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“I found the perfect gift for my wife on our 30th anniversary. Even though the gift was not in stock at the Park Meadows store, America was able to find it at another store (out of state) and have it delivered in time for my anniversary. Thanks for such awesome service America! I will certainly be back.”

4.9 Superb165 Reviews

“EXTRAORDINARY customer service! Angela, Nancy and Marissa were an amazing help to gather appraisal and market values for my collection of John Atencio jewelry. Angela, especially, took the time to review each piece of jewelry and provide guidance on whether an appraisal or market value assessment was most advisable. They even cleaned all of the jewelry for me! I can't thank them enough for their patience, thoroughness and commitment to getting the information I needed for insurance and estate valuation purposes. Thank you again!”

4.9 Superb80 Reviews

“Shannon is a great sales consultant! I was looking for a very specific set of stackable rings. She helped me over a period of several months, including researching custom options. She was very patient and I felt valued as a customer even though my purchase was modestly priced. I was finally able to buy exactly what I wanted and am thrilled with my purchase. I have made other purchases in this store and always experienced excellent customer service!”

4.6 Superb42 Reviews

“Serene environment, wonderful employees, and outstanding products!!!It's an absolute gem, both literally and figuratively!A total must for anyone visiting Park Meadows Mall”

4.6 Superb13 Reviews

“I was nervous about getting my 8 year old daughter’s ears pierced, and almost took her to a tattoo/piercing studio (more expensive.) I found out about Banter in the mall, and since it’s operated by Piercing Pagoda (got my ears pierced at a PP 20+ years ago!) and has great reviews, I decided to take her there. The piercer (can’t remember her name!) was so professional and kind. I could tell she was well-trained and completely comfortable piercing kid ears! Great selection of piercing earrings too.”

4.5 Superb10 Reviews

“kimberly kaas is one of the most amazing team members at kendra she is so sweet and helped me find the perfect cross necklace for my bestie i am so grateful for her thank you kendra scott for having an amazing worker”

4 Good16 Reviews

“I had a wonderful experience shopping at this location. Lori helped me find the perfect gift I was looking for. She was super helpful and sweet. I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for, Lori showed me plenty of options. I will definitely be shopping her again!”

3.8 Good14 Reviews

“I love this store! Their clothes are adorable and so unique. I bought this really pretty knit sweater that was on clearance. However, when I went to try it on, I noticed there was a big hole in the back of the collar area of the sweater. I told them about it and they offered to take 60% off of the clearance price since I have to mend it. I was super appreciative about it and so happy that they offered that.”

3.8 Good23 Reviews

“When I went in today it wasn’t too busy at all. I also got helped by this amazing lady, Taylor, they complimented my scrub top and we had an amazing conversation. The store also had some great sales that I was able to get a little box of crystals for super cheap and plan on coming back again!”

3.1 Average5 Reviews

“We went to get our daughter’s ears pierced and the staff, Cody and Leia, were SO KIND and PATIENT with our daughter. She was so scared and we went in-and-out like 7 times and the whole process they explained what they were doing, they made her laugh, made her feel comfortable, and they even sat in the chair to show her exactly how it would be done. She is now so happy and proud that she has pierced ears, but it would not have happened if the staff at Claire’s weren’t so amazing!”

3.5 Good57 Reviews

“Arianna Pereyra from Zales in the Park Meadow Mall is super friendly and not a pushy with selling. She also cleaned my own jewelries for free! Great service with a great smile. Thank you!”

3.3 Good38 Reviews

“I just want to give a shout out to the three employees at the Park Meadows Pandora store that helped over 15 customers when I was waiting to be helped they were patient. They were helpful they were friendly they were everything you would expect from somebody that offers customer service and works in retail CJ Michelle and Felicity did an amazing job today. I was there for about 30 40 minutes myself picking out charms and bracelets and no matter how busy they were. They took the time to check in and see if I was doing good if I needed anything else. I know there was some angry people that walked out because they were busy and they didn't wanna wait but I guess that's what happens when you only put three people in a busy store. I feel like all three of these people should be rewarded for the amazing job they did, I will continue to go back to the store. Make sure they're there for they get Commission on my purchases if they do get commission but if you ever want to have a great experience, ask for these three people amazing service, hands-down”

2.7 Average27 Reviews

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