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“Met Marcel and he helped me and my boyfriend find clothes we love! Super cool guy with a great store and awesome vibe. We’ll definitely be back when we’re in SB next!!”

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“Today is National Women's Day and I got a nudge. A nudge to review a local business owned by a woman who I personally admire. I immediately thought of my friend Jill and her amazing business Loveworn. In my head I thought that since I had reviewed it in the past I would update my previous review..... I looked and What??? I hadn't reviewed it before! I was dumbfounded, perplexed, puzzled and confused. How could it possibly be that I missed that!! So here goes. I have known Jill for decades, I hate saying that because she is a rare ageless woman that most people could not possibly fathom that her career success would possibly be what it is. Let me put it this way, Katie Perry, a few years ago was doing a concert in SB and reflecting on her High School years and an amazing store on State Street that when you purchased an outfit it would raise your self image to the point of life changing. Katie couldn't remember the name of the store but hundreds in the audience could. Jill's first successful Santa Barbara business! It was called True Grit .Jill has always been a fan of denim, a fan of vintage. Kind a fashion "savant". SB lost Jill for a few years but SB is somewhat magnetic and it drew her back in. Early in the days of the Funk Zone she took a risk. Opens a fashionable clothing store which was in a "funky" little location far from State Street. Her first year I had the privilege of renting the back 1/3 of the store as my tiny little motorcycle museum. Cool clothing and vintage motorcycles pair quite well. While Jill is high in fashion I am not. I honestly didn't "get it" now I do. Jill has SO much talent. She creates her own clothing, she customizes vintage clothing. From T-shirts to cashmere sweaters her custom touches take normal to an elevated level of Cool. What Katie saw in Jill's clothes rings true today but on a level ten times higher. While 3/4 of world might be happy buying whatever is fashionable from the newest store in the mall, many people want something a whole lot more special, a sweater, a jacket or a dress that matches their personality. A unique piece of clothing art that will never be seen on another person. Loveworn is very much a woman's clothing store but they do have items for men. My favorite motorcycle jacket, my favorite piece of clothing in this world is something Jill found and put in her store, like it was just for me”

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“My little one was finally able to wear the sleeper we picked up here on our baby moon in Santa Barbara! Love the print and the quality. Beautiful shop. Must visit!!”

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“I specifically visited Jake and Jones to purchase a particular jacket. This boutique is worth visiting! Lots of specialized brands which are anything but average. Superb salespeople.”

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“Always enjoy shopping at this lovely boutique. small but filled with wonderful things. Thank you savannah and all of the great staff- Creative, helpful, and patient”

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“2001 is an awesome store to go shop at they have everything you want if not they can order it for you that's nice and the people that are awesome great place to go and give it five stars”

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“This is my wife's favorite store to visit when in SB. We visited here on Monday, Jan. 2 to pick up some of the perfume she likes getting from there and also a few gifts for our friends. The gentleman working at the register was so friendly, and wrapped our presents so beautifully. We love how this shop is decorated, how the products are so curated and that we can always find a one of a kind type of gift to give. Thank you to the gentleman working the morning of Jan. 2 for being so kind and talented w/the wrapping.”

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“My husband and I stopped in the store as we were walking back to our car after having spent the day perusing and browsing the goods of the mid week farmers market. The gentleman who was working was very sweet and told us all about the different promotions that were going on in the store. Unfortunately, my husband and I both had some difficulty finding all three items necessary from different categories to for fill one of the better promotions for the day. I loved some of the men's shirts. The prints were gorgeous and so perfect for the upcoming summer months. The store is super clean and is so nicely kept. It was especially a nice visit because the store was not busy. We chatted with the cashier a bit and he told us about a few other spots in Santa Barbara that we might want to check out as we were trying to figure out what to do about an early dinner. We had a really nice experience and it was especially nice because the store was so neat and tidy and everything was sized perfectly so that customers would not struggle to find their size in certain items or to at least look through their stock. Hopefully we can come back next time and find everything that we are looking for.”

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“VIVA SANTA BARBARA!!! This Little Piece of Mexico, has so many treasures, it is hard to purchase just one item. Rafa is the BEST!!! He is knowledgeable and gracious and gives the Best Customer Service!! Always something beautiful to purchase.”

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“Learned of this boutique from a friend residing in CA and although I didn’t manage to make it in store on my last trip, I did place my first online order with them, and had to rave about the attention to detail and care that went into packaging my order. It sounds so cheesy but in an era of brands and stores just rushing things out the door, it’s nice to see a shop pack an order with care, and even go as far as to write a nice note.I love the selection of brands and decor options available online and I look forward to placing my next order with Whiskey & Leather.”

