the merchandise. All around good store and prices.”

3.5Good62 Reviews

“Do you have friends that you just can't buy a gift from Target for?! Well look no more! UNLISTED is the spot to shop your friends and family when you're looking for the right gift for them. From pins to candles to books and bags to cleansing bundles you'll find something for that special recipient. They have a great selection of books and notebooks, bags and pouches, pots and plants and other great items. I've recently been purchasing cleansing bundles and plants for friends and family.”

3.2Average9 Reviews

“Went in to find some jeans and Amanda was so helpful and kind. She really took the time to find me what I needed and give me pointers when caring for the products being purchased. I will definitely be coming back to this store!”

3.3Good40 Reviews

“Io ho trovato un buon assortimento a prezzi davvero stracciati. A differenza di Abercrombie che non aveva quasi nulla di appetibile, qui ho trovato camicie a 12€, pantaloni chino a 20 e altra merce a buon prezzo e ottima qualità. Penso che ci ritornerò sicuramente.”

3.2Average26 Reviews

“Although I have shop in this store for a long time, it's been a while since I went back, the store in general looks organized, but the shoes and clothing sizes are mostly mixed. Y didn't find any rain coats.”

3.3Good78 Reviews

“I went to Ross today 11/21/22. The store was extremely busy. Wanted to purchase a watch in the jewelry section but had to make line. By the time I made line the item I wanted would have been gone. The store associate Bryan was extremely helpful he listened to my concern I was afraid someone would purchase what I wanted even though I was first to ask for help. I requested to purchase and he assisted me immediately. I explained to him the gift was for my son and would be sad because he really wanted a watch in the mens section. He was very pleasant & understanding despite he was busy! I wanted to appreciate what he did. He made my sons day & I’m grateful for his generosity. Thank you Bryan!!! As a customer it put a smile to my face and my son. I hope management sees this feedback and I will also notify corporate. Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed!”

3.3Good134 Reviews

“Great store, they go out of their way to make sure you find what you need. I was shopping for my grandsons and they were incredibly helpful. Also, the quality of their products seem to be really well made. Will definitely be back”

2.9Average18 Reviews

“Visiting last minute from out of town for a friends bday and needed some outfits, being from the Bay Area I've always followed Laura's boutique on ig but never purchased as I'm a horrible online shopper size wise so I was super excited to be able to go in store! I went in 5/7 at 11:30 and was the only one in the store for the whole hour I shopped the girl working (who's name I didn't catch) was THE BEST, super personable helped me out with anything I needed I told her I was going to a bday at a club and she helped with outfit ideas and was just super sweet. All in all made for a great experience and I left with a bag full of clothes! Going to another location today to look for more goodies”

3.1Average39 Reviews

“This place is usually pretty messy and the lines have always been super long when I've gone. You can usually find some good deals if you take the time to look and dig. Staff is somewhat friendly they definitely judge people by their appearance and will make you feel like you're being watch closely due to all the recent theft at stores like these.”

3.2Average135 Reviews

“My wife and I went in to get her some work clothes. My wife is on the plus size, so she was a bit timid to walk in... but the customer service representative (who is maybe Philippine) walked over and helped her tremendously! She went out of her way to grab extra stuff for my wife to try on. She did not make her feel like she was too big for the store. She helped her with her size and even offered to get items from the back. My wife said it was the best experience she's ever had in any store! We all know Express is for tiny women, but my wife, who is CURVYYYYYYYY walked out with 5 pants and 2 blouses. If the manager is reading this, PLEASE THAN YOU EMPLOYEE for going beyond for us!!!1”

3Average72 Reviews

“I love coming here. I just never get lucky enough to find 1x shorts all they ever have is 3x.. that's the only down side for me as it is hard for me to find cute shorts.”

2.9Average59 Reviews

“Great place to get your one-of-a-kind dunks! If you're looking for those $600 and up pair of Nike SB this is your place! Specialty kicks is the game! Remember everybody you might be a collector but if you don't wear their shoes they're going to get ruined. Spoken from a true sneaker lover”

2.7Average68 Reviews

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