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  • "I only did one star because you have to do one to post a review SunTrust whether it's this Branch or others is by far the worst bank ever we have a company account they fee us to death with tons and tons of fees for everything the most uncooperative unfriendly people I have ever met to be in the banking industry I personally bank with Wells Fargo and have never had a bad experience every SunTrust I go to whether it's the one on Michigan & Osceola or this one in Hunters Creek they seem like the most miserable people and they're just so grumpy to work there that it shows none are very friendly whatsoever and their jobs must be miserable because they act miserable they will never go out of their way to do anything including even put your cash in an envelope and they act like everything is just an inconvenience to them. I'm actually glad I have had these experiences with them on the business account that way I know to never put one single penny of mine into a SunTrust Bank even if they were the last bank to deal with. It is a shame that in this day and age customer service has gone to SunTrust to die. I actually feel bad for them I'm assuming the company itself is so miserable and horrible to work for that that is why all of the employees exude this with their customers. I cringe and having anxiety anytime I have to go to a SunTrust Bank to deal with them for a work-related matter and really wish our company would dump them and move to another financial institution."
  • "They have the worst customer service in this location. Happy to know that a customer can wait until they have the time to serve you as opposed to being assisted. No type of respect for customers. "
  • "they help me out really quick, I would recommend this branch for sure"
  • "Never go here they are terrible with customer service..... They make everything a long drug out process..... I had a bank account with SunTrust for six years after going to the SunTrust one time I terminated my account ASAP right then and there I had such a bad time with this branch"
  • "Too slow. 15 people in the line and just one cashier is working!"

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