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“This gym has helped me get back into a regular fitness routine with joy! Shout out to Coach Zoe who is very intentional with her body positive language which creates a welcoming space focused on strength and longevity. Everyone who works here is super friendly and I'd recommend a membership to anyone who is considering.”

4.9 Superb30 Reviews

“My workouts at E Studio for the past five months have increased my energy, strength, and balance. The exercise I receive there is efficient, effective, and challenging; and thanks to my wonderful trainer, Kaden, also fun. He’s an engaging person who is knowledgable, encouraging, and responsive to my vulnerabilities. At 71 years, I have some arthritis and have had two hip replacements. Though a healthy and active person, who exercises regularly, I felt like I needed something more strengthen and maintain muscle strength as I age.Fortunately, my chiropractor referred me to E Studio. The atmosphere is both calm and upbeat. The machines and environment are clean and well maintained; and with only two clients and their trainers in the studio at a time, very comfortable for me.It’s hard to imagine returning to a lifestyle that does not include this helpful form of exercise. I have a greater sense of well being and feel more positive about aging. I’m happy and grateful to be able to continue at E Studio.”

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“I love this gym. Truly a great place to just get away from the world and workout. The staff is super friendly from the owners to the other employees. The atmosphere is outstanding , the people are friendly and quick to help if you ask without being pushy. Great equipment and very spacious also they are always adding stuff. Highly recommend.”

4.8 Superb33 Reviews

“Gym is clean not your average warehouse gym. Dedicated staff to help with fitness goals. Not pushy and always willing to help when asked. When I joined I never experienced CrossFit and the basic introductory was necessary to gauge fitness level. Since then I have done exercises I never thought I could do. It is a great place to start CrossFit if you’ve never tried it.”

4.7 Superb45 Reviews

“I am new to Pilates and took Allison’s Pilates Groove class yesterday (Wednesday) at 10 am. She is such a great instructor. The class was sooo fun with some great music and a blend of Pilates and barre. I’m so glad I bought 5 classes for $25(their introductory offer at the time)”

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“I was traveling to my husband's hockey tournament and was extremely happy I could pay for drop in classes. The trainers were great. I liked how everything was on the monitors, warm ups, examples of workouts. I also liked the stretch after the classes. Once you get the hang of the stations/TVs it was easy to know where to go. I was lucky to be with some friendly regulars that helped me around the room. Great work out. It was a bit pricey per class, normally I like to buy packages but none were offered, just a drop in of $35.00 a class. The Windsor location was $30, my first night in a hotel in Windsor. The Santa Rosa location was more convenient to my Airbnb. I got 4 workouts at this location. I'll definitely go to the same studio for next year's trip. Crossing fingers they offer packages for next year!”

4.7 Superb26 Reviews

“Great place to work out. Always leave feeling better and with a smile on my face. Cathy and her team are helpful and encouraging. Come check it out for yourself.”

4.7 Superb13 Reviews

“I wish I could give this gym more than five stars! The staff and owner are very friendly and kind. The trainers and instructors are very knowledgable and are amazing at what they do! The gym is very clean & organized. They've got a ton of awesome equipment... it's a lifter's paradise! Plus, they have a wide variety of cardio equipment and offer great classes as well. As someone who used to work at a gym and has belonged to numerous gyms all over northern and Southern California, this is one of the best gyms I've ever been a member at. Between the awesome staff members, the cleanliness of the gym & locker rooms, and the variety of the equipment, I highly recommend this gym!”

4.3 Superb26 Reviews

“This gym is great! I’ve been a member since they’ve opened. I started the group trainings around 6 months ago and just love it!The coaches are great, personable and motivating. Love spending the 6am hour with them!”

4.3 Superb30 Reviews

“Fitness Coaching/Personal TrainerI started working with Stephanie in May of 2023, and I have only had an amazing experience with her. She catered my workouts based on my wants/goals. Her passion and knowledge of weight training (training in general) is there and it shows. She has managed to push me beyond what I thought my body was capable of and on those days I considered "not so great", I have only gotten positive reassurance from her. I have seen a lot of progress since day one of working with Stephanie. I know I will continue to meet more of my goals with Stephanie's assistance.”

4.1 Good10 Reviews

“Haven't experienced much but the lap pool and whirl pool but those features are top notch. Beautiful facility, not too crowded. The pool is warm enough but not too warm.”

4.2 Good26 Reviews

“All the staff is courteous, helpful and fun. My personal trainer, Hector, is especially attentive and kindly pushes me to get stronger and more stable.Everyone works to keep the gym clean which ,as we all know, is extremely important.”

4.2 Good28 Reviews

“Classic hard hitting gym! Hands down the best gym I've been to in Sonoma county. This gym has all that you need and some! It is never too crowded to get a full workout in. Come check out this hidden gem. Thank you Mr. Bennett for this Iron House”

4.1 Good19 Reviews

“Grateful for the management here, very accommodating with their free trial while I was new in town and finding a gym. Only 2 squat racks - free weight lifters may want to come early here.”

4.1 Good27 Reviews

“Crunch gives me the best workout. As a coach, I belong to three gyms in Santa Rosa. When I workout, workout for my own physical benefits, I workout at Crunch Fitness because I feel challenged by the machines. The set up is beneficial, the scene challenging for wanting strength and fitness, plus the machines are arranged efficiently. The best strength training is at Coddingtown Crunch Fitness. Plus I go to Target and Whole Foods for breakfast and lunch when I am done working out because they share the same parking lot.”

3.8 Good41 Reviews

“Excellent facilities, good equipment, it is expensive but it is worth paying what they charge. What they should try to do is make it 24 Hours again when I work in the afternoons and I have to travel to Ronherpark and it is tiring or annoying. I wish they would reconsider honoring their name.”

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