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“We have worked with Thomas and Cali Shipping on many moves, and we were always amazed at the professionalism, precision, timeliness of the operations of Cali Shipping team. Amazing company, amazing staff and great service.”

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“This is my go to UPS store even though there is one closer to my house. They have always been friendly, patient, and efficient. Pri helped me return my Amazon rental today and I really appreciated her assistance! I'll continue to use this location for my shipping needs.”

2.7Average116 Reviews

“I have been coming here almost daily now for an year. I run a small business so I need to drop off packages a lot. Each worker I have interacted with has been so kind and willing to help! If you are only coming here once in a blue moon you may be coming frustrated but as someone who sees them frequently I know they provide excellent customer service. In addition, the rate of mistakes from USPS is .01 from my small business. All issues have been resolved. In regards to residential mail the supervisor has helped me twice (once for a misplaced package and once for a break in in the mailboxes). The supervisors are aware of many of the issues going on and they do follow up and get these things resolved. Thank you USPS in Stanton for the continued excellent customer service.”

2.3Poor84 Reviews