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“The owners are wonderful and so kind and helpful. So happy I found this scrubs store and close to me as well. What a great feeling of being welcomed into a cute scrubs store. Definitely will always get my scrubs from here and tell all my friends and family.”

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“Laughing Lizards Boutique has the MOST awesome clothing and Cher helped me find them all!! She was patient and knows her merchandise!!! Thanks for all your help!!”

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“Popped in by accident and it quickly became my FAVORITE Delray Beach store! The associate Jewels was an absolute pleasure. They carry all of the athleisure brands I see online and WISH I could try on and now I can! Be sure to stop in for a wonderful shopping experience”

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“I recently had the pleasure of supporting Nine Line Apparel, and I must say, it was an experience that went beyond just shopping. As a company founded and operated by Veterans, Nine Line stands out not just for its quality products, but more importantly, for its admirable mission.Their dedication to preserving liberty, upholding American values, and reviving American manufacturing is truly commendable. Every purchase feels like a contribution to a larger cause – supporting jobs and echoing the distress call to be our brothers' keeper.The products themselves are a testament to their commitment. They're not just apparel; they're symbols of patriotism and a reminder to ANSWER THE CALL. The quality is top-notch, and each item carries a sense of pride and purpose.What resonates with me the most is Nine Line's commitment to setting an example for others to follow. In a world where values often take a backseat, Nine Line stands tall, reminding us of the importance of unity, support for our Veterans, and national pride.I'm not just a customer; I feel like part of a community with a shared belief in the survival of liberty and American values. I highly recommend Nine Line Apparel to anyone looking to wear their patriotism proudly and support a veteran-operated business that's making a real difference.”

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“I searched everywhere for perfect dress for my wedding as "middle aged" bride. Bobby was able to order exactly what I wanted. Then they made alterations to accommodate my short timeline! I can highly recommend!”

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“Absolutely love it here! The attention to detail that the stylists give their customers is amazing. Every time I come here I feel so fashionable! I have been coming to The Shop since I was a little kid and it never misses!!!”

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“I LOVE KAREN BOUTIQUE, you leave her store feeling like you got one of a kind. There was other stores that had outfit a little similar to her, but their material was cheap where Karen Outfits was made with top quality”

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“I was lucky to get a personal styling appoint with the owner, Kim Boufle, and she dressed me head to toe in several outfits, including belts and jewelry. I am very happy with the quality and look I now have now! A styling appoint for men or women would make a great gift for that special someone!”

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“I was shopping at the Delray MP store with my daughter yesterday and was greeted by Jennifer who assisted my daughter with a few purchases. I inquired about a River & Sky dress in a particular print which they did not have any longer (they had the tank) but in 2 seconds Jennifer located it for me at another store and is transferring it to the Ft Lauderdale store that I live close to. I have been requesting this dress from other stores and texts with Revival and was told it was no longer available. Thanks so much to Jennifer for her expertise, knowledge and professionalism!! We definitely will return for another great shopping experience!”

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“Seashell Delray is my new favorite boutique in Delray Beach. They have clothing and accessories in all different styles that caters to everyone. You can tell they take pride in selecting the amazing pieces in the store. Perfect place to get someone a gift or to find yourself a new outfit! Also the staff is lovely, thank you so much to everyone at Seashell! <3”

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“I have heard about Periwinkle for years from friends but never stopped in. I visited their 'sister' stores Morley and Coco&Co and they recommended I stop into Periwinkle. Now I understand what the hype is all about - this store is AMAZING! The displays are so beautiful, and the store manager and assistant manager were so warm, energetic, and FUN! I am so happy that a store like this one exists in Delray. Seriously the cutest clothing I have ever seen, I will never go back to the mall! And they have a website so it is easy to shop even if I don't want to make the drive from Jupiter. The manager offered to help me host a 'shopping party' with my friends - they will close the store just for us for a few hours and provide personal styling - so much fun!”

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“As a California native, I can't speak highly enough about this store. From the moment I step inside, I'm enchanted by the array of unique items and clothing they offer. It's like stepping into a treasure trove of style and individuality.What sets this store apart is not just its captivating selection but also its commitment to offering reasonably priced items across the board. Whether you're on a tight budget or looking to splurge, there's something here for everyone without breaking the bank.Moreover, the ambiance of the store is simply delightful. It exudes a relaxed atmosphere that makes browsing through the racks a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Everything is impeccably clean and thoughtfully organized, adding to the overall charm of the place.In summary, this store is a gem for any California girl (or guy) seeking distinctive fashion finds. With its diverse range of affordably priced items and inviting ambiance, it's a place where style and comfort seamlessly intertwine.”

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“I have shopped many Tommy Bahama stores - they don't all treat you like Ross at Delray... he took extra time to look after myself, my wife, and my brother-in-law.I'm not in Delray often but will certainly make it a point to check-in here when in town and look at the new arrivals.Thank you.”

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“Great store! I came in the store wearing normal clothes not looking fancy and I was treated with so much respect! Not every store is like this!!! Two of sales person were not pushy and they suggested on my picks! I’m so glad I went in! I got a beautiful bathing suit and a leather jacket of my dreams!Will come back next time I return to FL!!!”

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“This is by far the best beach shop i’ve ever shopped at. I’ve shopped at millions of beach shops around the world and this place is by far my favorite. Beach Planet has a wide variety of clothing, beach toys, and so much more to choose from. The staff is so kind and the room is filled with smiles as the workers are trying their hardest to ensure customer satisfaction. 10/10 shop for sure keep up the good work guys .”

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“I’m very happy at this Ross where can I easily park my bike and the security are very kind always helping with the shopping card.The cashier Yves was very professional.”

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“The Best of the Best food. The atmosphere is Devine!! They even have a small band play some nights! But make a reservation if you want to sit inside! Great drinks, great waiters, great smiles, comfortable seating and dinning outside under a tent if you like!Treat yourself to a tasty and gorgeous plated meal! Yum Yum”

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