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“Love love this wonderful shop I've been twice now walking out now with over 6 different items. Love the choice of clothing and prices - for festival goers you must see their merchandise. Love the owner she's a sweetheart. Support local always ENJOY !”

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“I went to the Montecito Collective’s grand opening last week and I just love this boutique. They greeted me with champagne and were super nice and welcoming to my dog. I bought a set from Alo (sweatpants and a sweatshirt) and I honestly have been wearing it non stop since then. It’s SO cozy and Virginia (owner) was really knowledgeable and helped me find the right size. I will definitely be back for some more chic loungewear. I love this new addition to our village of Montecito.”

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“My experience in Santa Barbara it’s like in heaven, I wasn’t in heaven yet, but this is the highest level of feeling in this place. You have got to go visit Santa Barbara and if you have a date this is even extra amazing everything is clean and beautiful not traffics like in Los Angeles. You sit on the beach with your date and hear the birds you hear life and really enjoy the silence even the air that you breathe. It’s 10 times better than everywhere else, just go in a sunny day and you will thank me”

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“I love to visit Glamour House when I travel to the Montecito area to visit family. The shop is elegant with high quality merchandise creatively displayed. I always find the quality, style and comfort I'm looking for in fine lingerie. The owner Ann is intuitive to customers' needs and goes above and beyond to provide the personal touch. I look forward to returning to Glamour House on my next visit.”

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“I've always appreciated Purnell for the versatility but now that I'm commuting by bike, I live in their clothes. They are durable enough to hold up to the physical activity but still look nice when I show up for a meeting across town.”

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“This is a great place to drop off your wife or girlfriend when you need a little RnR for yourself. It can end up being an expensive adult daycare, but worth it if you need it.”

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“Ive done my research with shoes for people who are flat footed and overpronate and did not know a thing. I walked in on this store to try and see what the staff would advice from the list of shoes that I came up with and the dude i spoke with verified that the Brooks shoe that I was eye-ing was probably the right one for me. He even helped me figure out my proper shoe size and all.”

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“The clothes here are perfect for the price and the staff was super friendly. My friend found a few shirts for an extremely reasonable price that he had been searching for at other stores for a while.”

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“This is always a great place to shop. Prices are right for high quality clothing, and I can always find several good options for whatever I'm looking for. So much nicer and easier than the department store; way better selection than a brand store.”

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“Never been to a Levi's Store before but needed a pair of jeans. Staff was super helpful. I've worn 505s for decades but they got me to try 515s. I liked them a bought 2 pair. Stop in and check it out.”

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“This review is overdue but could no longer be delayed. THE EXPERIENCE: I was in the area and it was a bit chilly! I was looking for just something to cover and throw on. We were greeted by team members and I explained what I was looking for. Esther was Heaven sent and so down to earth! She went above and beyond, searching racks to find what I described that I was looking for. I settled on an oversized button up shirt - it was the perfect color, feel and price! I do recommend this location and would return if in the area!”

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“We do mist of are shopping online now . We had purchased something and it needed to be returned in store . So I took my daughter with me so she could look around . She found several shirts she like and a few other things . Old Navy has a great selection and excellent prices.”

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“Evelyn was fantastic. I walked in days before a wedding and I was in need of a new suit. She provided me with great customer service/feedback. She let me know if the suit went well with my skin tone. At the wedding, I received many compliments! (Helps to ask females on style tips).Overall, great staff and very clean store.”

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“My FAV clothing boutique in SB! The clothes are Easy to Wear, age appropriate & Beachy! TOTALLY SANTA BARBARA!! ?The linen dresses are my Favs- Dress them up w/cute wedges-or wear w/flip flops…Either way so Stylish & Cute! (& the price is right).Super Cute Southern California Lifestyle Clothing & Accessories!! ?????????⛵️?”

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“I came across Civilianaire while perusing Coast Village rd in Montecito and I FELL IN LOVE! The clothes are all well made and they have plenty of everyday basics to choose from. It's a store for everyone! Also the employees were very friendly and knowledgeable of all the products. Can't wait to visit them again!”

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“Every time I'm in the stores, the sales crew have been so kind and friendly. They provided suggestions for items that were spot on as well as created a comfortable shopping experience. As a local business owner, myself, feeling welcomed and noticed is important to me when shopping and they have done this.”

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“Jennelle went out of her way to make sure that I got the cozy jacket I fell in love with. Happily sending the SKU # over with her jolly good voice and vibes. I sincerely hope that she gets a raise:) I love great customer service.”

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“My kids went shopping here this weekend on our Santa Barbara weekend getaway and they were treated very nicely. They love Tillys and it was nice to find one far from home! Customer service was great!! They had a few items our home location in Temecula doesn’t have so they were very happy!”

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