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  • "Horrible service. i went to put $20 of gas and my card said decline... i checked my bank account and it said and still says that they charged me $99.47 approved. when i called my bank they were telling me there was a declined transaction off $100. why in the world would i use $100 at a gas station. If my money does not go back to my account they will be sued"
  • "This place is weird. I get a different read each time I come here. Sometimes staff is friendly, sometimes not. It's usually pretty busy, almost always have to wait in some line. Atm is inside, but the video/game rental machines are outside. Gas is usually a few cents more than other places close by so I don't buy gas here anymore. Sometimes there is a rowdy crowd hanging around outside at night, but that hasn't ever stopped me from coming here. Beer is too expensive here, but that's what they call convenience I guess. Oh yeah, almost forgot, this is the only place I know of that ever sold a million dollar scratch off winning ticket. (Not to me)"
  • "Was there for a short period of time. Was partially ignored and not attended to. I left without making a purchase because of this. It was not busy. There were no other customers. I was irritated enough to write this review after the experience. The pump was not working and the attendant didnt appear concerned with the information. glad this isnt my normal stop."
  • "Great deals on food. Not too busy. "
  • "The worst they dont evn know if tire air machine is working or no, never visiting any 7/11 ever... The employee didnt evenbgive my money back i dont care about the $1 but didnt evn have courtesy to help. It suckss...."

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