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“This former full service garage, turned neighborhood self-serve convenience store has Sunoco fuel for sale at a great price and has been like that continuously here since the conversion took place. One knock is they charge an extra $.06 per gallon if you pay with a credit card. Debit card is the same as cash though.Sunoco gasoline is the top tier fuel that I prefer for sure when it comes to my own vehicles...They're close to C.C.S.U., which is great for the students there, along with the rest of the neighborhood. There is an ATM here and they have air for your tires.They have grinders (deli/cold cuts available) as well as the usual items you would need /find in a convenience store. They also sell breakfast sandwiches. They have chicken here too. It is "Chester's To Go"The facilities are clean in appearance. The staff here is friendly.This is a smart option for a refueling option for both you and your vehicle...”

4.6 Superb37 Reviews

“Good gas station greater prices I recommend coming if you want a quick snack And Good Priced Gas ⛽. AND you Definitely Got To Try That PRIME ENERGY DRINK ? That They Have Unlike Most Other Places. / Note Owner You know me I'm the person's that lost there phone btw”

4.9 Superb18 Reviews

“I understand prices and gas are getting high but if you're looking for coffee hot coffee if you're looking for snacks or anything else these guys have it all”

4.2 Good48 Reviews

“I go there quite often because I find their gas prices to usually be the lowest around in the area. Their convenience store is of a decent size & today I found products that have been either hard to find or near impossible lately in a convenience store. For all you fans they carry State Line Potato Chips but not just plain they had Barbeque which is a rare find & they had another flavor which I forget at this time. They also had Breathsavers, square Charms candies in a PKG like Lifesavers, & they carry the old fashioned Violets as a candy & as a gum which I've never seen before. I asked them to try and find the old fashioned Reeds candy rolls for me and they're going to try. I hope they get them in especially the Cinnamon Reeds rolls they are one of my favorite hard candies. Well this place has a lot of variety to choose from for candies and snacks like Slim Jim's and beef sticks, Rap snacks and snacks cakes galore. So when you stop in for gas don't forget to check the store out you'll be quite surprised. They also sell lottery tickets and tobacco products.”

4.6 Superb11 Reviews

“Prices are fair, including gas. Customer service is ok, nothing exceptional but not rude. Open late which is the good thing, even though the rest of the town is closed down by then.”

4 Good28 Reviews

“Conveniently located, Costco is frequently our go to shopping location. Costco gas is almost always less than surrounding locations, so combined with great value items in the store, the trip pays off if we need to fill up. People ask us why we belong to Costco, since there's just the two of us: how much TP can you guys use, they ask. Honestly, we don't buy a lot of bulk items, but we've booked a cruise, vacations, and have bought three cars through Costco, so we value our membership more than you might think. The New Britain store is clean, with a pleasant, informed staff.”

4.2 Good16 Reviews

“Is a great location for a gas station with a Dunkin Donut inside. It was previously a small Dunkin Donut with only 1 to 2 person working and no gas station. Now with a gas station and DD inside makes a big difference. More employees at DD and makes food ordering faster then before.”

3.5 Good35 Reviews

“GO HERE TO BUY YOUR CAR!!!! The service is excellent and the keep their promises. I love dealing with people that truly enjoy their job. I will buy any future cars I need from here only. They come through for the customer exceeding expectations!! Thank you!!”

4.3 Superb6 Reviews

“The people that work at this establishment are all wonderful, helpful, hard working individuals. I tried other places when I moved into this town 3yrs ago, but nothing comes close to their service, and ethics, and I won't go anywhere else but Irving!”

4.5 Superb4 Reviews

“Love this gas station. :-) Between the huge variety of cold drinks for sale, awesome in house fried chicken and great customer service this station is one of the best I have ever been at. :-) Keep up the good work guys. :-)”

3.3 Good8 Reviews

“This is a Food Bag, so you can expect good gasoline prices. They are also well stocked in the snack department. You can purchase milk here for a reasonably low price too.”

3.5 Good4 Reviews

“Daren is such a great representative I have known him at this location for a couple of years!He always takes care of his guests & greets them with a warm smile. Daren is always a great face to the name of the company & is effortlessly providing a second mile service experience for anyone who steps in. Wouldn’t go to another location (:”

2.8 Average25 Reviews

“I have been a costomer at story brothers for 54 years, and they treat everyone like Crown Royal , nothing but the best, the body shop does great work, customer service is great, and i want to personally thank Jeff, for treating me so good, when every one around me is not good to me , thank youServices: Painting”

2.8 Average74 Reviews
1.8 Poor4 Reviews

“This is a rather large gasoline filling station and convenience store combination. It is newer and is well lit, which is nice. I can not comment on the staff here as I used my credit card and the pay at the pump feature.I will say the cost of the fuel here is a little higher than I would expect. The price per gallon here is usually higher than a lot of the area stations, I suspect that is because of their close proximity to Interstate 84. Their also aren't many other stations in the immediate area.Not a bad place, just expect to pay a little more here (for the convenience if for no other reason)...”

2.2 Poor9 Reviews

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