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“I ship things almost every other day and this is my favorite post office! The gentleman(s) that works here are very kind. Are never in a rush. Since it's a smaller post office my package tracks faster than the other places. Also, they never give me a hard time when I ask for a receipt. Some post office will not give you a receipt if you have already paid for shipping online. I need a receipt sometimes because the one time that I don't get it my package goes not track at all. So I love this one !”

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“I always have a pleasant experience going to this post office. I’m a black man and probably the only black man that goes here which should tell you that all of the other negative reviews are from entitled individuals. I have been treated with so much kindness at this post office. The staff are very helpful and friendly. It gets busy and they have to fulfill the requests from everyone in a timely manner. You have customers who want to take their time at the counters, be on their phones talking to family members to make sure the address is correct, or don’t even have their ish together. The customers I see coming through are very rude, it’s not the employees. I say if you don’t like this place maybe find somewhere else and have an attitude evaluation. These are hardworking people that don’t have the time to be bothered with arrogant entitled people. I give this place 5 stars.”

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“The employees are so kind and make an effort to build rapport with people who come here! I needed help finding the most cost effective way to mail my package and they were more than happy to help! I have been to other post office locations and this location is my favorite :)”

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“I am super shocked to see that my regular home post office has such a low rating! I have been coming here for about 5 years now, as my PO Box is at this location. I often come to pick up mail from my box, packages that are held for me, buy money orders and ship things out of this office all the time. In my experience, I've only ever received pleasant and fast service.There usually is a line, but the staff here is pretty quick and efficient, it moves along quicky. Since I've been coming here the friendly and recognizable faces that usually help me are Hanh and David. They're so nice and helpful all the time, and with David, I usually get great service and a joke. I once had a mishap where they misplaced my package that they were holding for me, (I had proof of delivery and a slip in my PO Box for parcel pickup). When I went to retrieve my parcel, it was nowhere to be found. They took full responsibility and were very apologetic about it. They said that they would keep looking and if they didn't find it within a couple of days, they would then take steps to resolve the issue. I wasn't happy, but they then contacted me the very next day and told me they found my package. Yes, it was a drawback but even then I never felt that they were rude or unhappy to help me and all was settled.Again, this is the branch I use for all my mailing needs, I come and go probably 2-3 times a month, and I will continue to do so. I find them very convenient and useful!”

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