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“Updated review - even better than before. They've added a lot of instant type of small snacks, meals, convenience items. Love that!We've been coming here ever since it opened up in our neighborhood. They're still as friendly & as helpful as always! The gentleman manager stands out the most because he always greets everyone with a smile as they walk through the door. The store is kept clean & organized. I don't remember ever seeing it disheveled. They're also very well stocked. Even the vendors are friendly. They also try their best to have cashiers available to help out when they have a line. There's a reason why we choose to shop here instead of the Walmart which is also close by!”

3.5 Good55 Reviews

“This is a very nice grocery store. Nicely set up, organized, and very clean! They have a good selection of pre-made foods, however the prices are ridiculous. A single serving chicken quesadilla - $10. A salad - $20. Small container of chocolate covered strawberries - $12. Those are just a few examples that I saw in store today. I did not care for the parking lot. It was very congested and the parking stalls were very tight. Overall, very nice store to shop with a good selection of food and options for everyone.”

4.7 Superb785 Reviews

“They carry a lot of hard to find items from the UK, like Bangers, Black & White Pudding, Rashers, Flake Bars, Malteasers, Aero Bars, Mushy Peas ... enough to make my London-born wife feel right at home. Staff is very friendly and helpful. It's located inside a big building (a former Hotel back in the early 1900s) called Villa del Sol, parking is around the back or on Wilshire Ave (Wilshire Ave may be blocked off at Harbor Blvd so you may need to turn a block early and come in from the west). They have a restaurant/bar associated with them that's pretty good, The Olde Ship, a few blocks north of them on Harbor Blvd.”

4.7 Superb109 Reviews

“An interesting place. Relatively good prices on a limited variety of grocery goods, plus other odds and ends. I've started going there to enjoy their very reasonably priced dark chocolate and gallon drinking water. It won't be for everyone, but most can find something they like there at reasonable prices. There are also regularly changing goods for the home, garden, exercise area, camping, hobbies, and other products and accessories.”

4.4 Superb234 Reviews

“Great place to stop in for your craft beer or extensive wine selection. I enjoy the variety of single tall boys of seltzers and hard kombuchas. Sometimes I'm craving just 1 and it's nice to have that here. Bill is great and always helpful, asks about my day. Mario is phenomenal too and always in a good mood. This is a great place for snacks, ice cream, and even a slushie!!! Great stop just before the beach prices sky rocket!”

4.9 Superb36 Reviews

“I had an amazing experience buying cigars at Qwik Korner Liquor #57 recently. I needed two Cohiba Robusto-like boxes, one for my father-in-law's birthday and the other for my best friend's wedding.The staff—who went by name—was really helpful, and the store boasted an impressive selection of cigars. They led me to choices that were just as strong and flavorful as I liked.I looked around for a while and eventually discovered two exquisite boxes of cigars for special occasions. It was a wonderful process that was easy and stress-free.For those looking for high-quality cigars, Qwik Korner Liquor #57 proved to be a convenient place to visit. The store's extensive assortment and friendly staff make it a go-to for anyone, new or experienced in cigars.In conclusion, Qwik Korner Liquor #57 is not just a store; it's a portal to a parallel universe where the liquor aisle is the gateway to unimaginable delights. If you're tired of the mundane and seek an experience that defies logic, this is your boozy Shangri-La. Just remember to bring your sense of adventure and possibly a hat to tip to the invisible mariachi cat. Cheers to the Qwik Korner Liquor #57 odyssey!”

4.5 Superb74 Reviews

“I went in August for my boss who sent me for goat meat. I was so impressed with the customer service. My boss wanted to speak to somebody and the gentleman cashiering took his call on my mobile phone, while speaking to him, went around his store, picking out the items he requested. I am so thankful for this wonderful experience of my boss being treated with respect and hear his sweet voice in his Hindi language. Thank you!! Also, returned again a couple weeks ago and received the same experience on my own. I got the Indian tea and some Pakistan chocolate cookies and the nice man cashiering said that I picked a good choice. The cookies were delicious. Thank you.”

4.4 Superb100 Reviews

“I normally shop at this location 2 times per week. I basically buy the bread, the eggs & the organic milk and sometimes the breakfast sausages, the Greek yogurt, cheese and some other items. I save $30 - $50 on groceries per week when compare Aldi to Albertsons & Ralph's.”

4.2 Good255 Reviews

“I like this particular ALDI’s it’s almost never crowded and the parking lot is HUGE. The baskets are always in place and I never had a squeaky or lopsided one which is great.It’s clean inside and they always stocked up on wipes to clean your basket.The veggies and fruit are always fresh. The shelves are nicely organized and clean. It’s clean everywhere in there. Customer service is good. The only thing is that prices are although good and fairly low price they are raising. I didn’t give it 5 stars only because they had no baggies for the veggies/fruit all of them were empty. But in general it’s a good store.”

4.6 Superb47 Reviews

“One never knows what will be found here. There is a lot of very good merchandise to be found here, highly recommend you stop by on a regular basis to find unexpected bargains.”

