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  • "Mark (works day) went above and beyond helping me find a certain product this past Tuesday, September 19. Great personality and easy going. I was also there Saturday and he went around the store wheeling packages of water before Irma but Central Florida on Sunday. Mark makes my shopping experience fun I wish Costco carried more organic products"
  • "I love Costco! But my visit today, to this particular Costco was not the best. My 3 daughters love to visit Costco for the samples, which they call "tiny foods". Well, because I had no choice, we went on a Saturday, which any Costco shopper will tell you is a rookie mistake, so I know it wasn't that smart. The kids were severely disappointed with the lack of available samples. The stations were indeed set up, but the sheer volume of people waiting for them, and the pace at which they were doled out, led to significant blockages in traffic, much like the whole Orlando area where it's located. If you want a story about that, read my upcoming review of the outlets in Orlando. To check out, I waited in line for about ten minutes, and again, I know it's my own fault for going on Saturday, but like I said, I had no choice in the matter. The staff worked as quickly and diligently as possible, but there just weren't enough out them to handle the volume. Then the cashier tells me that I can't have food court purchases rung up until I get to the food court counter. Apparently some of my fellow customers were under the mistaken impression that this was a way to cut in the food court line. It wasn't, but if your customers complain, you have to make changes."
  • "Almost do all my grocery shopping in this store. The amount of money and time I save by bulk buying everything I need is tremendous! I absolutely love going here because every once a while they will change it up and add new products in the store."
  • "Great location! Impressed at the liquor stores customer service by Jacky😊 she keeps everything organized and clean. Great variety of some of the best liquors at unbelievable prices! This is and will be my one and only place to shop!"
  • "Absolutely awesome. Always clean, everyone is pleasant, prices are amazing and a great selection. Mostly organic selections which is awesome. Great meat and seafood. I honestly couldn't say enough great things. Also a plus, their gas is great, really cheap and since I've been using it, I've been getting better mileage. If Costco stays like this, they have a member for life. "

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