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“All the staff there are great. Dr hart is honestly amazing she is very skilled. She has done surgery's in the past that left no scar of any kind and can tell they just had to been done with extra care. I brought my cat in to her that other vets said the only answer is put him down and by the look of him I'd say I can't blame them I was really feeling it was his time as tuff as that is but something told me I needed to see what dr hart thinks. My cat boo boo is his name has kidney cancer so we were sure this was the reason he wasn't walking/eating really at all he looked bad. But dr hart had a enough experience and understanding that this could be more then that going on so in short we ended up treating for a infection and it quite literally brought him back to life. He is still running around today happy as ever and I know if I was not lucky enough to crossed paths with dr hart this would not be the case today so u can maybe understand how I feel about her. My dog Lucy is scared of slippery floors even though the floors there are not that slippery they could tell she was uncomfortable so they brought out a mat for her to walk on. Lucy and I guess myself as well also have separation anxiety and they let me stay by her side the whole time witch really made the experience so much better for all of us. The extra steps they take for my situation couldn't be more appreciated and their care for your animas is top notch. 10 out of 10 for sure I love these people.”

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“A friend recommended Wikiup when I needed my doggies teeth cleaned. Their price was 1/2 the cost of the 3 other local vets I checked. I continued going to Wikiup after that because I felt the care was so much better than the vet we had been going to for over 20 years. I drive from Sebastopol and I have tried most of the local vets closer to home. No comparison. Wikiup is always thorough and personalized. I now see the same vet every visit and she knows Hannah. The whole visit isn’t wasted on learning her history and current ailments. As a side note, prices have gone up for teeth cleaning at Wikiup since they now have their own xray machines but they are still lower than their competitors in the area.”

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“Great INDEPENDENT Vet ! Honest , not cheap but reliable, trustworthy, all the things, a cherished family member needs, in sickness and health. I very much much recommend, Dr R Denny, as a cat specialist! She has that intrinsic cat sensibility, deep love for cats and all animals, but as a Cat Daddy , my MooMooLou gives, Dr Denny and the entire crew at Northtown, five stars !!!!!!!”

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“This was by far the best experience I’ve had taking my reactive boy to the vet. The staff were so kind and considerate, they did everything they could to make Buster as comfortable as possible”

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“They saved my Himalayan Kitten! I just brought her home, and she vomited ALL DAY. They worked me in FAST, before closing, stopped the nausea, dehydration, SO kind and caring!! I would have lost her! THANK YOU WONDERFUL STAFF!!!”

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“Excellent emergency care for our elderly dog, facial/ eye trauma. Grateful beyond words, a LATE SUNDAY night. They were very busy, but prioritized, & handled her w/ great care. Thank you dearly.”

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“Brought in my frenchie Bella to get checked out for an allergic skin reaction. They took really good care of her and her coat is looking better, really sweet employees here so I'll definitely be back for future services.”

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“I recommend this veterinary clinic. Doctor Parker carefully examined the cat and cleaned his teeth and removed 2 teeth. in another clinic they told us everything was bad and at least 4 teeth were removed. and a good price for the procedure. I live 1.5 hours from the clinic but I will go to this doctor and will not regret the time”

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“Always a pleasure to visit. This Santa Rosa office is an oasis of calm in a busy veterinary world. Wonderful staff and state of the art care! My dog had cataract surgery and it has changed her life, and the dynamics or our dog pack and family life :)”

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“We are so glad we found W&W. It was recommended from our primary vet and we needed immediate help. Our 9 yr old doxy mix was completely paralyzed from the neck down after jumping off the bed. We took her to the emergency vet and they recommended immediate MRI and surgery. We opted to pursue medical management and a more holistic approach so W&W was perfect. We got our doggy in to see Dr Power the next morning and they did acupuncture, cold laser, therapy, and electro stim therapy. We did not have a great prognosis and we were feeling pretty defeated. After the session with wise and wonderful, our doggy was able to wag her tail, and push with some resistance on her back feet after 48 hours. I am convinced that without Dr. Powers immediate assistance, we would not have had the miraculous recovery that she did. I am nearly in tears leaving this review. Dr Power and his staff were so accommodating and understanding and sympathetic. Now our doggie can walk with some support she can go to the bathroom by herself and yes, she is still wagging, her tail and happy every time she gets to visit Dr. power. We will continue to go. We believe in the success we had with acupuncture. Thank you again, wise and wonderful.”

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“We just had a GREAT experience with this practice. Our Border Collie mix needed a canine influenza booster and our usual vet was unable to do this for her. They were not only out of the booster but couldn't squeeze her in for 2 months. But THIS practice changed the game for us: 1) Answered the phone quickly and professionally! 2) Had the needed booster! 3) Could offer an appointment within 3 days! Wow, so easy. Then for the appointment itself- I walked in and Tashi's name was up on the Welcome board. They gave her a cookie to help her calm down, got me into the exam room quickly, and Karen handled the check-in process with complete professionalism. We met Dr. Cutler for the first time- what a gem of a Vet, down-to-earth and very helpful. We had a wellness exam that was also instructive for me, and very gentle for our pooch. The check-out process was also quick and easy, all records were emailed to me immediately. I have to say it again: WOW. This has NOT been my experience in the past and we now have a new vet! We are so pleased, thank you to the whole staff at VCA Sequoia Valley!”

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“Everyone we spoke with was great. We were able to get an appt within days. Everything relayed to us was very clear.I’ve seen reviews of the higher cost at this veterinary hospital, but you get what you pay for and you’re not waiting a month to be seen. And veterinary staff should receive adequate compensation anyways. They pay the same CA costs we all do. I’m happy with my choice.”

