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  • "Drive thru service is HORRIBLE. Store number 350 register V transaction sequence e number 347-6760 Tracy. Date October 14th 2017 2:53 p.m. order number 347-6760. I ordered for bacon cheeseburgers. I asked to please not put mustard or pickles. The lady was rude and at times did not respond to me and ignored me. When I got to the window I asked her again when she handed me to order there's no pickles and no onions are there? She said no pickles no onions off the grill with extra ketchup,Very nasty. I drove off and when I get home my daughter is telling me Daddy I don't like it it has mustard and pickles and I told her no it doesn't. She started crying because I was making her eat it. Finally I check the burgers and they have pickles and mustard. Shame on you Tracy."
  • "One of my favorite places to eat! The only downside is sometimes it takes a little bit longer here than it should to get your food"
  • "Very unprofessional.Loud cursing in back, manager extremely GETO,was out of oj ,water buckets in middle of the floor, food overall was ok."
  • "I go every morning the customer service fluctuates depending on who's on the front counter I know they are a manager I'm not sure the name but the manager is a rude this young lady have a lobby full of people and the manager just comes on and walks off absolutely ridiculous."
  • "Great service and food since a new manager took over about 2 years ago. There is a wait sometimes. "

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