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  • "I loved the location of the building on Eola Lake i shot a nice photo for the building"
  • "I have been banking with 53 for a few years. Great customer service, so far, but I tried to deposit cash at the ATM at the Lake Eola branch on Saturday night, while I was on the way to move to Tallahassee. The ATM had a hard time accepting my cash, which was straight and without folds, and it, for some reason, could not read my bills. I was standing at the ATM this whole time, and was expecting to deposit my cash and have my card returned to me. It took several moments to return my cash, which it did, but it then decided to retain my card and tell me to contact the financial institution. This was impossible, since it was Saturday night and the bank would be closed until Monday. No help to me, since I was on the way out of town. I got a voicemail today saying that they had my card, and that I could pick it up with a valid ID. Again, no help, because I left town two days ago to move. I called back to see how they could get my card (or a new card) to me as soon as possible so I could use it for simple transactions or ATM withdrawals, and I was told that the only way to get my card back was to show up in person, over 250 miles from where I now reside. I understand that they cannot simply mail my debit card to my new residence without verification of my identity, but verification was not even attempted. I spoke with a local teller, Jessica, with whom i have always had good experiences, but was soon transferred to her manager when she knew she could noy serve me without his help. I was told that he could "try" to fill out an address change to send me a brand new card, but that the form may not "take" right away, and even if it did, I would not receive a new card for up to two weeks. I use this card to make purchases and payments for things, daily, so I was obviously troubled by this fact, especially since there is not a 53 branch in the city where I now reside. I expressed my displeasure about having to wait two weeks for a new card with the manager, and he told me that I could either wait and hope that I would get a new card sent to me, or that I could spend eight hours on the road and spend money on gas for a 500 mile round trip to Orlando and back to retrieve my card in person, or I could visit a branch in Atlanta, the next closest branch to my current residence (270 miles away), to get a new card in person. I don't have the extra time nor money to travel to fix a mistake that this ATM made, but the manager assured me that these were my only options to get my card or a new one. Waste a day in driving time and money to get my old card back, or give them my new address, and hopefully I would get a new card in two weeks. I told the manager that neither was acceptable, and he said there was nothing he could do for me, a loyal customer for years. I am severely disappointed by the equipment at this branch, and the lack of interest by the manager to expedite the return of my card and to simply make things right with a customer. At the very least, do not "try" to make a cash deposit at the ATM at this location, unless you are prepared to visit during the next business day to retrieve your card, just in case the ATM decides to keep your card for no reason. It may not "take" your cash, then it may keep your card. If that happens, the manager may not do anything to make the equipment's mistake right. After he did nothing to help me, he actually asked if there was "anything else he could help me with." I reminded him he did nothing to help me, and said, "No." He told me to "Have a great day." I am severely disappointed with the equipment and the manner that the manager half-heartedly tried to help me with this simple, yet extremely inconvenient, matter."
  • "Great bank. The best one I've ever had. I plan on having a long term relationship with this branch"
  • "They have less than desirable customer service hours, and they nickel and dime you like the rest. Nothing great, nothing terrible."

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