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“Phil and Seabass are the BEST!!! They treat you like they’ve known you forever and actually care! This location is by far the best UPS store I have ever been too!! (And I’ve been to a lot!!) Service 10/10, friendliness 10/10, Patience 10/10!! Everyone here has always been super helpful and happy to talk to! I would drive hours to come here versus going to one walking distance! Thank you for all your help friends!!!”

4.8 Superb62 Reviews

“I have $1million for anyone who finds me a UPS store with better customer service - it does not exist. The employees at this store go absolutely above and beyond, including offloading boxes from my car, double checking to make sure everything is correct, and providing expertise in any question I might have. We use them for a big volume of packages and they make carloads of boxes easy to offload, scan, confirm, and provide receipts. They have even tracked down drivers for me to drop off an overnight package I missed the store cutoff for. Thank you a million times over, we are truly blessed to have them in close proximity to our factory.”

4.6 Superb36 Reviews

“The owner is very nice and very helpful. Every time I go there she’s very kind of respectful and lovely person. This is one of the best places to ship your boxes so reliable. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

4.9 Superb17 Reviews

“I have been sending stuff to my family in vietnam. They are so nice whenever I arrive, they help me to bring the stuff in and pack them nicely to send it to my family. The price is good too. Idk why people are leaving bad reviews here. It's totally different from my experience.”

4.7 Superb17 Reviews

“Amazing customer service. A person helped me to learn the process of printing for the first time there. The quality of papers and printing is amazing ?? ??Thanks”

3.9 Good47 Reviews

“Richard from this specific staples, at the printing customer service desk was super nice, professional and knowledgeable. I just drove to this one because that obese lady at the stanton location was rude and not helpful at all...”

3.8 Good49 Reviews

“(Translated by Google) How many times have you shipped to Korea?Deliver in 2-3 daysThanks for the low price(Original)몇번한국배송했는데2-3일만에 배송해주시고가격도 저렴해서 감사합니다”

5 Superb6 Reviews

“thanks to the owner and staff, i alway stop here for return and ship, the staff was very helpful and quick, especially when you have amazon return compare to others place like staple.”

3.5 Good34 Reviews

“Joe & Ting are wonderful gentleman and been there for awhile. Every time I am there Joe has a smile and happy to help. Ting is an elder gentleman and takes his time which I don't mind I am patient and he does everything correctly. Thank you for always making it easy and welcoming!”

3.6 Good13 Reviews

“I'm very happy that I can leave a 100% honest review for this company. I had a bad experience using Fedex to ship various expensive items to my girlfriend in Nha Trang Vietnam (iPhone 15, 1 Macbook (used), 2 iPads (used), a Tiffany bracelet, expensive perfume, a YSL wallet, and a few other things) and I ended up having to recall the package and have it returned to me because it was stuck in customs because of the used Macbook and iPads (I guess used electronics are restricted items). Fast forward a month later, I walked into Vietxpress on a Saturday afternoon, the guy working there started talking to me immediately and offering help and answering my questions. He confirmed that they could definitely get everything I wanted to ship through customs and delivered to my girlfriend. He took inventory of everything with me, explained how much the insurance would be for each expensive item and how they cover everything if anything happens. Then him and his partner there both helped me with packaging everything up safely and securely, they taped the box up extensively. Then they had me fill out a small amount of paperwork, we went over the costs and taxes and everything made perfect sense to me, I paid, and they said it should take 7-10 days to arrive. After 7 days, my girlfriend receive a phone call from the shipping company, the package was in Ho Chi Minh City and they were just confirming her address and information. Then they gave her a tracking number and the website to track it on. We were able to see the updates daily as it made it's way to Nha Trang, and today, on Day 13, my girlfriend received the package! She made a video for me opening it and taking everything out. She received the package still sealed and intact exactly how it was when it was shipped. Everything was there, nothing damaged, nothing stolen. We are incredibly happy and appreciative of this amazing service! My girlfriend is absolutely ecstatic with joy right now. I will definitely be coming back to these guys anytime I need to send something to her from California. Thank you again! I'd give 10 stars if I could!”

3.2 Average37 Reviews

“This place is really helpful. Just moved in the area and had to get my mail key and they re-keyed it within a couple days. They called me and I took 30 seconds talked to someone and got the new keys.”

3.1 Average55 Reviews

“What a convenient place to make sure that packages are delivered safely and will be protected. No porch pirates here!! The owner Sam is so friendly and accommodating. He is very helpful and does a great job packaging items for shipping and is very easy to work with. A great place to have a mailbox, for sure!!”

3 Average4 Reviews

“Everything was good there. The owner anh Nam was so nice. He took care everything and packed boxes with caring. My 2 boxes to Viet Nam came earlier than we expected. Awesome job. I am glad i found this place. Definitely will come back and tell friends about it.”

2.3 Poor5 Reviews

“I feel that this place works very professionally, receiving goods is easier than other places, and is also cheap, not too expensive. I don't understand why so many other people complain like that, there must be a big misunderstanding here. I have also introduced many relatives to come here to send goods and they are very satisfied with the service and everything here. I hope the shop continues to grow to serve customers better and better. Thank you Phat as well as the staff at Vietdream Cargo for serving and helping me a lot.”

1.7 Poor6 Reviews

“I had picked out a box to mail a laptop in, but before I could pay for it and actually get the laptop out to put in inside the box, Adam already asked if this was for a laptop and then suggested a specialized box, that would keep the computer much safer during shipping. Fantastic job!”

2.3 Poor51 Reviews