12880 S Orng Blsm Trail, Orlando, FL 32837

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Open 24 hours
Open 24 hours
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  • "I came here two days in a row, at different times (night shift, day shift). They were very slow to ring me up. I thought the world was in slow motion."
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  • "Bad gas prices here, but I had to fill up the tank of my uhaul truck."
  • "Scam. Terrifying experience. Hindu family owned restaurant who i swore thought worshipping cows was more important than customer service. They rolled their eyes at me i soon as i came in and they tried to rip me off a purchase and when i explained to them they had charged the incorrect advertised price which i have been paying for for months now the clerk habibi told me i was a liar and when i took her to the back and showed her the real listed price she took it down in front of me and said it changes monthly, that being the 17th of this month like really? later i went to a neighbouring 7 11 and the price was just as it was originally advertised. If your not trying to get ripped off or sacrificed in the name of cows i dont recommend you come here ever. Id rather push my car on empty for 5 blocks torwards the nearest gas station then to ever pump here again. STAY AWAY!! "

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