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  • "Very helpful. I came to this location after a terrible experience at coggin honda in OBT to buy a battery knowing that I would have to go to another mechanic to get the battery terminal clamp fixed. The guy at this location made sure the battery would turn on the car even with the bad terminal. He did a temporary fix to get me to my next destination without problems. This was not part of his job. Mine was not a routine battery install. He made my day. Highly recommended."
  • "There were only two employees working. I was the only customer in there at the time and the man at the register was trying to avoid me and then started calling the other employee to come to the front. The Other employee was just standing there looking at his phone. I asked him if he could help me and he just started at me stupidly. I told him I just needed someone to hold my hood up while I put fluids in and he followed me outside not saying one word to me and was on his phone the whole time while he was holding my hood up. This Autozone SUCKS. Those employees were VERY unprofessional and NOT helpful at all. Had that employee been actually helping me and paying attention he would've stopped me from putting fluid in the wrong spot."
  • "Staff was very helpful and pleasant. I had a dead battery and am from out of town. They took care of my problem in 15 minutes. "
  • "Some very incredible people working here. One employee in particular, Jarnel, deserves a special mention on here since he goes above and beyond to help the customers. I would know I was one of the people he helped out when he absolutely could have turned me away (and rightly so). These guys were truly life savers. Would have given them more stars (if there was an option to do so)."
  • "Very helpful compared to advanced autoparts...."

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