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“My daughter is a competitive college cheerleader who recently sprained her ankle. The swelling was significant. We took her to Rick for Inlight Medical Therapy. There are no words to describe the incredible improvement! The inflammation decreased, her pain decreased and her mobility increased in just 4-5 treatments. She will be able to compete at the national championships a month after a severe sprain. Thank you Rick. This treatment is amazing.”

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“Kondition is such a supporting environment. All the classes are top of the line - the variety and instructors do not compare to anywhere else. I have tried many, many, many gyms in Boulder and nothing comes close to Kondition. The cleanliness and amenities make the workout and space only that much better.”

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“Had the pleasure of dropping in to CrossFit Sanitas for a workout and was absolutely blown away. The facility is incredible, the workout was great, the community was welcoming and the coaching was some of the best I’ve had. Highly recommended!!”

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“I’m not being hyperbolic when I say that Boulder Athletics changed my life. Let me explain…I’m 45 and certainly don’t consider myself a “gym person”. I was having a lot of physical issues related to my shoulder, back and neck. My neighbor kept suggesting that I give BA a try. I was hesitant, but last November, I finally gave it a go.Thankfully, this is not the “bro culture” that I initially expected. What I found was a welcoming a community of teachers and students that were always stoked to see me and work with whatever mobility issues I had.Here I am after 3-4 days a week of BLDR Strength and all of the sudden I’m not just the strongest I’ve been in my life, but my shoulders and posture are better. I’m sleeping better because of this too!All of the instructors at BA are fantastic, but in particular, I really appreciate all the time and effort coach Chelsea and Anthony have spent understanding my limitations, and helping me overcome them. I feel very thankful for their help.I’m learning new things about my fitness every day, and if I ever have to move away, I know that I’m going to take some of that BA attitude and fitness education with me. I’m definitely getting my money’s worth. No regrets!”

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“The best!!I’ve been going to Mecha for a couple of years now. I was never good going to the gym by myself and doing a workout - I wouldn’t push myself enough or I’d peace out early. The classes at mecha are quick (50 mins) but you get a serious burn and effective workout in.I do Mecha 1-2 times a week, most weeks, and it supports my running so much! I do mainly cardio/strength classes; I’ve noticed a significant difference in my performance. The instructors are great and full of energy and push you.10/10 recommend!”

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“I am a longtime member of Mountains Edge Fitness. The staff is highly knowledgeable and friendly. I have done strength training consistently for over 4 years and I am noticeably stronger. Their rates have always been reasonable and the workout environment is suitable for everyone. I recommend that you check out this gem of a gym!”

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“My experience at Front Range Boxing has been fantastic. Excellent classes, great support from members, friendly open atmosphere. Both coaches (Dave and Johnny) are very knowledgeable and passionate about the sport and teaching. Whether you are new to boxing, or a seasoned vet looking for an old school, no nonsense, place to train, I highly recommend the Front Range Boxing in Boulder.”

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“Fantastic location that has changed my husband's life. He's found a community and regained his fitness. Thank you roots! He also swears your shirts are the BEST.”

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“Love this gym. I have free memberships at other workout places but this is the gym for me. It's clean, not too crowded, has a good variety of equipment, and has the nicest managers/owners in the business.”

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“A great gym and community that I've been going to for years. These are the best and most challenging workouts I've ever experienced. I can't recommend this gym more highly. Keep up the amazing work!”

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“Incredible place to train and meet up with other parkour athletes in the area! They focus on kids activities but have some great classes and open gyms for adults. And the coaches are awesome. Can’t say enough good things about this place!!”

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“I went last year with my friend and have been going at least twice a week ever since. The classes are fun, always different, and the instructors are top notch. If you want to lift heavy, they have a good variety of weights to accomplish that goal. I go more for cardio endurance and mine has improved a ton since I first started. Parking is easy, A++.”

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“I walked into BCF 3 years ago not knowing what to expect, and this gym and all the people in it have totally changed my life. The coaching and the programing has made me the fittest I have ever been, the community has become my family and supports me in and out of the gym, and showing up every day is truly the best hour (sometimes two hours) of my day!”

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“Most functional iterations of every piece of equipment most athletes could ever possibly want. The vibe is great - relaxed and communal, but serious athletes in there. Coach Russ is an absolutely pro, next-level coach. Truly knowledgeable and worth every dollar.”