4.6 Superb39 Reviews

“I love this little market. At first I was skeptical because I've been to a few mom-and-pop markets where the food will go bad within the same week. However not here! The food lasted me the whole month and their prices are very reasonable. It also helps that most of it is prepackaged and priced so just don't have to go through the hassle of weighing it out with a toddler and newborn. They also allow you to get any amount of formula, no max like the grocery store does. So that means I can get everything I need in 1 trip rather than 2-3 trips to get all the formula. They also let you pay the remaining balance in cash/card which is helpful if you go over a bit. They also not only bag and put everything on a cart for you but they also push the cart out to your car and help you load. This is extremely helpful as I said I have two younglings to wrangle, which is usually a pain in the butt at normal grocery stores. Their parking lot isn't that big because they share with other businesses and a WIC office but it's better than no parking or having to pay for it. I really appreciate the workers too. They were so kind to me the first time and I was able to get as much as possible for my family. I live in Whittier but I make the drive down here because the fruit and vegetables are high quality. They also have large portions, I got huge pomegranate, dragon fruit and Asian pears that were massive and delicious compared to other grocers. I would recommend them to everyone!!!”

4.5 Superb41 Reviews

“This location is okay. I did notice a few differences from my main store. For example, some items were less available than others but had a better selection. Some self-space seemed a little bare and wasn't as organized. But in general, it is a budget-friendly place to shop. The staff was nice, and the check-out process was quick.”

4.1 Good220 Reviews

“During my visit, I remember the cleanliness, the meticulousness, and the excellence. This represents an outstanding display from the association to all attendees. The focus on detail reflects highly on the upper management and staff who deliver exceptional service to all guests, fostering an enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing experience.”

4.1 Good210 Reviews

“Convenient location near by Walmart. Pretty decent Deli food price, but not all items. The Aldi brand foods offer a great deal, but outsider brands are smaller packages and less ounce. You are paying same price in smaller packages. It can be a good thing for a small family or singles. The food quality is good. I wish that larger selection might be more helpful.”

4.1 Good164 Reviews

“Levain was recommended by my CA cousin as her favorite CA cookie. We went on a Sunday afternoon and were surprised to find a line outside the bakery. We decided to wait and were not disappointed. The line moved quickly, lasting no longer than 8min. We ordered 2 of the classic chocolate chip with nuts. WOW. The cookies are chunky, large, and soft and gooey in the center. A dream. Can't wait to go back.”

4.4 Superb24 Reviews

“This is my neighborhood convenience store. Whether I need something or get a sweet tooth, they come through. "Poncho" is loved by everyone; friendly and sincere.”

4.4 Superb21 Reviews

“Went here and I loved the place. owner is great really nice lot of variety of food and went to get meat at the Carnecería and it was so fresh really recommend also the guy that works at the Carnecería Is really nice totally recommend”

4.4 Superb21 Reviews

“I love coming here. It has everything I need, the parking is easy, and shopping is a delight. I'm happy to try new foods and I'm surprised that it's usually empty. I'll come here if I need regular groceries throughout the week.”

4 Good177 Reviews

“I’ve enjoyed coming to Novy. They sell drinks, meat, seasonal merchandise, beer, fruits, vegetables, toys, candy, hardware and so much more. I’ve come here with one of my girlfriends to buy things before our outings out in the mountains. We bought a cooler, ice and drinks for our trip.”

4.2 Good27 Reviews

“A grocery store for people, that want to try foreign food. It has friendly cashiers. The Kimbop is the best thing you could find here. Thank you for sharing Korean culture by importing the food from Ukraine”

4 Good131 Reviews

“Great staff, plenty of parking and fully stocked with chilled alcoholic bottles to suit your shot cravings. Special thank you to the handsomely hombre at the counter and the cutie who handle the chilled michelada mix bottle.You guys are awesome!”

4.2 Good20 Reviews

“Tiệm tạp Hoá nhỏ của người Việt nhÆ°ng mang đầy hi vọng lá»›n cho mọi người đến đây, Chúc chủ cá»­a hà ng mua may bán đắt, và chúc mọi người có được những Æ°á»›c mÆ¡.”

4.4 Superb11 Reviews

“(Translated by Google) The store is very nice, there is a lot of variety of products and despite the fact that imports are very expensive, I think the prices are fair compared to the La Chapina bakery, much better services, looking for different food every day, Guatemalan food(Original)Es muy bonita la tienda hay mucha variedad de productos y a pesar de que es muy cara la importación creo que los precios son justos comparados con panadería la chapina servicios mucho mejor buscando en comida diferente todos los días comida de Guatemala”

4.4 Superb11 Reviews

“As a truck driver I really appreciate the friendly and timely offload. Small place but efficient. No dock, they off load on the street. I wish all receivers were this timely with appointments. I'd give the guy 10 stars if I could.”

4.3 Superb12 Reviews

“Super friendly and kind people working here. That complaint about fake toys was stupid, I mean you know they're fake toys by just looking at them but if you can't tell then that's on you. Lol it's not like they try to advertise and push toys on people, they just have a few around to sell”

4 Good19 Reviews

“Very clean, well stocked with produce and all kinds of Asian fruits. Seafood abounds here, all kinds of shells, crabs, fish, meats too! Definitely a place I would recommend to friends and family”

3.9 Good56 Reviews

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