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  • "I love to shop at this Publix. I've been shopping here since they first opened. The store is very clean and the employees are very friendly and helpful. They always have everything I need in stock. I enjoy shopping at this Publix very much."
  • "Never before have I been given a hard time at a Publix. One generally comes to Publix for the great customer service, that's why we pay the higher prices for the same things we can get at Kroger or Walmart. Sadly, this was not my experience with this particular Publix location. We went in for subs, which Publix does so amazingly well, and I saw they had a special for a Tampa Bay turkey sub. It came with a mango peach salsa and, since I like to try new things, I asked for them to add that topping to my regular turkey sub. This seemed to blow the mind of the veteran sandwich maker, Janila, who had been working in the deli since 2008. She said they were not allowed to put that topping on the regular turkey subs, only the Tampa Bay turkey subs. She even asked the assistant deli manager, who was standing right there, who told her she was correct and that they could only add that topping to the special sub. Maybe it is also important to point out that the two subs cost the same thing. So, I asked her to make me a Tampa Bay sub and simply remove the guacamole and plantain chips that it came with and give me in effect a turkey sub with the salsa topping. She seemed upset by this and the two women, both veterans of the deli department, seemed to shut down. Long story short, I got my sub and the salsa topping and it was great, albeit a bit smashed by the hands of the befuddled deli attendant. The people who were at the front were very nice, however, and the store manager even said hello as I walked by saving them from a one star review. 2 out of 5 stars; I would activity try to avoid this Publix in the future and go to one of the others nearby instead. Not at all what I have come to expect from a Publix. Additional note; after reading the other comments left here, clearly the deli staff needs to be replaced, starting with the management. I hope the general manager reads this to understand why his store is getting hit so hard in the ratings. Maybe Publix corporate will get word and make sure this is changed."
  • "Looked all over for an item, couldn't find it. Looked all over for an employee. Couldn't find one. Went up to customer service to ask. They said, "If we have it, aisle 7." Could not find it. Looked it up on line on my phone. 3 different companies' versions listed. Back to customer service and showed them their web site. "If we have it, aisle 7." I would simply have liked someone to look in the system, see if they carried it, see if any was in stock, and tell me where it was. They did not seem to understand the concept. My bad!"
  • "Staff not friendly, rude. Asked for assistance of one of staff members. She looked at me, turned and walked away to the back behind employees area. Deli counter was a nightmare. Only had 5 grain rolls, 4 people working counter, myself and one other customer ordering. I ordered 2 subs, nothing special, took over 30 minutes. While subs being made, one staff member was sweeping the deli area, noticed some dust being stirred up. Just didn't look appealing during food prep. I do not plan to shop here, will go to any other food market but this one."
  • "4 people working Deli .IT was awful. Tenders Mac salad empty containers. 1 Roasted chicken Only.FOOD on counters. Did not want to eat what was there. UNAPPEALING.This Has Happened Many Times There Sad.Have no choice until other publix finishes being built. You drive through traffic and get there and workers at Deli miserable and no food selection.Disappointed"

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