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  • "It's a very nice store, always clean, and great selection of products. The one bad thing is every time I go I always find a lot of expired products( weeks and months past the date), especially in the dairy section. I just know I have to check the dates on everything... I have spoken to a manager in the past but nothing has changed."
  • "After over a decade of shopping at Target as my Zen place to shop and spend spend spend, I was threatened with the police being called on me for disputing a clearance item price policy that needs flexibility in favor of the consumer. The corporation sets its clearance prices based on demographics, read into that whatever you like. If the consumer is aware of the lower price and proves it with recent equal purchase in same region, why pay more for something Target is willing to sell for a lower price? Why can't the consumer reap benefits from the multibillion dollar transactions used in the movement of overstocked Target products? I'm not going to stop shopping at Target, but staying away from the Hunters Creek location. I don't want to be threatened by Lawrence the store manager to call the cops on me while I was doing some relaxing shopping before work and my grievance should have been given special compromise. The dispute was unnecessary at a place like "Target""
  • "This store has gone down hill consistently over the past three years. We interacted with four separate employees that made no effort to assist us looking for products. We could not find a single employee that would make any effort to help us find anything or make any effort beyond showing up for work. We have been shopping at target for two decades because of the quality of service and fair prices; However, at this point we have been trying to continue shopping at target despite the poor service and after this last experience WE ARE DONE! They have lost our twice per week shopping trips for a family of five. We will also be sure to warn everyone in our circles to avoid these stores and save themselves the stress."
  • "Love the new remodeling they did on the store. Especially the restrooms they were so outdated. Staff is always friendly and helpful. Thanks Super Target!!!"
  • "They are currently going through a remodel of the store, but the planning is a mess. I heard a customer as an associate, "Is the deli opened?" To which an employee responded, "I dunno." Then walked away. Most of the shelves are empty and there are random areas of just nothing. Poor planning and lack of training for the staff. What a shame. The only reason I gave three stars is because their new Wine and Spirits area looks very nice and is 1000% better than that run down carnival cafeteria they had before. "

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