2101 Water Bridge Blvd, Orlando, FL 32837

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  • "This Costco business store is the best store ever for ordinary grocery items and hurricane supplies. Everyone there was very nice and I was able to get all my supplies at this ONE store. While all over Florida stores was running out of WATER, GAS and FOOD, THIS COSTCO DIDN'T, plus I was able to give water to my friends because they couldn't find none.THANK YOU. The Avera family thank you. BE SAFE AND GOD BLESS "
  • "Costco Business Center store. My first time in one of these types of Costco warehouse stores. Has about 70% of what's in the usual Costco warehouses, with the addition of business-sized cases of office goods, food items, some household goods, some automotive. Cases of multi-packs usually found at Costco. Does not have a hot food/deli/prepared foods counter, but does have available for purchase individual sized sandwiches, bowls, chips, etc. & Microwave oven to heat these making them ready to eat. Very friendly knowledgeable personnel. Very affordable gasoline prices. Convenient location."
  • "New Business Oriented Type COSTCO. No hot food service but extensive sample of drinks and sandwiches can be purchased to try before buying large service packs. Very friendly staff. Halal Whole lamb from Australia and whole pigs ready to roast never seen before. Many snacks and items for Mom and Pop style variety stores. Lots of office items too."
  • "Şorry, was disappointed. We shopped at the south Orlando store for a long time then stopped our membership. Today I walked in just look and see if we still wanted to renew. It's not the same store we used to shop. Didn't know it now caters to the commercial businesses. I guess the only one that sells to the general public is now 16 miles away. Too far too go."
  • "There are a lot less people and crowds at the business center Costco which is great. However, produce and perishable foods sometimes have very short shelf life and they seem to be keeping less and less household groceries in stock making it pointless to go to. Every time I go, I seem to be able to buy less and less at this store."

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