Dave & Buster's Miami

11481 NW 12th St E622, Miami, FL 33172

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11:30 AM – 12:00 AM
11:30 AM – 12:00 AM
11:30 AM – 12:00 AM
11:30 AM – 12:00 AM
11:30 AM – 2:00 AM
11:30 AM – 2:00 AM
11:30 AM – 12:00 AM

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  • "Isis Calvo is the even coordinator, and she is a super star! We booked a company party to celebrate our local families affected by the recent Hurricanes, and to infuse some cash into the local economy. We chose D&B's because the food is always delicious, the service is always great, and the atmosphere invites relaxation and laughter. This Dave & Buster's inside Dolphin Mall did NOT disappoint. We wanted to say thank you to Isis, and all of your staff for creating a perfect night for our work families!"
  • "The best food in dolphin mall. It might not be the most expensive but is one of the Cleanest kitchens I've seen. Wow impeccable.! Food is always Fresh wait staff is excellent. I am not big in chain restaurants and stuff but, the food here taste great every time."
  • "Oh wow where do I begin customer service was horrible my first time at Dave & Busters in dolphin mall they had no host on a Saturday big no-no so therefore everyone was sitting themselves and some people were even holding spaces I stood in front of the bar with my kids for about 30 minutes before anyone even showed me any recognition I asked about seating she said she doesn’t really know she works at the bar she pointed me towards a waiter I spoke to the waiter the waiter appointed me to another waiter I spoke to that waiter and then I asked for a manager never got a manager If it was not for my kids I would have left we continued to play after a while I saw a table from afar I asked could we have it we were told yes now we waited about 15 minutes before someone came to take our order that person took our order and then 15 maybe 20 minutes later someone else came and said oh I just clocked on they told me you were sitting here what an unbelievable night and to top it all off the food was great our 2nd server lol was awesome but when she brought me my check she circled the gratuity I just find that to be so rude and disrespectful and it makes me wonder if it was because I’m black I worked in a restaurant for four years I know how to tip the gratuity was $10 an change I tipped her $20 and change circling the gratuity is signs off begging is that what restaurants do now beg???"
  • "This was my first time going and it was absolutely wonderful!!!! The food was great, nice sized portions. The drinks were great the games were fun and the service was awesome. I would recommend this place for anyone if your willing to have a great time with family and/or friends.!!"
  • "We came in looked all around. Went back to midway with a toddler, but desired to sit to eat. Spoke to the man at the mix table to find out how it all works. Sat down and a young man "Alex" took our drink order and just went to talk to a bunch of ladies for 10 minutes-no service. He turned us over to a lady named Sam...so she walked over and took our drink order (Again) She stated Alex had left as he was off shift. Thats funny...he stood around watching guys play Pool the last 45 minutes. HMMM? Food came...Mediocre is a nice way to say how the food was... but it was okay. Gordon Ramsey would have been funny eating it. Games okay...several would not take our card. Also I think its a crock of crap to charge $3for letting me spend money on their machines. I had to check the receipt for a rental fee for the silverware and appetiser plates, they charge one for their card. I "might" come back... but when a place has 8-12 eating customers in it...-I actually expect better service. BTW...the 4yr old toddler was very well behaved....thank you."

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