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“Great staff. Full racks. Barbells. Hex barbell and lift platform for DLs. The only glaring issue with this place is the number of people who workout and walk around the entire time barefoot or in socks! Barefoot at a rack or on lifting platform makes sense, but barefoot on a cable machine? Yiiiiikes!”

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“The space is always clean, has an excellent variety of equipment, weights, trx, ergs, etc. to achieve all-around fitness as well as focused training goals. As a rower I appreciate their ergs!”

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“✨️MY FAVORITE ? ESTATIC DANCE ? VENUE IN BOULDER COLORADO❣️??? ? I so appreciate all the Love & good cheer the people bring to the room. Dancing, hugs, ? pit out front... it's truly an amazing spot!!Thank you Vali Soul Sancuary for Hosting these Fabulous Gatherings❣️ I've had many Spiritual Awakenings here ?~Krystal Noel Leggett, Channel Love”

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“I've been going to the ATC for a few years now and I love the programming and the coaches. Every workout is different. I love the community that Connie has built and I look forward to seeing everyone each time I go. I started going for shoulder rehab and general injury prevention and it made a huge difference in my recovery. I have never been a gym person but I do love going to the ATC!”

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“Great place for dog walks, picnics, and sunsets! You can see far into the flatirons and the reflection across the lakes are spectacular! Winter is a great time to explore with the colors you can see. The pond scum comes a bit more in the summer but beautiful nonetheless. I've seen people fishing and kayaking there though I'm not sure either are allowed. I love being here for the nature! They have tennis courts and lots of walking trails. This is a great south boulder park that everyone should visit!”

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“TRX classes with Cara Hoving are a real treat! Not only are they an awesome workout, but Cara's energetic personality, expertise, and great music makes classes fun! With a broken leg, I was unable to walk for 4 months. My recovery has been faster than expected, and I believe it's due to Cara, as her classes kept me strong. I look forward to working out with Cara every week, and highly recommend her classes!”

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“Black Lab Sport in Boulder offers a unique experience blending work and fitness in a bright and welcoming environment. With top-notch workspaces and a cutting-edge sports center, it's perfect for those seeking a balance between mind and body. The professional staff and range of services, from personalized fitness programs to the well-maintained facilities, make this venue ideal for promoting an active and productive lifestyle. Black Lab Sport is more than just a place, it's an oasis for wellness and productivity.”

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“This gym is a hidden gem. I recently moved to the greater Boulder area and was introduced to this place. It is the ideal gym. Never crowded, fun and friendly atmosphere, and 24/7 access. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and approachable making it easy to set personal goals and meet said goals. There is plenty of parking, showers on-site, and every piece of equipment one would need. I highly recommend joining, you won't regret it.”

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“Body Balance is the best gym in Boulder. Jason has created a community of trainers and clients that is incredibly positive and synergistic. Everyone is encouraging and kind to one another, and the quality of fitness professionals there is the best Boulder has to offer. All of this said without even mentioning how clean and equipped the gym is. They consistently maintain a sanitary environment, and have every piece equipment you'd need for a quality training program. If you want to improve your health and fitness, I highly suggest Body Balance.”

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“We spent the day here for a craft fair. We were one of 100 booths for a Christmas arts and crafts event. The place seemed to be clean, the bathrooms were clean and kept up. It seems as if the place was going through a renovation period… I’m not sure ?If I lived in Boulder or close by I would probably go back and use the facilities.”

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“My experience has been wonderful since coming here. I feel as if I'm getting trained on how to properly move for the first time in my life! They've been very flexible with my schedule and always friendly!”

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“Great programs for all ages!Our twin toddlers thrived in the structure and had so much fun working with the coaches. They got to experience all of the equipment and became excited about the sport.”

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“Im a freshman at Boulder and was looking for a good gym to consistently go to. I’ve been to many other gyms here and back home and this one specifically has by far given me the best experience. The staff is very nice and welcoming. The place is extremely clean. 5 stars I plan on going here for the next 3 years while I’m here for college. Definitely recommend!”

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“Cool club with a Pool, Hot tub, Sports amenities. Love the community Garden. Many activities were shut down while I was living here during COVID. Glad to see it's back up and running.”

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“Great staff great service. Routs are fun and engaging. Climbers are always kind and ready to help. There are lots of groups to join and classes to serve all kinds of skill sets.”

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“Way different than crunch, way better in my opinion. Less of the night club college crowd, less crowded in general. Tasteful amount of grime but at least they replace their disinfectant and paper towels so you can wipe down equipment. $10/month more for a pool and basketball court, just about the best I could ask for.”

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