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“The staff are very professional and kind, checked us in quickly ?Informed us it would be a few minutes before Cookie would be seen.We were a little early but it worked out fine she got her shot and we're on our way...Very large parking lot which is nice.They're always busy.They're closed on the weekends--Monday through Friday is when they see their animals patience.We have brought our dog here --going on three years now.Cookie monster likes it so we stay”

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“Id like to start by mentioning that the staff and dr.gillham are all so sweet and have such love for all of my animals. second of all, my car battery died in the parking lot after my appointment and one of the office ladies happened to notice. she literally went so out of her way to make sure my car got jumped and we got out of there safely. i literally cannot thank y'all enough.”

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“Everyone is so nice and helpful there. I can be kind of a handful especially when my babies are in distress and they talk me down and give me the right advice and treat the babies as individuals because they have individual needs. No two kitties are alike!”

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“I feel Dr. LaMar really cares about my animals I bring into Northtown Guardian Pet hospital. I've only had positive experiences there. I would definitely recommend.”

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“Dr. Neumann is fantastic! She saved our young puppy's vision. He had a sudden neurological problem develop. She took us in as an emergency the next day. Everywhere else the wait was about 30 plus days. If it wasn't for her kind and immediate response and extensive knowledge, our Imhotep would definitely be blind, possibly brain damaged, or maybe dead. He is just 6 months old, and back to totally healthy. Thank you for everything Dr. Neumann”

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“Dr Talcott was very knowledgeable and I appreciate that he took the time to explain my dog’s condition in detail and answer all of my many questions. I feel confident with my pets in his care and grateful to him for saving my dog’s life.”

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“Dr Llanes is a great caring Vet. She was very kind and courteous. I was there for minor problems but as I continued the visit I kept remembering other things that my dog, Allie, needed. She never got impatient and was happy to do whatever needed to be done to take care of Allie, although she had a waiting room full of other goldens waiting for care.. It must have been golden day at the clinic.”

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“I highly recommend them to everyone I know with a pet. You have to believe in holistic remedies and put serious effort into the solutions for the treatments to really work. After going to damn near every vet clinic in Petaluma I was able to get a dermatology apt at the VCA, who diagnosed my dog as having an autoimmune disease. It took about 8 months and a lot changing medicines and doses before they had her setup with 2 types that produced stable results at a wopping $240 month for the rest of her life. After reading about the side affects of the medicines, I decided to do some research on alternative remedies and came across holistic animal care in santa rosa. Once I commit to bringing my dog to the clinic, the Dr overload me with information about protecting myself my family and my animals against all sorts of toxic products including EMF's & VOC's. At first I was skeptical about the method she uses to test my dog, but after only a couple of months of serious effort to reduce toxicity around the house, raw organic food and the right supplements, I noticed a huge difference in her energy levels and skin condition for the better. It's now been about 8 months and my one dog has now been able to ditch the more toxic medicine altogether and reduced the dose for the other medicine. The Dr is really nice once you get to know her and has good prices on her remedies and supplements. The Dr often has suggestions on where to buy the supplements in bulk to help reduce the cost and is always really friendly with my dogs and I”

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“Best ER services for my dog Scottie. Went on Sun AM and Dr and entire staff were so accommodating and the final bill was NOTHING like other veterinarian I have needed and used in the past. Totally deserves 5+ stars in my book. Thank you again for all you do for our fur babies ?♥️ Scottie says thank you too?”

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“Lakeside Pet Hospital has been very supportive of all my pet care needs, both cats and dog. They have always been clear with costs and provided different care options. The staff has been pleasant to interact with and I enjoy Dr. Crippen's dry sense of humor. I frequently recommend the office to other pet owners.”

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“Always clean, staff efficient, friendly and caring, excellent veterinary care. Annual cost includes so many things, and the total is less than a full service teeth cleaning every year. Recommend this practice.”

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“Really good value for pet services, especially with the Banfield pet plan (my dogs have had Banfield plans for at least 7 years). Great vets.Helpful with aging pets, behavioral concerns, puppy care.”

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“They were good at communicating logistics and medical information. The place was clean and pet friendly. I felt the vet was knowledgeable and supportive. The only reason I removed 1 star is that they are expensive.”

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“I recently took my 6 month old kitten in to be treated for lily poisoning. She stayed for two nights and the staff did an excellent job providing medical care and also making my baby feel comfortable. They loved on her and gave her time to stretch her legs and even let me visit with her. My kitten fully recovered thanks to the quality care this team provided. I'd like to thank the emergency doctors: Kristy Bowles, Tessa Anderson, and Alex Neal and the technicians who helped them: Jessica R, Lauren I, and Briana O. The team gave me regular updates and had a positive attitude each time they called. My little baby, Bayleigh came home just in time for Christmas and we are so grateful that she is okay.”

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“Fast, high quality service. my dog got a foxtail up her nose. They fixed her up super fast, and provided a receipt that made the insurance claim straightforward and quick. The doctor and support staff were all friendly and efficient.”

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“I had to get care on a Friday night for our golden retriever who had an infection on his belly. He couldn't wait a few days for an appt. with his regular vet, so went to Redwood for the 1st time.I called to see about an appt. and the receptionist said to come over and it might be a 1-1.5 hr. wait time.Upon arrival, we actually only waited maybe 30 mins. before he was taken in.The vet then called me with the treatment plan and asked if they could do certain tests. I felt they were very respectful and kept me apprised of the progress.The interaction between all the staff was terrific. They were all polite and I felt complete confidence while waiting for my dog.Upon getting him home, he's improved with every day thanks to the treatment plan.I highly recommend them!”

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