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“The best in town. I came in to get my pc fix because it was displaying on my monitor, remind you. I came 20 mins before he was closing while he was attending other customers. He stood the extra 30 mins to get my pc working , was very honest and told me the problem instead of making things up and giving me the run around. Very affordable price too. Thank you once again man!”

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“There is an AT&T store in Weathersford CT that employ’s someone who is not only an amazing person, but a true testament to humanity. I was in a very difficult situation I had lost a phone. New to the area with no family, friends, or established residence. This man sat and listened to my concerns helped me in ways that without him, I would have been able to help myself. I felt lost, and saddened by my situation that I did not feel would be resolved, he watched, he listened and without uttering a word made sure every I was dotted, and T was crossed. He calmly reassured me in his own way that things would be ok. He could have told me the procedure to have my phone replaced, and that would have been that, instead after hearing all that I was going through he said, just give me a minute. He found out that I was in a transient state living in my car, just starting a new job having no idea how to navigate the area without my phone, and without hesitating he went from a amazing employee to a phenomenal human being, and humanitarian. People like this are the reassurance that goodness still exists. He saw me, he heard me, and though I feel this way quite often he let me know you are not alone. It meant the world to me. This tremendous act of kindness did not go unnoticed. I hope this message reaches him somehow. I hope something happens for him that is unexpected but much needed. I hope blessings are unlocked for him even though he was just being himself. He will not be forgotten. Thank you AT&T for making the right choice with him. And thank you God for putting this man in my life when I needed it most”

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“The rep in the store Alphonso was so great !He Help get me and my family a watch and a tablet for free!Wish we was able to get the home internet but we didn’t qualified :/ but he was the best rep there will recommended him to family and friends !”

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“There will probably be a wait before an employee is able to assist you. But within a few moments of entering the store someone does acknowledge your presence and make you feel welcomed. The process of buying and activating a new phone or a new line to your account takes at least a good hour or two. But the staff is knowledgeable and very friendly.”

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